Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 792

Blood wolf!
Bloody Buddha!
After seeing this old and young figure, everyone in the gym just felt their eyelids jump fiercely.
The hearts of everyone also began to beat wildly.
When did these two people appear?
Everyone has such a question in their minds.
No one can see clearly!
No one noticed.
In the eyes of everyone, it was as if the old and the young were flying in with that gust of wind, which was incredible to the extreme.
After the appearance of the two masters and disciples of the Blood Buddha Tu, the atmosphere in the entire gymnasium became depressed and solemn in an instant.
Even Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain on the high platform couldn’t help but shrink their pupils.
“What a weird body?” The two great masters looked at each other at the moment, and they were deeply shocked by each other’s eyes.
too fast.
The physique of the master and disciple, even so quickly they did not notice it, which is obviously a bit weird.
However, under the gaze of many Jiangnan gangsters, Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain will naturally not lose the grand master’s aura.
At this moment, the two took a step forward, their faces full of fierceness.
“Blood Buddha, you finally appeared! In that case, save your life…leave it!”
Leng Aotian’s eyes stared straight at the Blood Buddha, his face was full of crazy fighting spirit.
And Helan Mountain on the side.
I also looked at the Blood Buddha and had a playful smile:
“Today you will be beheaded two old lady, then from China, less harm!”
Less harm?
Hearing the righteous words of Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain, the corners of Xuefutu’s mouth could not help but a sharp curve appeared:
“You killed me, not to ward off demons and defend the way!”
“It’s for…nothing!”
Leng Aotian and Helanshan obviously didn’t expect that the blood of the Buddha would be so direct, directly exposing their ultimate goal.
Bloody Buddha’s grin grew thicker and deeper:
“I have killed countless people, but the people I kill are all damned people!”
“They bully men and women, they kill innocent people and die. What a pity!”
The eyes of Xuefutu seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts, staring straight at Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain, with a look of contempt to the extreme:
“And you! You want to kill me by the name of Demon Slayer Guardian. Step on my bones to cast your wise!”
“It’s a pity! You are just…finding death!”
After listening to the words of the Blood Buddha, everyone in the gym boiled again.
They didn’t expect that in the face of the two great masters in Jiangnan, the Blood Buddha was so calm, as if there was no slightest worry at all.

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