Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 70

The dilapidated tables and chairs in front of me are in sharp contrast with the exquisite dining tables and luxurious chairs inside.
“Hey… sit down!” Shen Yumei sighed long, and then took Bai Yi and the three people to sit down.
Soon, the dishes of the restaurant have begun to come up one after another.
Plates of exquisite dishes, all in color, fragrance and flavor.
Especially, the styles are extremely diverse.
It seems that the price of each dish is extremely expensive.
However, what makes the Bai Yi family look ugly is that the surrounding dining tables, one after another, are placed on top, full of dazzling arrays.
And their table is empty.
This scene made the complexions of Bai Yi and Baishan father and daughter more and more difficult to look at.
And Shen Yumei explained embarrassingly:
“Perhaps they will serve them first, and then ours ! Huh? Look, isn’t this coming anymore?” Shen Yumei said, pointing to the rear.
Suddenly, the family saw several waiters, carrying a few plates, walking towards their table one after another.
The scene in front of him made Bai Yi and Baishan father and daughter look calmer.
However, when the waiters put their plates on the table, their expressions changed again.
A plate of pickles.
A plate of peanuts.
A plate of steamed buns.
And some leftovers.
This is naked humiliation.
Even Shen Yumei couldn’t help it anymore. She stood up, looked at the table of Shen’s family, and said angrily:
“Shen Jian, are you humiliating us like this?”
For an instant, everyone’s eyes swept over.
In those eyes, there are various colors of mockery, contempt, and playfulness.
And Shen Jian patted his sleeves, and then slowly stood up, looked at Shen Yumei and said,
“Second sister, don’t be angry! This time , letting your family come is already enough for you. . ” ”
Do not look at your husband what kind of waste, you son what kind of waste! ” ”
waste Well, naturally eat leftovers. ”
Shen Jian’s words were harsh and bitter.
In an instant, Shen Yumei, Baishan, and Bai Yi burst their lungs.
At the moment, the family of three was about to walk away, but at this moment, Lin Fan stretched out his hand to stop them:
“Mom, dad, wife, don’t be angry, since we have come, we will be at peace!”
Hearing this, the Baiyi trio were taken aback, while the Shen family and guests around them burst into laughter.
“Hahaha… do you see it? This guy admits that he is a waste, and even wants to eat the leftovers?”
“It’s a shame, how can there be such a useless man!”
Shen Jian and others , Looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, as if watching a joke.
Even Bai Yi was so angry with Lin Fan that her tears were dim:
“Lin Fan, didn’t you see? They used leftovers to humiliate us. They…”
Bai Yi was extremely disappointed with Lin Fan.
However, her words have not been finished yet.
Lin Fan said with a smile:
“Wife, who said we are going to eat these leftovers? Maybe soon someone will send us food from the Caesars Hotel!”
Lin Fan’s words made everyone on the first floor stunned.
Food from Caesar Hotel?
Hahaha…In an instant, the burst of laughter from the entire first floor exploded completely.
Table after table of Shen family and guests, as if they had heard the funniest joke, they leaned forward and fell together.
Caesars Hotel, there is now greeting the mysterious big man-Mr. Lin!
How is it possible to cook for your family?
Is this a joke?
“Lin Fan, you…” Bai Yi was crying with anger.
She was about to scold Lin Fan angrily.
But at this moment, a voice came from the door:
“Excuse me, who is Mr. Baishan?”

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