Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 740

Not only her!
Leng Bufan, Bai Yifan and the others next to them were completely stunned as they watched a red diamond ring beating on the ground.
This is indeed a ring.
It is inlaid with red rubies.
Crystal clear.
It is the ruby ​​and diamond ring.
Quiet…At this moment, the atmosphere in the box fell into deathly silence again.
Almost everyone, looking at the ruby ​​and diamond ring on the ground, was looking at Zhou Nan’s face with a ghostly look. The expressions of everyone were extremely weird.
They couldn’t imagine that this diamond ring was actually on Zhou Nan’s body.
“No…impossible! This ring was clearly put in by me…”
Zhou Nan said halfway, and suddenly covered his mouth.
And Leng Bufan next to him was so angry that almost dripping out of his gloomy face, with a vicious look, he could not wait to eat Zhou Nan like:
“You trash!” The words fell!
Leng Bufan slapped Zhou Nan’s face fiercely, and suddenly a bright red slap appeared on Zhou Nan’s face:
“Now, go and apologize to Bai Yi!”
Facing the surrounding river cities The gazes of the handsome, even if Leng Bufan is arrogant, they are not willing to violate their gambling contract.
After all, once the contract is breached, although the many Jiangshi Junjie around do not say anything, he will soon become a joke for everyone.
Listening to Leng Bufan’s words, feel the fiery pain on his face.
Zhou Nan was completely scared to pee.
She quickly picked up the ring and put it on her hand, then bite the bullet and walked to Bai Yi.
Kneeling on the ground, kowtow more than just:
“Bai…Bai Yi, I was wrong! I was the one who was obsessed with my heart and blamed you! I beg you, my lord, don’t remember the villain’s fault!”
Zhou Nan’s face flashed thickly. Unwilling and resentful.
It’s just that even if she is unwilling, she doesn’t dare to violate Leng Bufan.
And at the moment!
After seeing this scene, Bai Yi still did not react from the shock.
She couldn’t believe that Zhou Nan, who was arrogantly cursing at herself just now, knelt at her feet like a dog under Lin Fan’s few words.
“Zhou…Zhou Nan! Get up! This matter, I… don’t blame you!”
Bai Yi had a kind heart.
She naturally couldn’t tolerate an old classmate, kowtow to herself, and immediately helped Zhou Nan up.
When Bai Yi just helped Zhou Nan from the ground, he saw Leng Bufan next to him, and a cruel expression flashed on his face, and said coldly:
“Okay! Now the diamond ring has been found! Then let’s count the others. Make an account!”

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