Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 925

Looking at the solemn expression of Old Lady Bai, Bai Chen and Bai San all felt that this incident would be earth-shattering.
At the moment, the expressions of everyone suddenly became solemn.
See this scene. Old Madam Bai swallowed fiercely, and said in a shuddering voice: “The true identity of Grand Master Lin is the king of the Bloody Buddha! It may be, the legendary…the King of the Blood Prison!”
The words “Be the King of the Blood Prison” fell in everyone’s ears.
Bai Chen’s whole body seemed to be struck by a thunder and lightning, and instantly fell to the ground.
The twelve white angels like Bai San were also scared to the ground. If they weren’t for the masters, they would have been scared to the ground just like Bai Chen.
King of the Blood Prison!
That legendary super horror.
how can that be.
“The King of Blood Prison, it is said that the godless emperor who controls the world of darkness can wipe out countless international giants in one word!”
“Impossible! How can the world’s highest god appear here? ”
Bai Chen only felt that his back was completely wet with cold sweat.
His face was gleaming with a deep disbelief.
More than him!
The old lady Bai also smiled bitterly and said:
“Yes, who can believe it!”
“But, this is the truth! So in Jiang City, you will never know who is the real master of this city!”
“A careless one ! , Even if it is the strongest person in China, it may be overwhelming!”
Mrs. Bai’s words were serious and thoughtful, like a ringing of a red bell, causing Bai Chen and Bai San and others to fall into contemplation.
Only then did they truly understand that there are people outside the world, and there are heaven outside the sky.
After a long time.
Bai Chen finally settled down from the shock of the King of Blood Prison.
He sat down on the chair again, this turned to the third-class white man said:
“!! Well you act this time, be careful you can, as long as we do not provoke Linda Zong division, there would not be all-powerful,”
said Now!
A hint of chill appeared in Bai Chen’s eyes:
“The person you are going to deal with this time is Lin Fan’s subordinate!”
“Three days later, they will come to Bai’s house for a banquet, and on that day, I want you seize four people, Xu Tianlong, blood rose, knife Lord, Tiger! ” ”
they will bring banquet, a new Pak not surrender, they kill! ”
In short, let the white master third-class twelve strong, Every body shook:
“Oh, yes!!!”
At the same time!
The Baiyi family had just finished their dinner, and Lin Fan was wearing a kitchen outfit and finished painting in the kitchen.
Only at this moment.
His ears moved slightly, but he heard a rapid footstep coming towards his home.
“It seems that there is news!”
Lin Fan curled his mouth slightly, took off his gloves and said to Bai Yi:
“My wife, I’ll go out and throw out the trash!”
After speaking, Lin Fan carried a bag of trash and went straight. Stepped out of the room door.
The deep night has gradually become rich.
Outside the door of Bai Yi’s house, the street lights were dim.
Lin Fan walked out of the courtyard and threw a bag of garbage into the trash can. Instead of returning home directly, he took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, took one out of it, lit it, and slowly smoked it.
He just took a few mouthfuls.
Da da da!
With rapid footsteps, from far and near, a black-clothed man ran over quickly.

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