Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 64

“This… is this our home?”
Bai Yi was dumbfounded.
Outside the car, I saw a house that was somewhat dilapidated, completely renovated.
In addition, two rooms were built independently.
The common weeds and saplings on the ground were all replaced with high-grade green plants.
If it weren’t for the familiar door, Bai Yi and his daughter must have thought they had entered a certain high-end villa.
Especially when the father and daughter saw the door open.
Shen Yumei gave her neighbors Aunt Zhang and his family of three. After walking out, Aunt Zhang and Xiaocui and his wife actually nodded and bowed to Shen Yumei. After leaving with extremely humility and respect, Bai Yi and Bai Shan felt that they were dazzled.
At the moment, the two hurriedly got out of the car, came to Shen Yumei’s side, and asked:
“Mom! What…what’s going on? Our house has been renovated? Why are there two more rooms?”
“Yes, wife .” That Aunt Zhang’s family, don’t they have their tails up to the sky on weekdays? They are arrogant and cried. What’s going on today? You are so respectful, I think I almost kneel down for you?”
Bai Yihe Baishan just felt completely messy.
I don’t understand at all, it’s only a day, how such a big change happened.
Hearing this, Shen Yumei’s eyes couldn’t help looking at Lin Fan, with a complicated and weird expression.
“It’s not all because of Lin Fan.”
Bai Yi’s father and daughter were confused.
Why did he get involved with Lin Fan again.
However, after they listened to Shen Yumei’s explanation, Bai Yi suddenly realized.
“That’s right. Today, Lin Fan and I visited the Best Shopping Mall, and Wu Guangrong said that he would give us some clothes, but he didn’t expect that he would renovate our home.”
Speaking of this, Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, full of scrutiny:
“Lin Fan, tell me honestly, what is the relationship between you and Wu Guangrong? How could he give you a super member, give you clothes, and even Want to give away the villa?”
The eyes of the family of three were all focused on Lin Fan.
See this screen, could not help Lin Fan mouth of a pumping, threw your hands up:
“I do not know, ah, I see today is the first time Wu Guangrong, estimated that he …… wrong person, right?”
The wrong person?
The three of Bai Yi frowned and thought about it, it is really possible.
After all, Lin Fan has lived here for three years and has never been to the Best Shopping Mall once. Naturally, it is impossible to know Wu Guangrong.
Then the only possibility is to admit the wrong person.
“No, I have to explain clearly to Wu Guangrong that these clothes are worth tens of millions, and he has spent so much manpower and material resources. If he turns around and finds out that he has admitted the wrong person, I am afraid that our family will not be able to eat!”
Shen Yumei scared His face turned pale.
She had seen the scene where Wu Guangrong asked Aunt Zhang’s son-in-law next door to kneel down and beg for mercy.
Such a person can never be offended.
Just heard this.
Lin Fan waved his hand:
“Mom, why do you send it back? If it’s cheaper, it’s a bastard. Besides, he personally sent it, not what we want!”
“Also, even if you send it back. , I’m afraid Wu Guangrong wouldn’t dare to accept it.”
Hearing this, Shen Yumei thought slightly, really.
After all, looking at Wu Guangrong’s look today, if he really sends things back, the other party is afraid that he will kneel down and beg himself.
“Well then! When he wants to understand, come and get it. We can’t wear any of these clothes! We won’t be able to pay for any of these clothes!” After Shen Yumei finished speaking, she seemed to think of something, and Wei Wei hesitated. look, this said:
“Yes, today Iraq’s white uncle to the phone, said his son engagement, let’s get together in the past.”
“place, is the Caesar hotel opposite – Hongbin restaurant.”
said to here.
Shen Yumei’s expression was a bit awkward and ugly.
But Lin Fan was taken aback.
He also had a banquet tonight, but it happened to be at the Caesars Hotel, and the banquet for him was Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen and others.

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