War God Asura

Chapter: 11

The True Powerful One
“Don’t know which senior arrived here, please senior to show himself.” Previously rude and unreasonable Feng Jizi, suddenly respectful said.
Seeing Feng Jizi unexpectedly this way, everyone feeling inconceivable, can make Feng Jizi being respectful, it must be stronger than him.
“Ignorant junior, want me to appear, get out!” Feng Jizi respectful words, actually traded with angry shout.
“Bang” After the shouting voice, there is no sign of dull thumping sound, unexpectedly Feng Jizi blood spray, his whole body sitting weakly on the ground.
And when everyone see this scene, their mouth gaping, unable to recover from the shock.
“Oh my God, unexpectedly the person did not appear, but able to hit an Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor and have severe wound, what strength is this?” Looking at wounded Feng Jizi, someone said loudly.
Because of Xing Jue annoyed Feng Jizi, Xing Feng took pleasure in other’s misfortune, at this moment he actually looking at Xing Jue with complex extremely look, He clearly remember a few words that mysterious person said a moment ago, that Xing Jue is his disciple, Xing Jue that he hated actually have a powerful master, he was extremely jealous, how can he accept.
“Senior, I am the Imperial Wind Pavilion outer elder, senior attack have injured me seriously, will you make an enemy with Imperial Wind Pavilion?” Seeing the situation is not good, Feng Jizi hurriedly said, he already know the gap between him and the opposite party, the person didn’t come out but can attack and severe wound him, that certainly proficient in the power of space, a person who can use a power of space, at least a Martial God level, even at his Imperial Wind Pavilion a Martial God also extremely tyrannical existence.
But now even he died, he cannot think that this ordinary Xing Jue, unexpectedly has a powerful Martial God at the background, at this moment Feng Jizi realize, he has annoyed a great trouble, now he only can do is hurry carry out Imperial Wind Pavilion as his asylum power.
“Ha Ha Ha Imperial Wind Pavilion, Imperial Wind Pavilion” after hearing the Feng Jizi words, that mysterious old man suddenly laugh, this laughter making Feng Jizi startled.
“This words even Qing Motian do not dare to say to me, unexpectedly a small outer elder dare to say this words to me , it is simply a joke.” The old man once again said, but actually in his words full of disdain.
“Younger generation did not recognize a superior, but also asked senior to forgive me, younger generation did not recognize a superior, but also asked senior to forgive me.” when heard the old man mention Qing Motian does not dare to say this words to him, Feng Jizi heart simply became cold, because he knows that he really annoyed a great person, who is Qing Motian? Qing Motian is his Imperial Wind Pavilion the pavilion master, dare to say Qing Motian name, that certainly is a super powerful, at this moment Feng Jizi finally let go all the arrogance, hurrying kneel down and kowtowed to admit mistakes.
When everyone see this scene, they are simply speechless to the extreme, this dignified Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, unexpectedly kowtowed to admit mistake, what did this explain? This indicated that person certainly is powerful person. So powerful that can make Imperial Wind Pavilion elder scared because of a few words.
“Useless thing, Imperial Wind Pavilion to produce a thing like you, it is a disgrace.” The old man voice once more sounded, but still not giving Feng Jizi any face.
And the most surprising thing actually happened at the next moment, Xing Jue who sitting on the ground, his body unexpectedly started to become blur, and disappear in an instant.
Although Feng Jizi continue to admit his mistake, the old man voice did not resounded once more.
“To take a person via teleport! Patriarch, what is his strength?” After a moment, Xing Clan teacher, with a shocking face asked.
“I don’t know, I only know the power of space, is only Martial God can use, to take a person via teleport, that certainly above Martial God.” Xing Tian who is extremely shocked said.
“Above Martial God? Could it be that is?” Hearing Xing Tian words, the teacher heart trembles, because he to Xing Jue mysterious master strength, afraid to continue guess.
Xing Jue has been carried away, but left at the main hall, only people talking about, inconceivable, unable to believe, and something more to say.
Meanwhile, at an open land outside Yunzhong City, two forms just like ghosts reappearing. This is Xing Jue, as well as the mysterious old man who had helped Xing Jue.
“Boy, eat this pill.” The old man easily throw a pill to Xing Jue, said with a smile.
“Thank you master.” Xing Jue hurry up take the pill, grinning said.
“Bah! Who is your master?” The old men stare and saying coldly to Xing Jue.
“Of course it is you, at the main hall you said you are my master, teacher the words you said and your power so good and prestige, simply too cool.” Said Xing Jue with shameless face. Originally he and the old man in a hurried, although he know that the old man strength was immeasurably deep, but he has not thought that unexpectedly strong to this degree, this is really powerful muddled and completely collapsing, met with such a strong powerful, Xing Jue naturally not willing to let up the good opportunity of acknowledging as a master.
“Brat, I only give you a face, just say that you will not depend on me?” The old man however helplessly cast away quick look to Xing Jue, looked a little uneasy said.
“Doesn’t dare, but I can become Martial Master now, indeed thanks to you, and my Martial Skill and Cultivation Technique are also you who give it to me, if you did not acknowledge to be my teacher, then I will become the feral child that nobody wanted” Xing Jue face was suffering from injustice, pitiful said.
“Okay, okay, now dont pretended in front of this old man, count me to have bad luck, has recognized your this brat.” The mysterious old man ponder a moment, but are reluctant to say. Actually this old man toward Xing Jue is extremely satisfied, otherwise will not help Xing Jue, but today seeing Xing Jue unexpectedly to conceal his identity, does not care about his life, making favorable impression of Xing Jue in his heart multiply.
“Disciple paid a visit to master.” To see he unexpectedly successfully, Xing Jue hurried to kneel before the old man, bow said.
“Ha Ha, smelly brat, count you to be smart, but there are things I have to remind you about.” The old man also suddenly say with a smile, but on his face there is a cunning meaning.
“Er… What kind of thing? Master will not concern about the disciple, right?” After hearing the old man words, Xing Jue only felt a burst of anxiety, has disturbed his feelings and immediately ask.
“Ha Ha, dear disciple you are so clever, how can I praise you to be good?” The old man actually simply laugh.
“Puff” hearing the old man words, Xing Jue almost does not have a fresh blood to spout, died at there. This day how can there be so irresponsible teacher?
“Ha Ha, this old man travelling around the continent for years, has been used to be alone all the year round, therefore this is also reason that why these many years never accept disciple.” Master looking at Xing Jue look, actually said with a smile.
“He he, such being the case, the disciple will not depend on master, but disciple practices outside alone, probably master will not feel relived, it would be better master to pass on disciple a few protective charms, also to save your old man worried?” Xing Jue clever way of thinking see change direction, laugh happily to said.
“Ah! My dear disciple indeed really smart, but master really travelling alone around continent, on my body really does not have any talisman, the only several types are valuable, previously already give it to you.” old man also cunningly said.
“Then master take me back to Yunzhong City main hall, let me get the Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court recommendation letter.” Xing Jue think and again want one more time to discuss and if this mysterious old man really unable to lead him to practice, then Imperial Wind Pavilion actually is good choice.
“Bah! Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court recommendation letter, is it worth it for me to take it?” After Xing Jue mentioned that recommendation letter, the old man actually said with so much disdained.
After hearing the old man words, Xing Jue lower the head does not speak, because he know that this mysterious old man, somewhat seems have some resentment toward Imperial Wind Pavilion.
“Imperial Wind Pavilion, outer court recommendation letter does not have, but inner court recommendation letter I have, do you want it or not?” When Xing Jue feeling very depressed, the old man voice actually once more sounded, immediately a purple envelope hands over toward Xing Jue, after seeing that purple envelope, on Xing Jue disappointed face, then full of the excited expression once more.

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