Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 770

In her eyes, God Doctor Lin, as a master of Chinese medicine, is naturally a respected veteran.
And right now, this guy is not an impersonator, what is it?
After hearing He Jiaojiao’s scream, Gao Zhiyuan could only bite the bullet and said:
“Miss He, you are wrong! This one is the real Lin doctor!”
When the words fell, He Jiaojiao and the hideousness on Xiao Bai’s face instantly solidified.
He… is he the genius doctor Lin?
how can that be!
He Jiaojiao only felt that her three views were about to be subverted. She had never heard of any master of Chinese medicine, who was so young?
This is almost like a fantasy.
He Jiaojiao finally remembered what Lin Fan said.
He said that he would not let himself walk out of the hospital, and now…
He Jiaojiao’s pretty face was instantly as white as paper.
However, she looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, which became more resentful and vicious:
“Boy, good! You are so cruel! You know, I am the granddaughter of Helan Mountain!”
“Could it be that you are not afraid of my grandfather’s revenge?”
He Jiaojiao’s heart was shocked and angry.
In her eyes, she was the sweetheart of the sky, and she was just hitting an old lady today, which was nothing at all.
It’s just that she couldn’t imagine that the old lady turned out to be the mother-in-law of the genius doctor Lin.
This hatred is getting bigger!
“Your grandfather?”
Lin Fansen smiled and said playfully:
“Don’t worry! Don’t need him to come to me, I will find him in the Great Master’s battle after a day!”
He Jiaojiao could hardly believe her ears when she heard Lin Fan’s words.
This guy is looking for his grandfather in the Great Master’s battle?
This guy is so crazy!
“Okay! Boy, don’t take this revenge, I’m not He Jiaojiao! You wait! Wait for me!”
He Jiaojiao could only put down a cruel remark in resentment.
Her leg was broken, and looking at the brutal appearance of this guy, if she continued to stay here, her life might even be in danger.
Thought of this.
She turned her head to face the little white face, and cursed angrily : “You trash, what are you doing stupidly! I didn’t see my old mother’s leg broken! Hurry…carry me to the hospital!” The hospital?
The corner of the little white face’s mouth twitched fiercely.
This is the hospital, and the murderer is the most famous doctor in Jiang City?
However, Xiao Bailian didn’t dare to continue talking nonsense, he hurried forward and lifted He Jiaojiao from the ground, and then quickly left like a panicked rabbit.

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