Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 965

Help Grandpa deal with it?
Hearing this, whether it was Bai Yi or the Baishan couple, they were all taken aback.
They don’t understand, how does Lin Fan deal with Taigong Shen’s matter?
Especially when he is unable to protect himself now.
“Lin Fan, what are you going to do?” Bai Yi asked, puzzled.
And see this scene.
Lin Fan couldn’t help but rubbed Bai Yi’s hair, and then said softly:
“My wife, the young man who hurt Grandpa is obviously from an extraordinary family! I’m going to deal with them and let them go to the hospital to kowtow to Grandpa!”
What? !
Lin Fan’s words not only stunned the Bai Yi family, but even Chang Yuan, who was next to him, was also slightly stunned.
After the reaction is over.
Chang Yuan burst into laughter suddenly. He pointed at Lin Fan, leaned forward and then laughed, and said sarcastically:
“Lin Fan, I found you, it’s really interesting!”
“You are now from Jiangnan Bai’s family. The enemy, his own life, are afraid that they will not be saved, and they are still bragging here!”
The corners of Chang Yuan’s mouth became more ridiculous. He seemed to see through Lin Fan’s mind and smiled:
“From my point of view, you must be afraid that you will be discovered by the Bai family, so you are ready to separate from us.”
“It’s just that. Unexpectedly, you would be scared if you were afraid, and you would even find such a ridiculous excuse! ”
Afraid of the Bai family?
So separate?
Hearing Chang Yuan’s explanation, the Bai Yi family nodded in their hearts, obviously agreeing with this statement.
After all, in their eyes.
Lin Fan was in Jiangnan City, and he was also unfamiliar with the place of his life. How could he help Mr. Shen to solve the problem?
This is simply a ridiculous excuse.
Thought of this.
The Bai Yi family felt disappointed in what Lin Fan did.
“Lin Fan, you go! Stay with us, you will be very dangerous!” Bai Yi determined that Lin Fan’s actions were to avoid the Bai family’s chasing and killing, and immediately said with concern:
“Everything is based on your safety. Most importantly! At that time, we will be waiting for you in the hospital!”
Hearing this.
The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly.
He could naturally see the disappointment of the Bai Yi family, but he was too lazy to explain.
At the moment, he nodded to Bai Yi and walked towards the position of the hatch first.
Until after Lin Fan left.
Bai Yi said to the Baishan couple with a complicated mind:
“Parents, let’s go too!”
A family of three must head for the hatch.
And see this scene.
Chang Yuan, who was next to him, knew that his opportunity had come, and said to Bai Yi in a comforting tone:
“Bai Yi, you don’t have to be too disappointed. After all, it’s human nature to be afraid of death! Let’s talk about it, Lin Except for the fear of death and bragging, it seems to be pretty good!”
Although Chang Yuan was comforting, his words were full of contempt and suppression of Lin Fan.
The labels of fear of death and bragging were affixed to Lin Fan’s body.
Heard this!
Bai Yi wanted to say something right now.
However, before she could utter her words, she heard the stewardess at the door of the cabin gathering together, talking and talking.
“Oh my God, our flight is really lucky! Now all the flights in Jiangnan City have been grounded, just to welcome Lin Zuo!”

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