Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 629

The blind woman just came here and said to Lin Fan: ” Little…boy, my old woman doesn’t know how to thank you anymore, please accept me! ”
Speaking, the blind mother wanted to kneel down for Lin Fan!
Lin Fan was shocked when she saw this scene, and quickly stopped the old man:
“Mother, you are welcome! This is a simple task!
Lin Fan looked at the blind mother-in-law and Xun’er at the moment, and there was a trace of worry in his eyes.
After all, one of the old and the young has a disability, and Xun’er is too young.
Life in the future is a big problem.
As if seeing Lin Fan’s expression, the Dao master next to him hurriedly said:
“Mr. Lin, if you can rest assured of my knife! Then please leave this old man and Xun’er to my care!”
“Don’t worry, As long as I am here, no one dares to bully him! I will send Xun’er to school and help the elderly find a doctor! ”
Lin Fan’s eyes lit up when he said this.
That’s right!
Although Master Dao is a member of the underground, Lin Fan can see that this person is not embarrassed, and Xun’er and the blind woman will take care of him. Lin Fan is naturally relieved.
Lin Fan squatted down and said to Xun’er:
“Little girl, after a while, I will prepare some herbs and let this bald uncle send you to Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital! I will help you and heal the scars on your face!”
Hearing this, Kaoru was stunned.
She could hardly believe her ears:
“Big…big brother, can my face be cured?”
A trace of mist filled Xun’er’s eyes.
Since having this scar, she is no longer just a little beggar, but an ugly monster.
Wherever he goes, he is laughed at.
Even for this, she was afraid of frightening Lin Fan and didn’t dare to recognize each other.
And if it can be cured…
Tears dripped from Xun’er’s eyes like a broken string.
When Lin Fan saw this scene, while helping her wipe away the tears, he smiled and nodded:
“Don’t worry, there is a big brother, your face is definitely healed!”
Lin Fan stopped staying any longer, and gave a few words to Xun’er and Master Dao. Only then did he waved at the three of them and turned away.
Looking at the figure of Lin Fan leaving.
Xun’er’s heart was filled with warmth.
In her eyes, this elder brother seemed to be a patron saint bestowed on him by the heavens. He helped him through every crisis, and he was by his side for the insincere difficulties.
“Thank you…Big Brother!”
Xun’er stared at Lin Fan’s back, as if to carve this back in his heart for the rest of his life.
The battle is over soon!
And when Lord Dao and the others had all left, on this piece of ground, there were screaming figures lying on the ground.
Among them, Gao Shengyuan and the vicious youth are included.
Gao Shengyuan’s hands and legs were all interrupted by Shengsheng.
That majestic pain. His whole body trembled because of the pain, especially the hatred on his face was extremely strong:
“Lin Fan! I will retaliate! You wait, I must kill you!!!”
For Gao Shengyuan, he grew up holding a golden key from a young age, especially after setting foot in the business world, with his father and the group. With the support, it is smooth sailing.
However, he never thought that he would be folded in the hands of such a small door-to-door son-in-law like Lin Fan.

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