Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 771

at the same time!
In the corridor on the first floor of the hospital.
Bai Yi and Baishan father and daughter, pushing Shen Yumei in a wheelchair, had just walked out of the examination room.
“Great fortune in misfortune! Lin Fan actually connected the broken bones on your leg together! Otherwise, your leg is really useless!” Baishan’s face still has a thick heart with lingering fears. The color.
The doctor who just checked told them.
If she doesn’t get the bone in time, even if Shen Yumei can be cured, she will become a lame in the next half of her life.
And Bai Yi next to Qiao’s face also shone with deep complexity.
She couldn’t imagine how her husband did it.
After all, it is impossible for the old man to succeed in getting a bone in such a short period of time!
“Where is Lin Fan? I really want to thank him, this stinky boy!” Shen Yumei looked pretty good, and said with a smile.
Lin Fan?
Hearing this, Baishan and Bai Yi were also slightly taken aback.
Yeah, this guy just said to go to the bathroom, how come he still doesn’t see anyone?
“Xiao Fan didn’t go to that He Jiaojiao to get revenge, right?” Bai Shan seemed to have thought of something, a face that instantly turned pale with fright.
More than him!
After hearing this, the cold sweat on Bai Yi’s forehead also rushed down.
And just when the three were anxious.
They heard a rush of footsteps and ran out of the elevator.
But it was a little white face, carrying a woman with heavy make-up.
The blood ticked down from the woman’s thigh.
Her whole leg, as if hit by a train, was completely broken.
After seeing this woman’s face, the Bai Yi family was completely confused.
“He… He Jiaojiao! Her legs…”
The eyes of Bai Shan, Bai Yi, and Shen Yumei almost fell out.
At this moment, the minds of the family of three also remembered what Lin Fan said before.
You will become exactly the same as my mother-in-law’s injury.
And now… it turned out to be true!
At this moment, when he saw that He Jiaojiao had her leg completely broken, whether it was Bai Yi or the Baishan couple, a deep look of panic appeared in her heart.
“What’s the matter? Is it really that stinky boy Lin Fan did it?” The Baishan couple’s complexion was as white as paper, and sweat dripped from their foreheads.
That is the granddaughter of Helan Mountain.
If Lin Fan was really hot-headed and did something to hurt He Jiaojiao, then Helan Mountain would definitely not let Lin Fan go.
Thinking of this, the faces of the husband and wife were as ugly as dead gray.
Even more frightened, it was Bai Yi.
“How can Lin Fan be so impulsive! He just abolished Grand Master Leng Aotian’s grandson two days ago, and now he has interrupted Grand Master Helan Mountain’s granddaughter’s leg again?”

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