Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 788

At the entrance of the gymnasium, there are savvy bodyguards who will be released only after verifying the body.
But Lin Fan couldn’t take out the invitation card, so he would only be expelled, and he would definitely lose face by then.
Da da da!
Under the gaze of the father and son, Lin Fan got closer and closer to the entrance.
Until he came closer.
But there is no intention to come up with an invitation.
“Hahaha… this guy really didn’t have an invitation! Look at it, he will be expelled in a while?”
“Idiot, this guy is really an idiot!”
Baishan father and son almost bent over with a smile.
However, their smiles just appeared, and the next scene was frozen instantly.
Immediately after Lin Fan walked in, he saw that all the dignified black bodyguards brushed their bodies together, and then bowed to Lin Fan as much as possible.
More than a dozen security guards bowed together, and this scene was extremely shocking.
This scene fell in the eyes of the Baishan father and son, causing the sneer on their faces to freeze in an instant, and the eyes of the two almost fell out.
“Dad! I… Am I really wrong? Lin Fan seems to be… in?”
Bai Yifan swallowed fiercely, his face flashed in disbelief.
More than him.
The Baishan beside him was completely dumbfounded.
“No…impossible! Anyone who is invited to watch the battle can only enter with invitations! This kid obviously didn’t take out the invitations. Are those security guards idiots? How can you let him in?”
Bai Shan rubbed hard. Own eyes.
After he was convinced that Lin Fan didn’t even have an invitation card, he entered the gymnasium and disappeared in the corridor, Baishan was completely blown up.
“No! I’m going to ask them!”
At the moment, Baishan took Bai Yifan towards the entrance.
The father and son had just approached the entrance.
I saw that more than a dozen black-clothed bodyguards instantly hulled and stood in front of them, waiting for them one by one, with fierce anger on their faces.
“Sir, please show your invitation card!” The headed bodyguard in black said coldly.
And heard this.
Baishan suddenly shouted angrily:
“What invitation! Don’t you have bad eyes? I didn’t see that guy just now, there was no invitation at all, how can you let him in?”
“Also, are you idiots? Why do you want to ask him? Bow? What kind of thing is he?”
Bai Shan was furious. After all, the scene just now was really slapped, so how could he accept it.
Bai Yifan on the side also clamored.
“Didn’t you see? That kid came here on an electric car? He was so timid and parked his electric car in the VIP parking space!”
“That is the parking space of the Grand Master, he is a waste. , Why?” The father and son scolded again and again at this moment, without being polite.
And hearing these words, the eyes of the black bodyguards became more and more cold.
“Does it have anything to do with you?”

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