War God Asura

Chapter: 29

Everyone Can’t Go
After the slave went in, soon afterwards there was an old man come out from Xia mansion, this old man appearance was somewhat thin and small, his entire face covered with wrinkle, actually full of this kind shrewd feeling.
“Hello, are you my family young master’s friend?” The manager arrived in front of Xing Jue body, after cup his hand across his chest, extremely polite said.
“Yes, Four Er… Was he at home?” Xing Jue excited, nearly can’t hold and said “Four Eyes” words, fortunately he cleverly react and restrain.
“Very good, very good, our Xia Clan could be saved.” After certain about Xing Jue status, the manager suddenly wild with joy said.
“What happen with your family young master?” Xing Jue listened to the conversation and there is something wrong, so he anxiously asked.
“Young master, please come with me, I’ll tell you on the way.” Between the old man talked, he pulled Xing Jue wrist, and then hastily pull Xing Jue and walk toward Xia Mansion.
At this moment inside Xia mansion courtyard, there are twenty people standing, this twenty people are all Martial Master. Moreover the one who standing at head rank is Yang Xuhu old man, he already reach Intermediate Rank Martial Ancestor level. In the middle of these people, standing two middle ages people male and female and a teenager, this kid is Four Eyes.
“Xia Sheng, either hand over the land deed or hand over your son, your choice.” That old man Yang Xuhu narrowed his eyes and said.
“Father, you must not give the land deed to them, just let me go with them, I don’t believe they dare to do anything to me.” Four Eyes said to a middle-aged man at his side, that middle-aged man is Four Eyes father, and that female is his mother.
“No, Xia Sheng, you can’t hand over Yu child ah…” Four Eyes mother quickly hold Four Eyes father’s clothes said. On top her old face there are tears falling like rain.
“All of you, take the land deed away.” Silence a moment, four Eyes father slowly pulled out the land deed from his arm.
After that old man Yang Xuhu see this contract, suddenly on his face there is a conspiracy and sinister smile, and then said : “This was right, it’s only a land deed, how can your son’s life worth the money.”
And then walked toward Four Eyes father, he extend his withered hand, when he prepare to take the land deed, suddenly Four Eyes succeed snatches the land deed and obtain it, he held it in his arm, and stubbornly said: “This land deed in my hand, if you have a courage, attack me!”
A half month ago, when Xing Jue just entered practice pavilion to practice in seclusion, Xia Clan and Wang Clan in Jinhua City, in order to compete for business, they made a crazy bet, the bet stake was the two family property. And because Wang Clan used a despicable method, finally beat Xia Clan.
Soon afterwards Four Eyes father got a serious illness, Four Eyes mother send a letter to Four Eyes, when Four Eyes return and heard what happened he suddenly angry, thus he goes straight to Wang Clan, injured their master clan, and eventually take his family land deed back.
However in order to prevent Wang Clan’s retaliation, Four Eyes didn’t returned to Imperial Wind Pavilion, and stay at home. Sure enough, today didn’t know where the Wang Clan get these people, they charge into inside Xia mansion, to forced them hand over the land deed, as the result now the scene is happened.
“Brat, this is you who courts death.” Seeing that the land deed was snatched by Four Eyes, the old man suddenly reveal a fierce expression, he stretch forward his palm, within that palm there is a thick martial Qi, and then swat away towards Four Eyes.
“Humph!” Facing the old man blow, Four Eyes only shout coldly, his right fist instantly send out a red-hot flame, advancing toward the old man’s palm attack. This is Four Eyes best Martial Skill, Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, Fire Fist.
“Overconfident.” Seeing that Four Eyes didn’t dodge, unexpectedly want to fight force with force, on the old man face there is a ruthless expression, immediately started to pour a stronger martial Qi into his palm.
“Bang” fist and palm collide, a strong energy rippled, mixed waves of fiery flame fill the air, Four Eyes parents were caught by this energy ripples and flew far away.
Four Eyes also struck fly by the old man’s palm, and finally collide with stone column above the courtyard, he immediately sprayed a mouthful of blood, his face became pale.
Although the old man only used his palm, and Four Eyes carry out Black Rank Martial Skill, but Four Eyes still being hit by the old man and seriously wounded, this was the huge gap between Martial Master and Martial Ancestor.
“Kid, if you don’t want to die, hand over the land deed.” the old man then walked to front of Four Eyes body, laugh and said, seems like he must obtain that land deed.
“Yu child, give it to him, even if we didn’t have this land deed, our Xia clan will not be destroyed.” Four Eyes father looked at Four Eyes pale face, he suddenly shouted. Although this land deed is very important for him, however his son’s life much more important.
“Father, these are your entire effort for many years, I will not give it to them.” Four Eyes said to his father with smiled, there is determination in his eyes, however it caused his father tremble. His father immediately shown gratified smiled on his face.
At first Four Eyes’s character was very weak, because of this, Four Eyes father make him practice to temper him, after all Four Eyes is his only son. After all In the future this big family property will need Four Eyes support, and ever since Four Eyes practice, surprisingly he showed a far extraordinary practice talent, this made his father very happy.
However, although his practice is getting better and better, but Four Eyes weak personality didn’t have any change, finally his father spend a lot of money to buy Imperial Wind Pavilion Outer court recommendation letter, in order to make him leave the house, and train under difficult environment, and now his son finally got rid his cowardly character, and turned into indomitable spirit man.
“Yu child, even if all family property completely gone, but as long as we still have you, father already feeling enough, just give it to him, ok?” Four Eyes father pleased and said to Si Yan.
Looked at his father pleased eyes, in the heart Four Eyes felt warm, a drop of tear flowed out from the corner of his eye.
Since childhood Four Eyes father extremely hard on him, and always called him useless, from infancy to mature he never felt his father loved, because of this, Four Eyes thought that his father never liked him.
However, today he finally found out that he was wrong, after wiping the tears on his eyes, Four Eyes pale face revealed a firm smiled. At this moment he already made a decision, that even if he die, he will not lose his father entire effort for many years.
Suddenly Four Eyes raised his head, furious toward the old man, and said: “Old bastard, you have guts to kill me, I am Imperial Wind Pavilion outer court disciple, you dare to kill me, you better think again.”
“Ha ha ha, Imperial Wind Pavilion? Do you think that this old man doesn’t know that you are Imperial Wind Pavilion’s disciple? This old man dare to come here, it showed that this old man didn’t put Imperial Wind Pavilion in the eyes.” After hearing Four Eyes words, the old man suddenly laughed. Said in disdain.
“Kid, since you want to die, this old man will help you today.” After crazily laughed the old man’s face suddenly become hideous, then slowly raise his right fist, an extremely frightening power filled his palm.
No longer care how Four Eyes parents begging for mercy, and ruthlessly aim at Four Eyes head and then attacked.
“Bang” With a harsh sound of explosion, a strong energy ripples also spread, large area of dust filled the entire inner courtyard.
But when the dust gradually dispersed, people actually shocked to find out that at this moment in front of the old man standing a youth wearing a blue robe. The old man powerful punch, actually tightly hold by that youth. On his handsome face, actually still maintain a relaxed smiled, and this is Xing Jue.
“Didn’t put Imperial Wind Pavilion in the eyes? Then you will change this idea today.” Xing Jue looked at the old man and coldly said, immediately his body turned, a kick contain frightening strength lashed, then swept toward the old man head.
In response, the old man quickly use his both arms to take it, blocked it in front of his head, Bang, a hit, the old man meet with Xing Jue kicked and draw back several meters, and then stabilize his figure, shakes his arms that tingled with numbness, cautious looked at Xing Jue, because from Xing Jue body he can felt a dangerous aura.
“This.., little friend, you are so strong, I think there is misunderstanding between us, it would be better if you listen to my explanation.” At this time among the crowd come out a thin middle-aged man, he moved his palm and said toward Xing Jue with a smiled. He is Wang Clan Patriarch, Wang Buren.
“Say it.” Xing Jue only take a quick look, said with disdain.
Seeing there is disdain in Xing Jue eyes, Wang Buren’s face also tremble, but still maintaining a smiling face and said: “He he, little friend, since you are disciple in Imperial Wind Pavilion, presumably you are not unreasonable person. This isn’t we Wang clan forcibly take his Xia Clan thing, but his Xia clan snatch our Wang clan thing, today we just want to get back our belonging, as long as he is willing to give that land deed back to us, we will go.”
“Oh, I see.” Xing Jue appeared to be realized said.
After seeing Xing Jue expression, Wang Buren face also revealed with joy, and quickly said: “Little friend really is a reasonable person, as long as they give me back the contract, Xia clan damage we Wang people will completely cover it.
“Yeah, you do not need to be polite, this land deed is definitely cannot give it to you, and today even if you want to go, you can’t get away.” Xing Jue take a quick glance toward Wang Buren, smiled and said. However under that smiling face, there is formidable killing intent.

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