War God Asura

Chapter: 68

Gao Mansion Might
“Oh, isn’t this Four Eyes and Xiao San, the last time beaten not enough to make you miserable, this time you came and asked for beaten again?” Among them, a man who already achieved Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor came out.
Look at the three people in front of the gate. He recognized Four Eyes and Xiao San, then he grinning and walked toward them.
And after Four Eyes and Xiao San saw him, their courage become small, and they tremble. Apparently, they have suffered a lot because of this person’s bullied.
But before that big man approaching, Xing Jue sleeve wave and a Martial Qi rush out, finally, under the crowd shocked eyes, it fiercely blew that disciple away.
And that disciple directly flies upside down, finally knocked against Gao Mansion door pillar and fainted.
In response, all of those Inner Court Disciple frightened, unexpectedly only in one move that Advanced Rank Martial Ancestor man knocked down.
What a strong strength, could it be that he is a Martial Sovereign, when they thought the person in front of them is a Martial Sovereign, they terrified of Xing Jue.
After all, even in this vast Inner Court, there are only six people who already reached Martial Sovereign level, and all of these six individuals are an influential figure, regarding the people of this level, they didn’t dare to provoke.
“Gao Le you come out and receive your death! Did you want me to enter your Gao Mansion?” Xing Jue didn’t care about the crowd expression and their attitude. He loudly shouted in front of Gao Mansion.
“How arrogant” At this time, from inside Gao Mansion spread out a loud shouted, immediately all the disciples who in the doorway quickly disperse, and make a way. A black face man slowly walked on that path.
“Are you Gao Le?” Xing Jue takes a glance at the man in front of him, disdain said.
“That’s right” After Gao Le came out, he loudly said.
“Are you Xing Jue?” Gao Le immediately sized up Xing Jue and found out that he didn’t know this person.
However, after he saw Four Eyes and Xiao San at his side, Gao Le guessed Xing Jue identity, a person who able to take this two guys. But he never met Xing Jue before
“Since you knew it was me, then you should be aware why I came here today, kneel down and beg for forgiveness, or I will beat you until you beg for mercy.” Xing Jue slightly laughed, his words was domineering.
“Joke, you a man who depend on a woman for a living, still wanted to beat me until I beg for forgiveness? That’s ridiculous. All of you said it, yes or not? Hahaha” Gao Le suddenly loudly laughed.
Naturally, he already heard that Li Xiaohan was protecting Xing Jue. Therefore in his eyes, Xing Jue is a useless person who depends on woman.
And under his lead, the Inner Court disciples behind him also loudly laughed. Now they have Gao Le. They were not afraid of Xing Jue.
After all, Gao Le also a Martial Sovereign, and he was elite number sixth. Therefore in their hearts, even Xing Jue already reached Martial Sovereign level, but compared with Gao Le, he was a little bit worse.
“Actually can or can’t, try it, and you will see.” Xing Jue slightly smiled, then his figure flash, his body change into a straight line, then move toward Gao Le, at the same time his five fingers gripped tightly and punched Gao Le.
“Humph!” Facing Xing Jue fist, Gao Le didn’t stay still, his right arm wave, an equal strong fist came out and collided with Xing Jue fist, ferociously explode.
Saw Gao Le unexpectedly wanted meet force with force, Xing Jue’s mouth sneer. Xing Jue fist seemed ordinary, but his fist contained soul attack power, the power of his fist not weaker than Biting Wind Palm. And Gao Le dare wanted to meet force with force with Xing Jue, and it simply like brought trouble to himself.
“Puff puff puff”
Two fists resist, Xing Jue does not lose even a hair, he looked at Gao Le, and because of Xing Jue’s fist he moved back several steps and then stabilized his figure.
Moreover, a lot of blood continuously flowed out from his right arm which he just used to attack Xing Jue. Even the clothes above his right arm smashed into pieces.
After he faced Xing Jue attack, Gao Le right arm becomes crippled.
“I will kill you!” Feel no response from his right arm, Gao Le crazily roared.
His left fist gripped, round and round of Martial Qi incredibly fast condensed, and finally condensed into a long silver blade in his hand. That long blade contained a terrifying power that made people feel shocked.
However faced with Gao Le’s crazy counter-attack, Xing Jue mouth slightly raised. His figure flashed, like a ghost he appeared at Gao Le side.
When Gao Le responds, Xing Jue fist that contained a terrifying power, severely hit his chest.
In one attack, Gao Le sprays a mouthful blood, then his body weakly fell to the ground and fainted.
This one attack, Xing Jue precisely hit Gao Le’s Qi Sea, although he didn’t break Gao Le Qi Sea. However, this serious injured will take Gao Le about a year.
Saw their Boss, unexpectedly defeated by Xing Jue in two rounds. Everyone regarded Xing Jue similar to a devil. The fear in their heart goes without saying.
As long as Xing Jue looked toward them, they cannot help to take several steps back. They were afraid that Xing Jue would see them not pleasing to his eyes, and attack them.
Facing a cowardly group of people, Xing Jue didn’t want to pay any attention, his right palm grip, round and round of Martial Qi incredibly fast condensed, finally punch Gao Mansion above the door “Gao Mansion” two large words.
Along with Xing Jue fist attack, a powerful Martial Qi broke that Gao Mansion signboard two words.
With an explosion sound, that Gao Mansion signboard crushed by Xing Jue, and then scattered on the ground.
“Start from today, a person who dares to attack my brothers will end like this man.” After Xing Jue broke that signboard, he turned and pointed at that fainted Gao Le, and coldly said.
Everyone stand and trembling, and not said anything.
Saw the result that he want has worked, Xing Jue didn’t stay there, showed a faint smile, lift his right foot and ready to leave.
“Big brother Xing Jue” At this time, a disciple who followed Xing Jue before, opened his mouth.
After heard his voice, Xing Jue footsteps suddenly stopped, then slowly turned around, said with a smile: “I am not your big brother, please don’t call me big brother anymore.”
He didn’t care that disciple make what kind of expression, he turned around and directly walked toward his Xing Mansion. Four Eyes and Xiao San proudly smiled and follow behind Xing Jue.
Start from today, Xing Jue name will loudly rise in Inner Court once again, and Xing Jue came back stronger than before.
“Haha, so cool, that Gao Le who everyday show off his strength, unexpectedly defeated by big brother Xing Jue hand in two rounds, too satisfied.” Xiao San sat in Xing Mansion living room and loudly said. His excited appearance, just like he was the man who beaten Gao Le.
“Right, I saw several disciples who rely on Gao Le help, after Xing Jue beat Gao Le there was regret on their face, it felt refreshed.” Four Eyes smiled and said.
“Hehe, well you can’t blame them, under that circumstances, actually they were involuntary do that.” Xing Jue smile and said.
In fact, in Xing Jue’s heart, he didn’t blame those who leave him. It’s just, Xing Jue unable to accept them again.
Then Xing Jue, Four Eyes, and Xiao San talked for a long time at Xing Mansion.
The news about Xing Jue smashed Gao Mansion, extremely fast spread. This matter caused a sensation in Inner Court. Now inside the Inner Court, everybody talked about this issue.
At the deepest of Inner Court, inside the main hall of Inner Court Second Elder, also talked about that.
At present, the Inner Court Second Elder imposingly sat on large dragon chair, and his calm face started to emit a faint of anger.
Behind him stood a man wear a purple pavilion robe, and this man strength already reached Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level. And this is Inner Court elite list, rank second “Hu Bin”.
Underneath the main hall, an old man humbly stood there, and this old man is law enforcement elder, Elder Zhu.
“Elder Zhu that Xing Jue dare to smashed disciple mansion of the same school, how are you going to deal with this matter?” Inner Court Second Elder slowly said.
“Report to Second Elder, I presume this attack toward Xing Jue not quite good, in the future that girl Li Xiaohan…” Elder Zhu awkwardly said. After the last incident, he somewhat afraid of Xing Jue.
“You, as a dignified law enforcement elder, afraid of a little girl?” Second Elder didn’t wait for Elder Zhu finished talk, angrily said.
“Yes, what Second Elder said was true, this humble officer muddled headed.” Saw Second Elder angry, Elder Zhu frightened, and his body trembled, then he quickly said flattery words.
“Humph, it’s good if you know it, moreover if you handle things according to what I said, if some people look for some trouble in the future, I will protect you.”
“What will you do next, I think you should know it, go.” Second Elder slowly said, then his sleeve wave, indicated Elder Zhu to leave.
“This humble officer asks to be excused.” Elder Zhu respectfully said, then quickly leave.
“Master, why you didn’t let me teach that Xing Jue a lesson?” After Elder Zhu left, Hu Bin somewhat puzzled and said.
“That boy should be handed over to Inner Court Law Enforcement, in a few day there will be four big influence jointly hold “Hunt Competition”. Now what you need to do is to maintain your strength. ”
“Now Xu Changqing not in the Inner Court, you are the number one in Inner Court, in this hunt competition, you must not lose our Imperial Wind Pavilion good reputation, no matter what must keep our previous second position.” Second Elder slowly said.
“Humph, Xu Changqing, if he still in Inner Court, the elite list number one position, already fell into my pocket for a long time.”When Second Elder mentioned Xu Changqing, Hu Bin felt dissatisfied said.
“Did you forget how you were beaten by Hu Changqing two years ago? In two years, with Xu Changqing talent, to reached Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, is not difficult, on the contrary, you, two years already passed, you remain Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level.”
“Your speed is too slow, and Xing Jue sooner or later will become the second Xu Changqing and step you under his foot” After heard Hu Bin’s words, Second Elder suddenly said in rage.
“Disciple wrong, in the future disciple will concentrate practice, and not let down Master expectation.” Saw that Second Elder got angry, Hu Bin quickly came in front of Second Elder body, bend down and hold his fist in the other hand, respectfully said.
“It’s good if you know it, leave.” Second Elder waved and slowly said.
After Hu Bin asked to be excused, he slowly went out of from the main hall.
Inside the empty main hall, only Second Elder left behind, looked at this vast space, Second Elder usually domineering act, helplessly sighed, whispered: “Why every talented disciple, not willing to join my family? Ah…”

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