Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 550

This sentence made Bai Yi and everyone around him look like a big change.
You know, Bai Yi is a woman, and is known as the president of Jiang City’s first beauty.
If she is searched, doesn’t it mean that her innocence is ruined.
Not to mention whether you can find a ruby ​​and diamond ring, even if you can’t find it, Bai Yi will not be able to raise his head in the future.
Thinking of this, on Bai Yi’s pretty face, a thick look of despair appeared:
“I didn’t… I didn’t steal it!”
“You wronged me, you are wronging me!!!”
Bai Yi’s defense voice, That kind of helplessness.
The Lingnan six evil spirits did not have the slightest intention of pitying and cherishing jade. After listening to Leng Bufan’s instructions, they huffed and wanted to rush towards Bai Yi.
But at this moment.
“Stop it!!!” A cold voice suddenly sounded.
Lingnan Six Fiends only felt a sudden cold on their back. The feeling was as if they were being stared at by a fierce beast, and the pace of their advancement gave them a fierce stop.
Huh huh!
He turned his eyes together, looking towards the place where the sound came from.
Everyone was surprised to find that the person who stopped talking turned out to be…Lin Fan.
“Lin…Lin Fan!”
Bai Yi saw Lin Fan as if she saw her own savior, and a thick mist of water suddenly filled her beautiful eyes.
Only Lin Fan can give her a sense of security.
Only Lin Fan can make her no longer despair.
“My wife, don’t be afraid! Everything has me!”
Lin Fan walked to Bai Yi’s side, hugged her in his arms, and comforted her.
Just heard this.
the people around were once again in an uproar.
Everything has him?
“Hahaha… Lin Fan, what are you! Your wife stole someone’s ruby ​​diamond ring, can you make another one?”
“Cut! A trash son-in-law, what are you bragging about!”
“Look ! Come on! This kid is looking for death, I don’t believe him, what can he do!”
“…” The surrounding Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, and a young talent from Mingjiang City looked at Lin Fan, full of gazes. A deep contempt.
After all, in the eyes of everyone, what Lin Fan has to face is Leng Bufan, grandmaster Leng Aotian’s grandson, and the six evil spirits of Lingnan who once smashed Jiangnan.
He’s a little door-to-door son-in-law, isn’t this looking for death?
Not only everyone.
Even Leng Bufan’s gaze suddenly burst into a thick cold light:
“Boy, you want to stop us?”
Lin Fan shook his head lightly, then smiled coldly:
“I won’t stop you from looking for a ruby ​​diamond ring, but it’s not on my wife!”
Lin Fan’s words made everyone stunned, especially Zhou Nan, a deep contempt appeared in her eyes.
How could it not be on Bai Yi.
Before, after receiving Leng Bufan’s finger snapping signal, she quietly took off the ring for the first time and put it in Bai Yi’s pocket.
She was absolutely sure that the ring was still in Bai Yi’s pocket.
Zhou Nan didn’t notice that when Lin Fan was holding Bai Yi, a ring had already reached his palm under his palm.
At this moment, Lin Fan’s mouth was filled with a cold smile, and his finger suddenly pointed at Zhou Nan:
“The ring, on her!” The words fell!
Almost no one could find that a slightly red object flashed out of Lin Fan’s palm.

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