War God Asura

Chapter: 26

At the Imperial Wind Pavilion core location, exactly the most flourishing place at Imperial Wind Pavilion, stand a magnificent luxurious palace, just like tower leading to heaven, stand tall at this Floating Cloud Mountain, large clouds for time to times floating at this palace, as far as the eyes can see it similar to fairyland, and here is exactly Imperial Wind Pavilion the genuine core location “Main Core.”
This moment inside the luxurious main hall seat, a young girl look down while lean forward at balcony railing, looking at beautiful landscape at the Floating Clouds Mountain along with slow wind from time to time gently blow her beautiful hair, soon afterwards a pure lovely face appear, plus her alluring body, as well as her unique temperament, on the top of this floating cloud mountain, she look like a fairy who fall into mortal world, allow people to be fascinated.
This is exactly the girl at that time by Xing Jue secretly take sight of her sexy body. The most outstanding disciple at Imperial Wind Pavilion main court, “Li Xiaohan”.
At main hall there is slight sound of footsteps on the stair, a slim young girl slowly walked behind Li Xiaohan, whispered “Miss, you want me to investigate that person, finally I found him.”
“Oh!” when hearing the girl’s voice, Li Xiaohan awake from her absent-minded, immediately turned around and walked into the main hall, smiled and asked “Little Yue, how much longer until inner court examination, who is the favorite to win the Championship?”
“There is only one month until inner court examination, the most promising to win the championship is Bai Yunfei.” The young girl slowly replied.
How is that Bai Yunfei strength?” After hearing Bai Yunfei name, a Li Xiaohan eyebrows slightly wrinkle, then asked.
“Bai Yunfei, already joined the pavilion for three years, he devoted himself for practice, last year he already achieved Martial Ancestor boundary, but didn’t participated in last year inner court examination, this can be see that this person is quite ambitious, obviously his goal is inner court examination championship, now already at Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level.” The Young girl said clear and orderly.
After hearing about Bai Yunfei, Li Xiaohan silent for a moment, then above her pure face emerges a charming smile, toward the young girl said “Prepares my clothes, I want to go to outer court.”
Inside the outer court, above the door at a quite luxurious loft, write “Xing Mansion” two large characters (TLN: In Chinese two characters), here is where Xing Jue lives now, Xing Jue now is outer court celebrity, and enjoying similar treatment as great elder at outer court, this life condition naturally like reaching heaven in a single bound.
Now at the plaza outside Xing Jue mansion, gathered a large numbers of disciples, most of them are just entered outer court, because often being bully by the old disciples, also hearing that Xing Jue fight injustice, so they would like to take refuge toward Xing Jue, original Xing Jue doesn’t want to worry about this, however how could he know that Four Eyes actually good with his mouth, desperate even reluctantly received them, but all things are being taken care by Four Eyes, Xing Jue is boss in name only.
Some of these person compare notes about their technique skills, some idly gossips, however contrary to what everybody expected even Xing Jue front door fill with noise and excitement, some coward disciples are didn’t dare to pass by Xing Jue mansion front door, afraid that they will provoke them, after all the owner of this mansion is one of the legendary kings.
In the middle of this people there is a youth wearing an eyeglasses, right now he is in the middle competition with two Intermediate Martial Master, this exactly is Four Eyes, unconsciously it’s already six months Four Eyes and Xing Jue entered the outer court, in this six months Four Eyes break through to Advanced Rank Martial Master level, and after some exercise from Xing Jue, Four Eyes cowardly character already swept away, now he is a resolute young man.
“Big brother Four Eyes, can you let both of us get away, we are not capable to serve you ok?” A disciple cried said, obviously with his intermediate martial master strength together sparing with Four Eyes is not less than being abused.
“You really call me Four Eyes? Call my name.” Hearing Four Eyes this name, Four Eyes seems a bit unhappy, glared and shouted.
Four Eyes is actually a nickname that Xing Jue give to him, actually his real name is not this, however every person under Xing Jue leadership called him like this.
“Well, is anybody know what is elder brother Four Eyes name? Seeing Four Eyes displeasure, that disciple quickly said, but after thinking for a long time he found out that he does not know what is Four Eyes name, so he suddenly asked.
“I don’t know”
“Ha ha ha ha.” Suddenly everyone replied in unison, and then immediately laughed loudly.
Yeah” Four Eyes helplessly shaking his head, his father give him extravagant name, unexpectedly now it can’t be used.
“Big brother Four Eyes, you see that two people are really strange.” Suddenly a disciple walked to Four Eyes side, pointing at not too far two people who walked toward Xing Mansion.
Seeing this two person not only haven’t dress in outer court blue robe, instead they covered their body with black mantle, above the mantle there is hat, that also covered their face tightly. And from them, Four Eyes completely cannot feel any aura, so Four Eyes guessed, these two people strengths certainly above him.
“Quickly Look, they went to Xing mansion.” A disciple loudly shouted.
“Go, inform the elder, we will block them.” Four Eyes feel bad, then quickly said to a disciple, immediately ran over past the crowd.
“Hey hey hey, this is Xing Mansion, can you go forward?” A disciple first run up toward Xing Jue mansion front door, get angry toward that two people and shouted.
“Are you newly arrived? Actually dare not wear a robe, do you know the rules?” At at this time Four Eyes group of people already surround this two people, a disciple who like to say nonsense move forward, gesticulate while talking.
“Get lost!” Seeing everyone surround them, suddenly one of the black robe person shouted in an extremely hoarse voice. Meanwhile an extremely tyrannical invisible pressure, is centered on it spreads.
Without any movement, not using any Martial Skill, but no matter what they thought to move, Four Eyes group are similar to a group of weak and fragile, suffer a crushing defeat.
“You…you…you… Who the hell are you?” Although he already achieved Advanced Rank Martial Master, but Four Eyes under this tyrannical pressure, knocked out several meters and then heavily fall on the ground, with a shocked face loudly said. However, inside his heart he shouted not good, this guy’s strength is too frightening, we absolutely can’t stop them.
That two people didn’t pay any attention to Four Eyes, but directly walk toward Xing Mansion front door.
“Stop, who are you guys?” At this moment an outer court elder ran over, pointing at the black robe person to get angrily shouted, in Imperial Wind Pavilion does not wear the robe is a serious matter, as an elder naturally he can’t permit it.
Facing that elder’s question, that black robe person who formerly sent out the pressure, never even stopped half step, but directly walked toward Xing Mansion.
After that black robe person walked inside, one of the black robe person stand outside Xing Mansion, everyone understand what this mean, here is forbid to enter.
“I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear it?” Neither this two people answer him, this make the elder so angry, as an elder of this outer court, very few disciples dare to be rude toward him.
But when this elder prepare to flip out, that black robe person suddenly raise her hand, gold tokens appear before the elder, after he looked at this token, the elder face suddenly change, he can’t speak even a word.
“Tell them to stay away from here.” A hoarse voice come out from the black robe.
“Yes yes yes yes” Hearing what the black robe said, that elder suddenly react, and then quickly replied. His voice completely respectful.
“Four Eyes, make them not stand and enter here.” Suddenly the elder turn around and shouted toward Four Eyes and group.
Yet seeing this scene, Four Eyes and the other people, somewhat measuring this two, but unable to make any sense about this matter.
Thought, who are this people that can make the elder so afraid? Obviously they are coming for big brother Xing Jue, was big brother Xing Jue offended that person? Speculation also start to fill the air.
At Xing Mansion inside quite spacious room, Xing Jue in the middle of practice, Xing Jue sit cross-legged above the bed, his hands move an unusual method, large and clear visible golden color martial Qi continuous pouring into his body, along with continuous integration of martial Qi, Xing Jue body unexpectedly start faintly sending out golden rays of light, after an hour later, slowly dissipated.
Deep deep breath several times, feeling that inside his body full of martial Qi, Xing Jue slowly opened his both of eyes, with a sigh he said “Still can’t break through?”
In this half year time, Xing Jue practice diligently, not a little bit lazy, one month ago he already reach Preliminary Rank Martial Ancestor peak, but failed to break through. Therefore it can be see, why after Martial Master rank above each step difficulty is so high, no wonder Yunzhong City three Patriarch, practiced so many years still at Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor rank.
“Dong dong dong” suddenly a rapid knock sounds from the door.
“Come in” Xing Jue to return to said.
“Creak” The closed door was pushed open, a person wearing black robe, even the black robe person face cannot be see, appeared in front of Xing Jue.
Looking at this strange fellow in front of him, Xing Jue face look helpless. Thinking who is so bored, being mysterious to me.
“Oh, your livelihood not bad.” Didn’t wait for Xing Jue to speak, a pleasant voice like wind chimes sound, immediately a left hand that have a delicate features raise, the hat that covered the face was lifted. Revealed a face that capable of causing the downfall of a city, appeared in front of Xing Jue sight. Looking at the stunning beauty face in front of him, Xing Jue face suddenly overjoyed.

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