Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 600

At this moment, after seeing the blood wolf defeating Helan Mountain in one blow, he turned and blasted towards him.
Leng Aotian only felt a tingling scalp.
“Blood-killing fist? The old man doesn’t believe it, blood-killing fist will be so strong!”
A trace of ruthlessness flashed out of Leng Aotian’s eyes.
The sole of his foot hit the ground fiercely, and the whole person was like a blasting cannonball, and it bombarded the blood wolf.
With a punch, the real anger exploded.
Xuelang retreated eight steps violently, while Leng Aotian only retreated five steps.
After seeing this scene, Leng Aotian was taken aback for a moment, and then he was overjoyed.
“Hahaha… it really wasn’t that strong! Lao He was completely careless just now, and was succeeded by your kid!”
Leng Aotian’s panicked heart instantly gained confidence at this moment.
Not only him!
Seeing that Leng Aotian faced the blood wolf’s blood-killing punch, he blasted the opponent eight steps with one punch, and the many Jiangnan big men in the audience also let out a long sigh of relief.
“Leng Lao is really extraordinary! He can beat the Flying Blood Wolf with one punch, then he can definitely defeat this murderer!”
“Yes! He Lao has lost his combat power, so Leng Lao will definitely not be defeated! Otherwise, we Jiangnan this time It’s a shame!”
The many big bosses below were extremely nervous.
right now!
Only Leng Aotian can help them regain their face.
“Boy, since you have so little strength, you can lie down!”
Leng Aotian’s confidence burst.
At this moment, the true energy in the dantian was circling frantically, converging towards his fists.
With a flash of figure, he bombarded the blood wolf again and left.
Just saw this scene.
Not only did the blood wolf not panic at all, but a trace of abuse appeared at the corner of his mouth.
The same punch, blasted again.
The second punch bombarded.
Leng Aotian retreated six steps violently, and Blood Wolf retreated seven steps violently.
Seeing this scene, everyone was slightly taken aback.
However, they have not yet waited for their reaction.
The two figures, once again attacked and killed together.
Third punch!
Leng Aotian retreated seven steps violently, Blood Wolf retreated six steps violently!
Fourth punch!
Leng Aotian retreated eight steps violently, and the blood wolf retreated five steps violently!

Fist after fist fell.
Many bigwigs in the stands finally found out what was wrong.
They were amazed to see that the whole blood wolf was getting stronger as it fought, and the number of steps it took to retreat became less and less.
Instead, Leng Aotian.
After a few punches, he was completely suppressed by the blood wolf, and he retreated again and again, the number of steps backed more and more, and his complexion became paler.
“No…impossible! Why are you getting stronger?”
Leng Aotian was stunned.
He can be sure that the strength of his punches has not weakened the slightest.
And the reason why he was reversed was that the blood wolf’s strength was in a crazy skyrocket in every punch.
“Old stuff, did you just find out now? It’s a pity that it’s too late!”
The corner of the blood wolf’s mouth was filled with a thick feeling:
“Before, I was indeed inferior to you. That’s because my potential has not been fully realized, and the efficacy of the medicine is not fully realized. It has not spread completely.”
“And now, I want to thank you! Let me reach the strongest, my devil grass, finally fully functioned!”
As soon as he said this, Leng Aotian’s complexion was as ugly as dead gray.
Only then did he understand why the blood wolf was invincible from the beginning and still chose to head-on with himself.
It turned out that this guy was using his strength to digest the medicinal effects in his body and improve his strength.
Especially, after feeling the blood wolf’s combat power reached its peak.
Leng Aotian’s face turned ashes instantly.
It was another punch and a fierce bombardment.
Under this fist, Leng Aotian’s whole body was struck by lightning, and he only felt that he was hit by a mighty force like a sea. His old body, like a kite with a broken wire, was blown out for life.

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