Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 728

Looking at the ridiculous faces around, the expressions of Bai Yifan’s trio were even more gloomy, almost dripping with water.
They stared fiercely at both Lin Fan in the corner of the box, and then looked for a corner with shame and sat down.
The guests of the dinner came one by one.
When the people were almost there, the music in the box stagnated, and then amidst the cheers of everyone, the host took the microphone and walked to the center of the box:
“Okay, everyone is quiet!”
“Today This is the gathering day for all the young talents in Jiang City! Here, we must first thank the host of this banquet-Master Leng Bufan!” The host’s words were full of flattering.
As soon as these words fell, those Jiangshi heroes around immediately cheered and applauded.
Their faces all exudes a thick, pleasing and enthusiastic smile.
See this scene!
The host shook his palm, and immediately, the applause gradually dissipated.
Then he looked at the extraordinary cold, respectfully said:
“!! Well, next, we have requested the master of the banquet, cold Master extraordinary statement,”
“everyone welcome”!
Papa Pa!
As soon as he said this, thunderous applause broke out again below.
The faces of everyone in the crowd were filled with a thick voice of ingratiation, calling out Leng Bufan’s name.
“Leng Shao!”
“Leng Shao!”
“Leng Shao!”
This scene obviously greatly satisfied Leng Bufan’s vanity.
With a strong arrogance on his face, he walked to the center of the stage and waved to the people below, which made the cheers from below more loud.
“Okay! Be quiet, everyone!”
Leng Bufan said with a smug expression:
“First of all, thank you all for coming to this dinner I hosted! Everyone who is doing this is the elite of Jiang City, especially Miss white Iraq, is among the elite of the elite, not only is the River City, the first president of beauty, in my opinion, is the Jiangnan City, the first president of beauty! ”
Wow ……
cold uncommon came to power in Iraq will praise white, which makes the bottom of the Everyone, howling wolves.
Obviously, they are creating an ambiguous atmosphere for Leng Bufan and Bai Yi.
“Everyone knows that our Shengshi Group is about to have new projects to invest in Jiangshi! In addition, we will choose a group for in-depth cooperation!”
When Leng Bufan’s words were heard, everyone around him suddenly became even more boiling.
Shengshi Group will cooperate with a group in Jiangshi!
This is great news for all groups in Jiangshi.
In particular, everyone knows that who can get on the chariot of the Shengshi Group, that almost means that it will rise to the top and rise to the sky.
Just now.
Everyone looked in Bai Yi’s direction.
Leng Bufan was praising Bai Yi just now, which means that the New Bai Group is more likely to be the lucky one.

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