Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 739

The thing that fell out of Bai Yi’s pocket has completely fallen on the ground at this moment.
The size of the thumb cover!
However, it was not a ring, but a…coin!
“No…impossible!” Zhou Nan’s head was completely blank at this moment.
Her eyeballs almost fell out.
How could it be a coin?
She obviously put the ruby ​​and diamond ring into Bai Yi’s right pocket. How could it turn into a coin? Isn’t this a joke?
And beside!
Leng Bufan’s face was completely green.
He turned his head and stared at Zhou Nan angrily, and said angrily:
“Tell me, what’s the matter?” The cold and extraordinary voice was full of chills, and Zhou Nan shivered instantly, almost scared to urine. .
“No! She must have put it in another pocket!”
“Bai Yi, you have the ability to turn out the left pocket of your jacket and all the pockets on your body! I don’t believe it, that ruby ​​and diamond ring must be on you , There is absolutely nothing wrong!”
Zhou Nan yelled at Bai Yi like crazy at this moment.
And heard this.
Bai Yi’s pretty face sank, but there was no objection, and he took out his pockets one by one.
There is no trace of the diamond ring at all!
Until Bai Yi turned out all his pockets and made sure that there was no ruby ​​diamond ring, Zhou Nan was drained of all his strength and fell to the ground.
She was dumbfounded … She couldn’t figure out what was going on?
Obviously he put it in by himself, but it seemed to have evaporated, which made Zhou Nan doubt life.
But this is more than that.
Lin Fan’s playful words came again:
“Now, my wife has proven her innocence! Now it’s you!”
“Put your pockets out!”
Zhou Nan was taken aback, looking at Lin Fan’s gaze, as if looking at an idiot:
“Idiot, do you really think that ring will be on me?”
“Turn it over! It’s my own ring, if I put it in my pocket, don’t I know?”
Zhou Nan said this, and furiously turned out his pockets one by one!
The first empty!
The second empty!

Looking at the empty pockets, Zhou Nan’s contempt and disdain towards Lin Fan grew stronger and stronger:
“I said it wasn’t on my body, you are white…”
Zhou Nan’s words were not finished yet, but the movement on her hand suddenly stagnated.
Because after she turned out the last pocket.
Ding Ding Ding…
There was also a red thing that fell out of his pocket, which made Zhou Nan’s eyeballs almost fall down.

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