War God Asura

Chapter: 42

Wordless anger
“Excuse me” Xing Jue arrived at Bai Mansion gate and politely said. However when Xing Jue about to finish what he said.
“Go away, is Bai Mansion gate for you beggar wanted to come and then just come?” After An Advanced Rank Martial Artist glance at Xing Jue common wear, then he loudly shouted.
“Beggar?” Xing Jue sized up his own shape, he didn’t see why he looked like a beggar, then asked: “This big brother, which part of me look like beggar?”
“D*mn, I asked you to leave then you leave, why talked so much nonsense!” Saw not only Xing Jue didn’t leave, but step forward questioned him, that big guy fiery temper, immediately come up, he raised his huge fist, advancing and try to hit Xing Jue.
But faced this strong fist, Xing Jue didn’t move but smiled, allow that guy punch to come.
“Bang” A loud sound, that guy huge fist, as if hit an iron, his hand bones suddenly broken, shout out loudly “My hand, my hand.”
Important to know, after reached Martial Master level, human body became stronger than normal human, ordinary weapon can’t injured the body, let alone a Martial Artist fist.
“D*amn, you courts death” saw that big man was injured, another big man with broadsword behind his body, cut down toward Xing Jue head.
But Xing Jue actually still calm, his body not moved, saw them as if watched a good show.
“Clang” Again a loud sound, the broadsword in big man hand, after cut Xing Jue head, broke into two part, saw the broken blade edge in his hand, that big man finally scared.
At first he thought that Xing Jue wear a special armor on his body, therefore he can resisted that big man fist, because he simply didn’t think that this thin and weak Xing Jue was a Martial Master.
Therefore he tried to cut Xing Jue head. Wanted to killed Xing Jue, but at this moment he actually found out that humble teenager, actually a real Martial Master, he immediately became stiff and dumbfounded.
At this time, the house slaves inside the mansion, heard a sound outside the door, therefore every one of them raise their weapon and copy that guy, advanced toward Xing Jue try to killed him, faced this swarm slave, Xing Jue’s sleeve waved, a Martial Qi burst out, and ruthlessly hit that group of house slaves body.
After clashed with Xing Jue Martial Qi, the house slaves were sprayed mouthful blood, one after another fly and fall, furthermore directly fainted, but this result was showed Xing Jue’s mercy, otherwise with Xing Jue’s strength, it definitely easy for him to kill them.
Saw the situation getting bad, the house slave who unable to rushed in time, quickly ran into the mansion, went to get reinforcement.
Shortly after the house slave get into the mansion, an old man wear a magnificent clothes, quickly rushed out to saw that numerous house slaves drop on the ground, the old man’s face changed, then politely came in front of Xing Jue body and said: “This old man is Bai Clan manager, unaware that superior came to visit, already neglecting, please superior don’t blame us.”
But Xing Jue only glanced at this manager, smiled and said: “Well said, well said, next time do not let them act snob.”
After heard Xing Jue words, that manager knew what had happened, immediately after those slaves were scolded, then he politely invited Xing Jue into Bai Mansion.
“What? You said that Bai Xiuxiu already not inside Bai Residence?” Xing Jue sat inside the living room, surprised and said, this Bai Xiuxiu naturally is Bai Yunfei younger sister.
“Replied to superior, yes that’s true, Bai Xiuxiu already left Bai Residence for a half year.” That manager politely replied.
“Did you know where have she go?” Xing Jue continue asked.
“This.. I really don’t know.” The manager shook his head and replied.
With puzzled mind, Xing Jue went out from Bai Mansion disappointedly, thought “Six months ago, isn’t it when Bai Yunfei was sentenced to death? Why is it so coincidence? Could it be because Bai Xiuxiu knew that Bai Yunfei had an accident, therefore she left? Or there is something that keep secret?”
Xing Jue couldn’t stop guessing, however he also can’t find any clue, at this time Xing Jue felt a figure followed him. Xing Jue smiled, and pretend not to know and continued to go forward.
After Xing Jue arrived at remote place, his figure disappeared, after Xing Jue disappeared, a really thin and weak man rushed to the place where Xing Jue just disappear, somewhat unfathomable looked in all direction.
At this moment, a palm lightly fall above that man shoulder, that man body became stiff unable to moved, he quickly said with tremble voice: “Sir forgive me, sir forgive me.”
Xing Jue let go his palm, that man instantly lie on the ground, his face nervously looked at Xing Jue, “Say it, why did you followed me” Xing Jue slowly arrived in front of that man body, fiercely asked.
“Sir, are you Bai Xiuxiu relatives?” That man looked at Xing Jue, with tremble voice asked.
“Yes, I am his brother’s friend, did you know Bai Xiuxiu?” After Xing Jue heard this man mention Bai Xiuxiu, he quickly asked.
“Sir, I know where Bai Xiuxiu is” when heard Xing Jue words, this man nervous expression, instantaneously change become excited, then quickly said.
After hear that man words, Xing Jue’s despair mood, change into joy.
Afterwards under that man guide Xing Jue arrived at small thatched hut outside the city, first that man walked into the thatched hut, and then walked out, and allowed Xing Jue to enter.
When Xing Jue just walked into the thatched hut, then he heard a young girl voice “Are you my big brother’s friend?”
Followed that voice, saw at the corner of thatched hut, a young girl lying above a wooden bed, the young girl looks extremely delicate and pretty, indeed somewhat similar to Bai Yunfei, but at this moment that young girl face too pale, obviously suffering from a serious illness.
“Yes, I am Bai Yunfei friend, are you Bai Xiuxiu?” Xing Jue walked to the young girl bed, and quickly said.
“Did my brother really dead?” Saw Xing Jue admit his identity, that young girl somewhat timid asked.
“Yes” After silent for a moment, Xing Jue softly said.
After heard Xing Jue words, the young girl’s stubborn try to get up body, instantly became soft, powerless lay on the bed, tears on her both eyes, extremely fast welled up.
“E..” Saw that young girl painful look, Xing Jue didn’t know what he should said, and call that man outside of the house, asked.
“Sir, since you are Xiuxiu’s big brother friend, I will not deceive you.” that man silent for moment, somewhat excited said.
Looked at his clenched fist, Xing Jue suspects definitely something happens to Bai Xiuxiu, then immediately said: “Exactly what happened, you said it, I will take the responsibility.”
“Actually Xiuxiu didn’t leave Bai Mansion on her own initiative, but…”
“Inside the Bai Mansion, the eldest son of Bai Clan, always drooled for Xiuxiu’s beauty, but because Xiuxiu brother formidable strength, he didn’t dare to take an action, but was six months ago, Imperial Wind Pavilion Bai clan new blood, suddenly sent a message, that Bai Yunfei already made a huge mistake, and beheaded by Imperial Wind Pavilion.”
“This was an unfortunate news for Bai Clan, but for Bai eldest son really a huge celebration, at the same day when he heard this news, he intruded Xiuxiu’s bedroom, wanted to rape Xiuxiu”
“Fortunately, Xiuxiu had learned some Martial Arts from his big brother and capable to escape, but Bai eldest son actually didn’t want to let Xiuxiu to get away, and send out the house slave to catch Xiuxiu, finally Xiuxiu was forced to jump into the cliff, and the Bai Clan believe that Xiuxiu definitely dead without doubt, therefore they no longer searched for Xiuxiu again.”
“However I took advantage while Bai Clan off guard, I secretly slip down the cliff, wanted to find Xiuxiu’s dead body, and finally found out that Xiuxiu has not died, and brought her back to home, but Xiuxiu’s lower limbs became paralyzed, and her body became weaker day by day.” This man slowly said, when he spoke about Bai Xiuxiu condition, his eyes became moist.
From this it can be seen, that this man has a very deep feeling toward Bai Xiuxiu
“Don’t worried, no matter that Bai eldest son? Or that Bai Clan manager, and those house slaves that participated to captured Bai Xiuxiu, will not live tonight” Xing Jue stand in front of that man body and patted his shoulder, calmly said. However the anger inside his heart, actually berserk to extreme point.
Chunxiang Building, inside Baicheng, a magnificent snowy place, at this moment that Bai eldest son, was here carefree and happy.
“Oh, this petty official, so handsome.”
When the young figure wear a black clothes walked in, a group of female prostitute immediately come up and surround him, but that youth didn’t pay any attention to them, and shouted loudly: “Who is Bai Yin?”
“D*mn, who called this young master name? Come out and let me see.” After heard Xing Jue shouted, finally in a room upstairs came out a loud shouted, then from that room rushed out two strong and muscular big man, their eyes fill with murderous light and yell: “Who shouted a moment ago?”
After these two big man appeared, those female prostitutes as well as that prodigal sons, escape in a flash, afraid, only Xing Jue stood at his original position, slowly looked at that closed door.
“D*mn, did you shouted?” Saw that everyone try to get out of the way, only remain Xing Jue one person, these two big man were guessed that Xing Jue was the one who shouted, therefore aggressively walked toward Xing Jue.
“Oh, this little brother really didn’t want to live, he dare to provoke Bai Clan Young master.” Saw that two big man walk toward Xing Jue, everybody, started looked at Xing Jue with sympathy, because inside this Baicheng, nobody didn’t know and dare to annoy this Bai Clan eldest son “Bai Yin”, this person boldness in pursuing his sexual urges, the prodigal son who like to kill people as grass.

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