Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 790

Almost all around are bigwigs from 13 cities in Jiangnan.
At this moment, the topics they discussed were almost all about Master Lin.
In particular, the conclusions are extremely uniform.
That was Great Master Lin, who didn’t dare to come, let alone fight the bloody Buddha.
And just when everyone is noisy.
A heavy footstep suddenly came from the high platform in the center of the gymnasium.
Everyone saw that from the left and the right of the high platform, two figures slowly stepped up.
It is Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain.
“Look, the two great masters are on stage! The time that the bloody Buddha said is coming soon!”
“I really look forward to it! I don’t know that the two great masters will be able to kill the murderer here!”
“… ”
Many big men are full of excitement.
That’s right!
In China, there is an unwritten rule.
Anyone in the martial arts, revenge or challenger, as long as the two parties do not agree to “stop until”, then even if there is a murder case, the official will not pursue it.
In other words.
Today, whether it was the Blood Buddha who killed Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain, or the two of them killed the Blood Buddha, they would not be caught.
This belongs to the personal grievances of people in martial arts, nothing more.
Under the admiration of everyone, the two great masters have already stepped onto the high platform.
In Leng Aotian’s voice, there is real energy, like a rolling wave, spreading to every corner of the gymnasium.
His sharp eyes swept across the figures in the stands.
As he passed, the big men on the stands instantly became quiet.
Everyone only felt that Leng Aotian’s gaze was like a cold knife scraping from their body, making everyone feel cold all over.
“This…is this the gaze of the Great Master? Oh my god, I have a shudder from the soul with just one look?”
Many big bosses were silent at this moment.
Almost instantly, all the noisy sounds in the entire stadium stopped abruptly, and the needle drop could be heard.
Until then.
Leng Aotian nodded in satisfaction, and then continued:
“Today, the old man and Brother He came here to kill China!” “Presumably everyone also knows that the bloody Buddha, with such a fierce reputation, died in his hands. The martial arts powerhouses on the go, the corpses are exhausted, this kind of people, our generation will get rid of!!!”
Leng Aotian’s words were awe-inspiring.
The many big brothers who said suddenly were enthusiastic and cheered.
This is more than that.
Leng Aotian continued:
“Also, there is a new great master in Jiangshi , but the old man and the two have never seen this person, and I don’t know if this person is really as his name!”
“But the only certainty is , Grandmaster Lin, we can’t count on it anymore!”

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