War God Asura

Chapter: 58

Book 4 Chapter 58 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Encounter an ambush
“This boy, actually can use Earth Rank Martial Skill? Who is he?” Saw that long black sword in Xing Jue hand, the Netherworld Palace elder shocked. He starts to doubt Xing Jue background.
Not only him, almost everybody on the scene are shocked, staring at that long black sword in Xing Jue hand. Under relative comparison, the long black sword in Xing Jue hand, more beautiful than Wu Jun silver-white glove.
“Cut Soul Sword. This boy is not simple, didn’t know when Imperial Wind Pavilion can produce this young boy, looks like it’s time to go back and take a look.” Saw the long sword in Xing Jue hand, that useless old man eyes became shine, then said with a smile.
“Death glove” Saw that Xing Jue use the Martial Skill that not weaker than him, Wu Jun bite his lip, immediately yelled out, then violently moved toward Xing Jue, although at this moment he didn’t have any confidence to win, this his only chance.
“Cut Soul Sword” But facing that extremely fast moved Wu Jun, Xing Jue also not polite, his figure moves, then rushed, holding the Cut Soul Sword he ruthlessly cut Wu Jun down.
The sparkling, dazzling silver-white death glove and with that black light Cut Soul Sword. Under everyone anticipation eyes, cross each other.
“Ci Ci Ci Ci”
The Death Glove collided with Cut Soul Sword, and it sent out harsh clash sound, and between the clash, it started to make a gorgeous black spark, and white spark, black and white spark mixed each other, it looked very beautiful. But every people who understand clearly know, that this is the crucial moment to determined the outcome of the battle.
“Go to hell” At the moment Cut Soul Sword and Death Glove cross each other, Xing Jue suddenly shouted loudly, both of his hands hold the Cut Soul Sword firmly, his figure turn, his right arm wave, then saw the black light engaged with Wu Jun death glove.
After that black light cut through, Wu Jun’s death glove instantly shattered, at the same time, his arm also have a burning hot feeling.
At this moment Wu Jun only feel that every meridian in his arm, muscle, even his blood vessel, at this moment have exploded. Although it’s not a direct attack to his arm, however, Wu Jun’s right arm indeed crippled.
“Ah…” With a miserable cry, Wu Jun unable to endure the pain that came from his arm, his eye turnover, and then fainted.
And upon seeing this, that Netherworld Palace elder moves sideways then came into the stage, saw that already fainted and broken meridian arm, he became furious. Immediately he looks toward Xing Jue wit murderous aura.
However, regarding this elder murderous aura, Xing Jue calmly smile, and said: “Elder, what’s up?”
“Good, good, good, boy you have guts!”
“But you remember me, no matter what influence behind you back to support you, I will not let you leaving Netherworld Empire alive.” That elder coldly said, even his voice tremble, he is really angry, after ferociously stared at Xing Jue, then he carries Wu Jun and leaves competition stage.
Importantly Wu Jun is Netherworld Palace the focus to be trained, this time he suffered heavily injured, even if he returns to Netherworld Palace, he will be punished. Therefore now he hateXing Jue to the bone, although in the end, he didn’t know Xing Jue is from which school, but now he only thought that no matter which school Xing Jue is, he will not let Xing Jue leaving Netherworld Empire alive.
And after Netherworld Palace elder carried Wu Jun down the stage, soon afterward Xing Jue under everyone thunderous applause stepped into winner podium and received that soul pill from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder. Saw that sparkling blue rays of light “Gathering Soul Pill” in his hand, Xing Jue felt free from his anxiety.
After Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elders knowing about Xiao Qian matter, they especially give Xing Jue Black Rank high-grade Treasure Pill, “BuildFoundation Pill” this Treasure Pill effect is to assist.
Before taking another Treasure Pill, it better takes this pill first, so it can help the other pill obtain to get better absorption. Therefore before Xiao Qian take “Gathering Soul Pill”, if she takes this medicine first, and then take Gathering Soul Pill, the effect will be much better.
Therefore after return to the garret, Xing Jue want to give Xiao Qian that Build Foundation Pill and the most that make Xing Jue happy was, unexpectedly this Build Foundation Pill have some effect to warm the soul. Although the effect was not obvious, Xiao Qian indeed felt that her strength started to improved.
However this Build Foundation Pill’s absorption require at least ten days to be effective, but after seven days recovered at Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, almost all guests who attended the rookie convention were leaving, and naturally, Xing Jue also feel embarrassed, to make more disturbances. Therefore he decides to take Xiao Qian and leave here.
Finally, under Xing Jue determine, Zhao Liang didn’t urge him to stay, however despite he already agree with Xing Jue, but Zhao Liang still not feel reassured.
Therefore before Xing Jue leaves, he gives Xing Jue Communication Talisman, this Communication Talisman is quite special, as long as the other person broke this Communication Talisman, the other person will know where that Communication Talisman position, thus it has the best tracking position.
Zhao Liang gives Xing Jue this Communication Talisman because he is afraid that Netherworld Palace people will take revenge toward Xing Jue. Therefore if Xing Jue found something wrong, then he can immediately inform him, due to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village and Imperial Wind Pavilion friendly relationship, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village will fully help Xing Jue, and regarding this kind of protection, naturally, Xing Jue gladly accepted it.
After leaving Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian then rushed toward mountain at the center Netherworld Empire. Now after he had Gathering Soul Pill, Xing Jue no longer worried about Xiao Qian condition, anyway after Xiao Qian body fully absorb the Build Foundation Pill completely absorbed, then Xiao Qian can take Gathering Soul Pill, at that time Xiao Qian’s injury will completely heal.
And on the other hand, Xing Jue filled with anticipation to practice that Soul Devouring Secret Art, as long as he can completely master Soul Devouring Secret Art, then Xing Jue strength will rapidly progress. At that time he can return to Imperial Wind Pavilion again, even if the Main Court disciple come and bother him, Xing Jue will no longer be suppressed.
After two days in a hurry, Xing Jue and Xiao Qian finally arrived at that mountain. Looked at that huge mountain in front of his eyes, Xing Jue heart full of anticipation finally can practice at ease.
“Ha HaHaHa boy, are you finally willing to come out?”
Certainly, at this time a ruthless laughter suddenly sounded, after heard this familiar voice, Xing Jue body tremble, because this is not someone else voice, it is that black hair elder voice who in Hidden Medicine Mountain Village said that he would surely kill Xing Jue.
As expected after he turned around to look, he is that black hair elder, and he is not alone, at his side, there is also another person, and his age also not much difference white hair old man, he and black hair elder wear the same long robe. Xing Jue is certain that he also Netherworld Palace elder, and unexpectedly that old man also Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.
After saw these two guys appear, Xing Jue feel surprised, depend on his sharp soul, he didn’t found out that these two guys are following him.
However after his surprised, Xing Jue smiled, and calmly said: “Both of you really determined, in order to put your hands on me, unexpectedly you veiled your aura for a long time, to follow me in two days, I really admire.”
And during the conversation, Xing Jue quietly broke the Communication Talisman that Zhao Liang gave to him. This two guys veiled their aura to trace Xing Jue and Xiao Qian to here. Xing Jue clearly knew their goals. It must be to revenge for that rookie convention.
But facing two Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue didn’t think that he can handle it by himself, so the best method, for now, is to pray for help.
“Boy, you don’t need to play the trick, today, without a doubt, you must die.”
“Moreover I wish to tell you, there is no short distance from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village to here, even if you’re broke that Communication Talisman when the master who they sent arrived, you already turned into a cold corpse.” That black hair old man said with a smile, his face full of mockery. Obviously, he already knew that Xing Jue has Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Communication Talisman. Therefore they especially wait for Xing Jue walk far from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village, and then show up.
And after saw that black hair elder appearance, Xing Jue suddenly loudly laugh: “Did you think I didn’t know that secretly followed me? You have really underestimated me, if you think that I will never do anything against your trick, just come and try.”
In fact, at this time Xing Jue regretting his decision, he didn’t think that this Netherworld Palace person so cunning, in order to revenge they are willing to use this method, and now Xing Jue is in a dangerous situation. Although it is somewhat dangerous, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope, because Xing Jue still has an amulet that can kill Martial God “Heavenly Thunder Symbol”.
“Oh? Boy, what kind of trick did you hide, you better use it.” But Xing Jue never saw that Netherworld Palace elder, and start to speak. Obviously, he didn’t believe that Xing Jue a mere Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor, has a trump card in his hand that they can’t handle.
“Master, give me the Gathering Soul Pill” At this time Xiao Qian came to Xing Jue side whispered.
“Xiao Qian, your body have not completely absorbed Build Foundation Pill, if this time you take Gathering Soul Pill, it will influence the effect.” Xing Jue naturally understands what Xiao Qiandesire, then he tries to persuade.
“Master, this time you must not think too much, you keep me inside your Storage Bracelet, and after an hour, you can take me out, at that time Xiao Qian can take care of them.” Xiao Qian said with full of confidence.
“Brother, if you slow, it will cause trouble. Better quickly disposed this two little rascal.” At this time, that another elder suddenly said toward black hair elder, after heard his words, that black hair elder slightly nod, immediately that two people prepared to disposed Xing Jue.
“All right” After silent for a moment, Xing Jue compromise. At this time he unable to think too much. Therefore he use his left hand to gently put out the Storage Bracelet on his right wrist, rays of light dispersed, then take Xiao Qian into Storage Bracelet.
“You two old b*stard, I want to see how did you plan to kill me.” After he take Xiao Qian into Storage Bracelet, then Xing Jue mockingly said toward that two Netherworld Palace elders. During the talked Xing Jue thought to move, strong winds revolved around his body, his figure immediately change direction, and then went toward that ancient mountain.
Because at this time Xing Jue has a plan, that is to stall for time, although Xiao Qian said after she disappear, he can release her. But Xing Jue know that in this one hour, Xiao Qian unable to take that Gathering Soul Pill’s effect, in order to let Xiao Qian injury can completely heal, Xing Jue must give Xiao Qian enough time.
And as long as Xing Jue can stall for a day, then naturally Xiao Qian can use Gathering Soul Pill’s medicine strength, restore her strength to her initial level, and at that time this two old b*stard, will die.
“Humph! I want to see how far that you can run.” Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly running away, that black hair elder coldly said, his figure immediately flash toward the place Xing Jue disappeared to pursue, and the other elder also immediately following.

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