Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 793

“No matter who you kill! Your hands are already covered with blood, and today, we are going to avenge the dead!” After Leng Aotian and Helanshan finished talking, he left one left. On the right, he opened his posture.
“Come on! Let the two of us understand your bloody Buddha’s methods!”
The two have formed a momentum of horns.
Prepare to work together to besiege the bloody Buddha.
have to say!
Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain were quite cautious. They never thought that they would fight alone, but when they came up, they would work together to kill the Blood Buddha.
After seeing the posture of the two.
The Blood Buddha shook his head faintly, took a step, but took a step back:
“Sorry, your opponent is not me!”
“It’s… him!” As he said, Blood Buddha pointed to himself. By the side…Blood wolf!
Hearing this, both Leng Aotian and the rest of Jiangnan in the stadium were all dumbfounded.
What do you mean?
Xuefutu was saying that he would not fight against Leng Aotian, but instead let his disciple Blood Wolf fight?
After reacting, the entire stadium exploded once again.
“Crazy! Is this bloody Buddha trying to get his disciple to come forward and die? That blood wolf has long been abolished!”
“Yeah, look at his sloppy appearance, like a beggar! This kind of person, afraid that he will be beaten to death because he can’t match the slap of Grandmaster Leng?”
“Humph! Arrogance! What the hell is the Blood Buddha!” Not to mention that the blood wolf has been abolished, even in the peak period of the blood wolf, it is just a grandmaster! How could it be the opponent of Grandmaster Leng and Grandmaster He!”
“…” The whole gymnasium, the sound of discussion, noisy one slice.
Almost everyone looked at the bloody Buddha, as if they were looking at a madman.
And above the high platform.
The expressions of Leng Aotian and Helanshan were equally gloomy to the extreme.
In their eyes, the bloody Buddha let his disciple play, which clearly means that the two of them are not worthy of the other’s action.
This ignorance of the general humiliation made Leng Aotian and the other two almost crazy.
“Blood Buddha, are you going to send your disciple to death?”
Leng Aotian stared at the Blood Buddha, his words filled with murderous intent.
To die?
“Hahaha…” The Blood Buddha suddenly smiled.
The disdain of the smile, as if he heard the funniest joke in the world: “Little wolf, they don’t believe you, then you can show your aura!”
A word from Xuefutu made Leng Aotian’s eyelids jump.
And just before they reacted.
The two only felt a terrifying evil spirit, coming out of the blood wolf, like a raging wave sweeping the entire high platform.
After sensing this momentum, Leng Aotian and Helanshan’s eyes almost fell out.
“Big… Grand Master!!!”

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