Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 632

Only Baishan and Lin Fan are left here.
Looking at Lin Fan, the corners of Bai Shan’s mouth could not help but show a wry smile.
Only then did he send a letter, his son-in-law has really changed.
Lin Fan used to be a cowardly and kind person, but now!
It is simply a demon.
Break someone’s legs at every turn.
Until now, Baishan has even been unable to count how many people’s legs and feet Lin Fan has interrupted.
“Xiao Fan!” Bai Shan said with a serious face looking at Lin Fan.
Heard this.
The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched, and then a little disappointed:
“Dad! Do you want to blame me too? You think I did something wrong?”
Lin Fan didn’t explain or refute Bai Yi and all the high-level accusations.
Because for him, there is no need!
Even if he lost the partner of Tiansheng Group, he still had ten million ways to make the new Bai family rise wildly.
And this has a premise.
It is whether Bai Yi and many high-level officials trust themselves, if they trust him, he will do it, and if they don’t trust him, what is the relationship between Xin Bai and him.
What surprised Lin Fan was.
Bai Shan shook his head, and then said with a serious face:
“Xiao Fan, whether it is me, your mother, or Bai Yi, we are all your family members. We will do everything you do. Trust you unconditionally!”
“Even if you interrupt Gao Shengyuan’s legs, I believe you have your own reasons!”
Lin Fan was taken aback for a moment.
He didn’t expect that he caused trouble to the Xin Bai family, but his father-in-law Bai Shan actually believed in himself so much.
This is more than that.
Hakusan pointed white smile office in Iraq, said:
“!! Xiaofan, you do not blame Baiyi Gang was angry mainly because she was too look back Pak Group, and she can not wait to prove himself,”
“Once she After crying, she will definitely understand you, and…support you!”
Hear this!
Lin Fan’s heart couldn’t help but a trace of warm current flowed through it.
“Okay! Go and coax Bai Yi!”
After saying that, Bai Shan patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and left straight away.
Until everyone walked away.
Lin Fan glanced at Bai Yi’s office, then bit his head and walked over.
The office is unlocked.
When Lin Fan pushed open the office door, he saw Bai Yi wiping his tears while taking a peek at Lin Fan who came in, and said angrily:
“Why are you still not leaving? Do you want me to scold him? Do you have a meal?”
Although his tone was cold, Lin Fan heard that Bai Yi’s words were no longer angry with him.
Lin Fan stepped forward and grabbed Bai Yi’s neck from behind.
But this time, Bai Yi’s body was slightly stiff.
Especially, sensing the warmth of Lin Fan’s body and the traces of strong ferocious aura, Bai Yi’s pretty face with pear blossoms and rain instantly appeared blush:
“You…what are you doing? This is the office.” !”
After saying this.
Bai Yi only felt that her heartbeat was accelerating, and immediately changed the subject:
“Can you tell me now, why did you break Gao Shengyuan’s leg?”
Bai Yi stared directly at Lin Fan.
Just now, she was also dizzy by Lin Fan. It was only now that she remembered that she didn’t even ask the reason, and then blamed Lin Fan.
At the moment, Lin Fan did not conceal the slightest, and told Bai Yi about Xun’er and the blind mother-in-law.

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