Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 95

“No! Those expert assistants, which one is not proficient in Chinese medicine, those people say that this surnamed Lin brags, that must be bragging!”
“Yes! From my point of view, this surnamed Lin is pure acting!”
The audience in front of the TV is constantly questioning.
Even the Bai Yi family did not have the slightest confidence in this guy who looked exactly like Lin Fan.
They also believed that Lin Fan was forcing his face at this moment and was acting to maintain his ridiculous dignity.
Lin Fan didn’t care about the thoughts of all the audience at all.
He held the needles prepared by the old man in his hand, and then said faintly:
“The wind pool is in the sky, and the spring is filled!”
“Sanyin Mingmen, go to Guanyuan!”
“Taixi Tanzhong, Shuohegu!”
“Dazhui Wind Palace, please look away!”
Following Lin Fan’s words, his palm was like electricity. He picked up needles one after another from the old tray, and then faced the old man one after another. An acupuncture point was continuously pricked down.
Skillful technique!
The power is extremely precise.
And when Lin Fan’s words were combined with this set of acupuncture, Old Man seemed to have thought of something, and his body trembled fiercely.
“Could this be… the three-nine bone acupuncture method?”
Gao’s eyeballs almost fell out.
He clearly heard that the formula Lin Fan read was the name of one acupuncture point after another.
Fengchi, Yongquan, Guanyuan… etc.!
In particular, as every needle of Lin Fan fell, the old man seemed to see a stream of air flowing through the needles of the old man.
Due to angle issues, all viewers may not be able to see clearly.
But Gao Lao really saw that after the acupuncture points, the age spots on the old man’s face slowly disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The death breath between the eyebrows began to gradually dissipate.
Even the sleeping face seemed to be several years younger.
This… is like the magic of immortals.
Elder Gao’s excited body was trembling at this moment.
Sanjiu White Bone Needle Method!
This is the sacred hand of the white bones in the past, and it has been admired as a god by all medical bigwigs in the global medical community.
Elder Gao never thought that he was lucky enough to be able to see it with his own eyes.
At this moment, he stared at Lin Fan’s movements closely, his eyelids dared not blink.
It seems to be watching a magical skill!
Full of awe and solemnity!
At this moment, Lin Fan pierced the old man’s Fengchi acupoint with his last needle.
After finishing this, Lin Fan breathed a long sigh of relief.
For him, this set of needles has not been used for several years, and it is indeed a bit difficult to use at this moment.
“Okay! The treatment has been completed, wait fifteen minutes, let you start the needle!”
Lin Fan is not interested in staying here.
After all, he has to go back to cook lunch.
After speaking, he walked straight to the door.
At this moment, Elder Gao finally woke up from the shock of the acupuncture method just now, and then with a puff, facing the leaving figure of Lin Fan, he knelt down on the ground:
“Thank you for the magical skills of Lin Fan , Xiao I am very grateful!”
Then, he actually knocked his head against Lin Fan’s figure.
When the door of the treatment room was closed, Lin Fan’s figure disappeared and left.
In front of the TV, everyone in the audience, with a bang, was completely boiling.
what’s the situation?
No one thought that the so-called genius doctor Lin would operate fiercely after a meal, then pat his butt and leave.
What makes them even more unimaginable!
The dignified Jiang City No. 1 Chinese Medicine Doctor even used the other side’s acupuncture techniques as magical skills, and even kowtowed his head to thank you.
What’s so…
Everyone is dumbfounded.
Sitting in front of the TV, you look at me, I look at you, they don’t understand what happened, nor can they understand what Gao is doing.
It’s just that a little bit of time goes by.
When fifteen minutes passed quietly, after veteran Gao pulled out all his needles!
The next scene made all the audience as if they had seen a ghost.

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