Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 87

Especially, when Master Dao saw that Lin Fan walked towards the Mercedes-Benz car, he hurriedly greeted his bodyguard:
“Little three, little four! Quickly, move the car in front of you and make way for Mr. Lin!”
At the moment, two bodyguards hurried over and drove off the two Toyotas that were blocking the road.
Until then.
Lin Fan just came to Bai Yi Sankou’s side and said with a smile:
“Wife, let’s go!”
Lin Fan’s smile was extremely gentle and made people feel like spring breeze.
Especially, his body was not even stained with blood from beginning to end.
This even gave Bai Yi the illusion that Lin Fan in front of him was still the tyrannical and ruthless person who was one to twenty?
A family of four got on the Mercedes Benz.
When the car slowly drove away.
On the road behind.
Master Dao, Sangou and other twenty or thirty people stood up one by one, and then bowed deeply at the Mercedes-Benz:
“Gong send Mr. Lin!”
“Gong send Mr. Lin!”
The scene is extremely spectacular.
Especially this scene, if ordinary people in Jiang City see it, they will definitely be scared.
Who can imagine that in the north city of Jiangshi, no one dared to provoke the slain dog of the sword master, bowing to a car, this is incredible.
Until the Mercedes-Benz in front, disappeared from sight.
Dao Ye and others, then slowly straightened up.
“Huh! It’s dangerous, I’ve survived!”
Master Dao’s face still has a thick heart and a lingering color. He could not help but wipe the cold sweat from his forehead, only to realize that even his back clothes were wet with sweat.
“Brother, who exactly is this Mr. Lin? Isn’t he a door-to-door son-in-law?” Sanggou asked in a frightened manner to Master Dao.
It’s just that he just finished.
A slap in the face slapped him severely.
Master Dao was so pissed that he said, “My son-in-law? Are you an idiot? Whose son-in-law can hit twenty alone!”
“Whose son-in-law can make Liu Zhen the first Man, bow and salute, go to the prison and ask to be out in person! ”
Dao’s words are even more like a burst of thunder, making the lost dog and others struck by lightning.
Let No.1 Liu Zhen and other big guys go to the jail to invite and bow down?
This… The lost dog is completely dumbfounded.
Until this moment, he finally understood why his elder brother Daoye treated Lin Fan so respectfully.
“Also, Lost Dog, who is going to deal with Mr. Lin this time?”
Dao Master is not stupid.
Lin Fan didn’t ask the envoy behind the scenes, so he was giving him a chance.
If he can’t handle this thing well, then he is really for nothing.
“Bai Yifan of the Bai family!” At this moment, the dog said Bai Yifan’s name, gritted his teeth.
They were all the bastards, who clearly said they were a useless door-to-door son-in-law. As a result, he and his more than twenty brothers were killed and his hands were broken.
What’s more, he almost lost his life.
Damn it.
The most hateful thing is!
The idiot didn’t even know what character he provoked. It was stupid.
“Huh! The Bai family is really a group of wine bags and rice bags, you can’t even see Mr. Lin as a big Buddha!”
Daoye also sneered and contemptuously.
Having said that, he glanced at the injuries of the lost dog and others, and then said:
“Today, you go to heal first, and call your brothers the other day to find Bai Yifan to settle the account!”
“This time, do a beautiful job !”
Then, Master Dao couldn’t help but took a deep look at the direction the Mercedes Benz was leaving, and continued:
“Besides, tell all my brothers, all the illegal things will be restrained for me. If there is no longer a long-eyed person, I will run into Lin. Sir, I stripped him!

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