Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 666

This scene caused the four killers to shake their bodies.
That’s it!
They knew that Lin Fan’s head was about to be thrown away, and his neck was quickly torn.
Thought of this!
The four assassins glanced at each other, and the corners of their mouths showed a slight arc of sarcasm and pleasure.
After all, Lin Fan’s death in the hands of Blood Wolf and death in their hands were the same concept.
Just when they wanted to witness Lin Fan’s death.
But he was surprised to find that facing the terrifying wolf claws that galloped forward, Lin Fan gently waved a hand.
Then facing the wolf claw, grabbed it.
At this moment, after seeing a steel wolf claw that hit, Lin Fan stretched out a hand and grabbed it towards the wolf claw.
the heart of the four killers all jumped out of their throats.
court death?
They had witnessed how sharp and terrifying the wolf claws were before.
The corpses of the six gangsters were still warm, and now, this guy surnamed Lin was so courageous that he grabbed it with his hands. This is not just killing but what it is.
At this moment, the four assassins all shook their heads. They waited to see the picture of Lin Fan’s arm being torn.
But at this moment!
A dull voice suddenly came, causing an incredible scene of the four killers to happen.
At the moment when the wolf claw touched Lin Fan’s palm, one of Lin Fan’s palms, as if containing shocking strength, grabbed the wolf claw!
Stay steadily in the air.
This scene fell in the eyes of the four assassins, causing them all to fall out.
The voice of exclamation came from the mouths of the four people. They stared at the blood wolf claws grabbed by Lin Fan, and could hardly believe their eyes.
More than them!
At this moment, after seeing the wolf paw being caught, even the blood wolf, covered in blood, trembled fiercely.
A pair of eyes suddenly flashed an incredible luster.
“Yes… is it you?” The blood wolf finally saw Lin Fan’s face clearly.
But just with this delicate face, falling in the eyes of the blood wolf, let him brush his face, pale as paper.
“You…are you here to kill me?” After the blood wolf reacted, he took a deep breath and said to Lin Fan with a complex face.
The sound, bitter, unclear!
He was young and frivolous, and he had few rivals in East Asia.
But just a few days ago, he couldn’t imagine that he encountered the most terrifying enemy in his life in a small place like Jiangshi.
Three tricks!
Three moves to abolish his pubic area and crush him like an ant.
This man is right in front of him.
have to say.
Lin Fan’s psychological shadow on the blood wolf was too terrifying.
Even though it was still tens of meters away from Lin Fan, the blood wolf seemed to have sensed the breath of death, making his body tremble uncontrollably.

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