War God Asura

Chapter: 45

Saw Xiao Qian Again
“Xing Jue, this Bai Clan was my Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple clan, no matter what you and Bai Clan grudges, is it possible for the sake of same part Imperial Wind Pavilion, don’t be ruthless.” After scold Bai Clan Patriarch, Elder Xu smiled toward Xing Jue and said. His attitude was quite humble.
As Outer Court Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, this Elder Xu naturally know Xing Jue, when Xing Jue just entered Outer Court, he also looked for Xing Jue and wanted to take Xing Jue as his disciple, but being rejected.
“Today, I decided to exterminate Bai Clan, who get in my way will die.” Xing Jue stare coldly toward Elder Xu, mercilessly said.
After heard Xing Jue words, Elder Xu face that full of wrinkle trembled, and didn’t dare to talk any nonsense, rather he well-behaved stand.
First did not say about Xing Jue strength, he can’t defeated him, and speak about Xing Jue friendship with Great Elder, he didn’t dare to provoke Xing Jue anger.
And at this moment after heard Elder Xu words, Bai Clan Patriarch, as well as numerous slaves were understand a little, although not very clear, but they can be sure that this Xing Jue, was a person who Outer Court Elder afraid of.
“Zhen child, who is he?” Finally Bai Clan Patriarch unable to bear his inner most question, and toward Bai Zhen asked.
“Father, he is Imperial Wind Pavilion Inner Court Disciple, this time our Bai Clan annoys a person who cannot be provoke.” Bai Zhen weakly said, at this moment he extremely regretted, he regretted to killed that man. If not, Xing Jue will not returned to Bai Clan once again, and wanted to exterminates his entire Bai Clan.
“What? He unexpectedly an Inner Court Disciple.” Heard Bai Zhen words, suddenly Bai Clan Patriarch realize, no wonder even Elder Xu respectful toward Xing Jue, it turns out Xing Jue was Inner Court disciple. At this moment, he also extremely regret his own unwilling, if only he able to bear patiently, then today’s matter will not happened, however the fact is there is no regret medicine to sell in this world.
“Bai Clan Patriarch, accept your death!” Saw that Elder Xu no longer interfere, soon afterwards Xing Jue at everyone frightened eyes, slowly walk toward Bai Clan Patriarch.
At this moment when he saw Xing Jue slowly walked toward him, Bai Clan Patriarch feel afraid to the extreme.
Because faced with an individual whose strength, and status, absolutely above him, he simply did not had any resistance, he only can wait for his death.
“Xing Jue, if you want to kill just killed me, that slave was killed by me, All things done by me, you let my father go, killed me.” At this time, Bai Zhen suddenly kneeled in front of Xing Jue, pleadingly said. Without doubt reveal the affection between father and son.
“In that case, I will satisfy you.” Faced this Bai Zhen that kneeled under his foot, Xing Jue pondered for a moment, and coldly said. Afterwards his right fist clenched, soon afterwards Bai Clan Patriarch hoarsely shouted, while Bai Zhen was really killed.
While that Imperial Wind Pavilion Elder Xu, helplessly shook his head, the only thing he can do was helplessly looked his own disciple was killed, because he really didn’t have the power to stop Xing Jue, can only blame Bai Clan, to provoke a person who should not be mess with.
After Xing Jue killed Bai Zhen, he slowly walked to Bai Clan Patriarch side, coldly said: “Patriarch, five days ago I warned you, do not indulge your younger generation and home slave perpetrators, otherwise the one who unlucky was you. But you didn’t listened, today’s end, entirely your fault.”
At this time Xing Jue anger mostly eliminated, looked at the house slaves frightened face, Xing Jue didn’t want to make any slaughtering again, then his eyes turned to the Outer Court Elder Xu, arrogantly said: “elder, if you think you have the strength, you can go back and report that I killed Imperial Wind Pavilion disciple, I decide not to obstruct.”
After said that, Xing Jue didn’t care about Elder Xu expression, sneers, then disappeared from Bai Mansion.
Only leave behind, didn’t dare to angry and didn’t dare to speak Outer Court Elder, the frightened house slaves, as well as that already crazy Bai Clan Patriarch.
After flatten the Bai Clan, Xing Jue brought Bai Xiuxiu to leave this trouble place. Instead, he took Bai Xiuxiu to “Jinhua city” where Four Eyes Clan was.
After arrived at Jinhua city, Four Eyes father strongly requested to make Bai Xiuxiu lived at his palace, but Xing Jue refused, rather spent a large sum of money to purchased a mansion for Bai Xiuxiu at Xia Mansion side, and leave behind enough wealth for Bai Xiuxiu until the next life.
Don’t asked from where Xing Jue wealth was, although Xing Jue background poor, but Xing Jue at Imperial Wind Pavilion has a lot of points, he can casually used some Imperial Wind Pavilion points, in exchange for a lot of gold coins.
And the reason why Bai Xiuxiu arrangement was here, also because Xia Clan owe him a favour, therefore for the sake of his face, they can take care Bai Xiuxiu, after properly take care Bai Xiuxiu arrangement, Xing Jue went to death mountain.
Xing Jue goals for this trip are very simple, to seeks for Xiao Qian, this time he must enter that mysterious secret room, Xing Jue knew that his own strength is insufficient, but Xiao Qian Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, was a great protection, therefore in this exploration Xing Jue naturally must take Xiao Qian.
At the outskirts of the death Mountain, Xing Jue lazily lie down at the hill peak, and here is the place where he had agreed to meet with Xiao Qian.
It’s already half an hour from Xing Jue crushed that Communication Talisman, Xing Jue already knew, even if Xiao Qian had Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign strength, at At least it takes an hour to get here, so Xing Jue lazily lie down on the hill, blowing breeze, enjoys a rare easy and comfortable life.
Suddenly Xing Jue discovered, the space in front of him start to moved, then within Xing Jue astonish sight, an enchanting woman wear a black dress, walked out from that space, and when she saw Xing Jue, that beautiful woman, actually make a charming smiled, arrived in front of Xing Jue body, and respectfully said: “Xiao Qian, meet the master.”
Xing Jue was shocked by the way Xiao Qian sudden arrived, and after a while, surprised said: “Xiao Qian, did you enter Martial God level?”
“Master, a hundred years ago Xiao Qian already reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign level, after a hundred years accumulated, naturally can break through to Martial God level.” as if realized Xing Jue suspicions, Xiao Qian smiled and said.
“Ha Ha, very good.” Xing Jue suddenly stood up, excitedly said. Martial Sovereign, Martial God, the gap between these two, although only one level apart, but the gap is very large, do not say battle effectiveness, said that Martial God can utilize the strength of space, was more frightening than Martial Sovereign unknowingly how much.
And now Xiao Qian actually reached Martial God level, then this time when he enter that mysterious secret room, Xing Jue even more sure.
After told the purpose of this trip, Xiao Qian face also excitedly smiled.
Important to know that “Soul Devouring” to Soul Devouring clansman was a powerful help, in other words, the reason why Soul Devouring Clan was so formidable, on the one hand depend on soul power that exceed ordinary person, and on the other hand was depended with this Soul Devouring Secret Art.
And as long as Xing Jue found this Soul Devouring Secret Art, then Xing Jue strength will rapidly growth, and as long as Xing Jue is formidable, then Soul Devouring Clan will have hope.
“Xiao Qian, since you already reached Martial God realm, then you immediately carry me via space to move away.” Xing Jue came to Qian side and laughing said.
“Master, although Xiao Qian can used the power of space, but only executed for a short period of time space walked, and the consumption also enormous, if it not for emergency, should better not use space walked, besides to carry people and do space walk, cannot be achieve by Xiao Qian present strength, to carry people and do space walk, at least War King rank can do it.” After heard Xing Jue words, Xiao Qian awkwardly replied.
“What? War King!” At first Xing Jue believed, as long as he reached Martial God boundary then he can use the power of space at will, but when he heard Xiao Qian words, Xing Jue realized, it turned out Martial God can used the power of space, but in order to skillfully used it, must reached War King level.
War King, what level is that? Between martial and war, although only missed a word, but the level difference were thousands of miles, in other words, the War King level, was considered the peak powerhouse in this mainland, first of all he can utilize his Battle Qi, and also can soar in the sky, that battle efficiency also more formidable than Martial God didn’t know how many times.
And the most shocking thing for Xing Jue was when his master “Old Feng” able to used space and carried him, so in other words his master, at least at War King level.
Oh my God, War King, what does that mean? It represents this Imperial Wind Empire top existence, he actually had such a strong master, how can Xing Jue not be happy.
After heard Xiao Qian explanation, Xing Jue more understand that power of space, and his mood also became more cheerful, after all his own master was so strong, according to this his background, not worse than Li Xiaohan.
In the future even if wanted to propose marriage Li Xiaodong, to that abnormal grandfather, Xing Jue also more confident, after all they also considered appropriated match.
Therefore Xing Jue was feel cheerful, with Xiao Qian outstanding strength, a maid who always obey his words, stepped into that unknown, journey of mysterious secret room.

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