War God Asura

Chapter: 25

Life and Death Duel
“Life and death stage” Is a place for Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court disciples to duel, as its name, at here the disciples take a duel, even if one of them was killed, Imperial Wind Pavilion will not investigate who is responsible, so if a person who did not have bitter hatred, will not rush to come here to duel.
Today outside this life and death stage, already gathered over a thousand disciples, not for anything else just for looking at a good show, because at here today, among all powerful figure at the outer court, one of four legendary Kings, will have a duel with outer court disciple here.
Not only outer court disciples, there are also so many elders who came, but they concerned about their status as elder, so most of them hid in the hidden place and secretly watched.
“Hey! That little kid really have a bad luck, he just getting in for a few days, but he already annoy Zhao Wang, I think he will get a tragic death.” every disciple expecting a good show, mockingly said.
“That might be not happened, I heard that kid killed Late Rank Ancestor Demon Beast at the practice pavilion, with that strength Zhao Wang may not be able easily killed him right?” Another disciple refuted.
First of all regardless of how outside the stage audience argue, at this moment in the middle life and death stage, standing a middle-aged man, although the male is not tall, he have a fierce looking face, it give all the people uncomfortable feeling.
This person is exactly the one who challenged Xing Jue, Zhao Wang. He is one of the outer court strongest one of four legendary kings in this Imperial Wind Pavilion, his strength is also at Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.
“I didn’t think, Zhao Wang really challenged that kid.”
“However, yesterday I heard that kid killed Late Rank Ancestor Demon Beast”
“No matter what, today will be one less opponent, it is favorable for us”
On a large tree not too far from life and death stage, standing two look like young figure, these two are the outer court overlord, another two of four legendary kings, the Tian Clan brothers, both of them already achieved Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor.
“Quickly looked, they are Tian Clan brothers.” A disciple that have sharp-eyed noticed Tian brothers on the tree, he whispered to nearby person.
“Even they are coming, in this case, from outer court four legendary kings, only Bai Yunfei did not come.”
“Do you think that Bai Yunfei will come?”
“Should not, Bai Yunfei should not be here, he is practice crazily, I heard from an elder that Bai Yunfei may be the most promising at this year inner court examination.”
“Impossible, did you know what the elder name? How I never listened you say it.” That disciple said with doubt.
“You… What did you care?” That disciple afraid replied.
Time pass by, the cold early morning, quickly replaced by noon, and this is the duel time that Zhao Wang and Xing Jue agreed on, in this half a day, Zhao Wang only stand there, not even moved half step just like a statue of War God.
However Xing Jue did not appeared, this make all the disciples discuss about it, even some people suspect that Xing Jue scared and doesn’t dare to come, but some disciples refuted said that Xing Jue will certainly come.
But when everyone speculated, a handsome youth appeared in front of everybody eyes, he slowly walked into life and death stage, and this is Xing Jue.
“Are you Xing Jue? I thought you didn’t have any courage to come.” Looking at Xing Jue that walked into the stage, Zhao Wang looked at Xing Jue up and down and coldly said.
“You already break my friend leg, how could I not come to find you for this debt.” Xing Jue casually glanced at Zhao Wang and coldly said
“What a joke! You want to break my leg Zhao Wang, that depend whether you have the strength or not.” Zhao Wang, also not talking rubbish, his figure moved, and then rushed toward Xing Jue. However Xing Jue does not sit waiting for his death, his figure also moved toward Zhao Wang, both of them clash, Zhang Wang kick lashed, bring a sharp sound of wind, then fiercely rushed toward Xing Jue head.
“Humph!” Xing Jue coldly shouted, he raised his right arm, and blocked Zhao Wang kick. Meanwhile his left foot suddenly spring, and also kicked beautifully, then fiercely kicked Zhao Wang abdomen.
Bang, with a muffled sound, Zhao Wang actually can’t escape from Xing Jue kicked, and after kicked by Xing Jue foot several meters, he can only stabilize his figure.
What a joke! When Xing Jue at Martial Artist Rank, he is a super martial expert for close combat skill. This Zhao Wang actually made a close combat attack to Xing Jue, he is just simply looking for death.
“Nice!” At this moment, suddenly someone shouted loudly. A row row of applause constantly resounds, actually that applause are from Four Eyes and all, but because Zhao Wang and gang usually do all kinds of evil, already caused a lot of resentment. The applause that Four Eyes make only take a leading role and then it caused a warm applause from all the people.
However these applauding sound, make Zhao Wang face turned ugly, actually Zhao Wang was good at close combat, but he can’t think that at this time this seemingly weak kid is fiercer than him. Suffer a loss at his own aspect, naturally Zhao Wang doesn’t want to face it.
“Humph! I do not believe it!” Zhao Wang coldly shouted, and then once more violently advancing, but the speed was quicker than before. When he advancing near Xing Jue body, Zhao Wang body suddenly bend and fall down, at the same time his right leg waved, a sharp kick, and then fiercely swept toward Xing Jue left leg. Obviously he was going to attacked Xing Jue lower body.
Facing this Zhao Wang sharp kick, Xing Jue actually didn’t moved, he let Zhao Wang to come, between that Xing Jue suddenly raised his right hand, aiming at Zhao Wang’s head and severely smashed down.
“Bang!” With a sound similar to hard iron collide that make an ear-piercing sound, Zhao Wang successfully kicked Xing Jue leg, however what made Zhao Wang actually shocked is Xing Jue leg actually didn’t move, this is equal to empty kick, when Zhao Wang felt depressed, however Xing Jue heavy punch already arrived.
“Puchi” this heavy punch, unexpected hit at Zhao Wang face, because Zhao Wang who was half down make Xing Jue to easily make a heavy blow, instantly Zhao Wang body losing his balanced, unexpectedly roll over at this life and death stage, and after several times elegantly roll over, his figure finally stop.
“Well played!” Once more the stage instantly erupted with thunderous applause. Furthermore it also produce a harsh laughing sound, does not know whose elder brother that laugh so vulgar, that elder brother laugh unexpectedly make Zhao Wang quickly wild with rage.
Yet Xing Jue raised his shoulders, his hands raised expressed that he was helpless, and said “Not challenging at all.”
“You were dead” Looking at Xing Jue calm expression, the anger in Zhao Wang heart completely burned up, his right palm suddenly grip, massive golden Qi extremely fast condensation to his right palm, and along with unceasing emerging of golden Qi, Zhao Wang right palm started to send out radiant rays of light.
“Wow, Zhao Wang unique skill” at this moment under the stage some people loudly yell.
“Damn! Isn’t this my Biting Wind Palm?” Looked at radiant rays of light in Zhao Wang’s right hand, Xing Jue recognize it at a glance, that was his Biting Wind Palm that he good at, has not thought that this guy also able to do that.
However after deeply think, it’s not strange, because Xing Jue’s Biting Wind Palm is Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill, and this Zhao Wang is one of most powerful at this outer court, seeing Biting Wind Palm is actually not strange.
“This kid close combat is indeed good, but Zhao Wang Biting Wind Palm is Martial Skill that fight from afar, I want to see how he actually deal with it.” The Tian brothers on tree, looking at the good play said.
“Biting Wind Palm” That radiant light at Zhao Wang right hand suddenly shot toward Xing Jue, a brilliant light suddenly charge, and then at extremely quick speed suddenly launch toward Xing Jue.
Facing a violent Biting Wind Palm, Xing Jue figure suddenly moves, he suddenly leaps toward left, and then easily dodged Biting Wind Palm, and only leaving behind a half meter deep crack at the stone stage.
“Biting Wind Palm” Seeing that he only shot an empty place, Zhao Wang did not seize his hand, but he use it once more. However this time is similar like the last time, dodged by Xing Jue in the same old way with ease.
“Biting Wind Palm, Biting Wind Palm, Biting Wind Palm” Again he only hit empty places, Zhao Wang in rage, one strike, second strikes, third strikes, three times in row Biting Wind Palm, constantly shoots toward Xing Jue, but no accident, all of it are easily dodged by Xing Jue.
Regarding Biting Wind Palm characteristics, Xing Jue understand it so much, although Biting Wind Palm attack is very strong, however it’s not good at wide range, therefore as long as use quickly enough speed, want to avoid this move is very easy. Especially it looks like Zhao Wang didn’t dare to close combat with Xing Jue, he deliberately maintained a long distance, so it is much more easier for Xing Jue to dodge.
“Damn! You are a monkey ah! Only to know ran away back and forth.” Finally Zhao Wang unable to endure the anger in his heart, he suddenly cursed.
“Just like that, how could only dodge and dodge, what’s so strong” And down on the stage people are send out vast sigh voice, these are naturally Zhao Wang underling, must to know that Zhao Wang already stay in this Imperial Wind Pavilion how many years, of course he have a lot of subordinates.
“Ah! Alright, looking at your pitiful way, I will not dodge.” Xing Jue helplessly shook his head immediately said, but on his handsome face there is a touch of conspiracy smiled.
“Biting Wind Palm” Yet Zhao Wang also simply wave his right hand, then a blow of Biting Wind Palm fiercely struck toward Xing Jue.
Looking at Xing Jue really did not dodged, Zhao Wang began to sneers, regarding this Biting Wind Palm might, he really understand if it meet force with force. Almost no martial skill that can match this Biting Wind Palm, therefore he is certain that Xing Jue will be defeated, however at the next second Xing Jue display his Martial Skill, Zhao Wang self-confident completely vanishes into thin air.
“Biting Wind Palm” When Zhao Wang Biting Wind Palm is about to hit Xing Jue, Xing Jue suddenly raised his right arm, then his right hand send out bright rays of light, directly meet Zhao Wang Biting Wind Palm.
“Bang” “Ci ci ci” Two Biting Wind Palm that contain rays of light frightening attack power collide each other, first burst out like a thunderous sound, soon after it set off a spark and round round energy ripples, constantly spread around the area.
“Break” Xing Jue suddenly shout loudly, his right arm shakes, a lot of martial Qi continuously pouring into his right arm, and Xing Jue bring down the Qi, away from himself with a very fast speed less than two meters away from their own energy, pushed toward Zhao Wang.
Looking at extremely fast energy sweep toward him, Zhao Wang also extremely fast instill the martial Qi into his right arm, but because of a moment ago he fully use Biting Wind Palm, it already consuming too much martial Qi.
Now he still able to instill martial Qi, but compared to Xing Jue the gap simply like a river and sea, didn’t have any effect. Only can watch a frightening energy hit toward him, this is why at the beginning Xing Jue continuously dodged, the reason is to depleted Zhao Wang martial Qi.
“Ah Ah Ah… My hand!” With a loud sound, Zhao Wang severely hit, his right hand was blown to pieces, just like Heavenly Dragon Commander that time so tragic.
However the entire life and death stage, actually not a single person eyes went to pitying him, even the elders are not.
“Ah! Don’t blame me, it is you who won’t let me dodged” Xing Jue helplessly shrug his shoulders said, immediately didn’t take a glance toward Zhao Wang, then Four Eyes and all give a thunderous cheers, stepped down the life and death stage.
“It seems like starting today, outer court four legendary kings change Eh!”
“But this kid, much more hard to handle than Zhao Wang”
Looking at Xing Jue who is gradually departed, Tian brothers somewhat uneasy said.

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