War God Asura

Chapter: 69

Inner Court Great Elder
On the broad road of the Inner Court, a group of Law Enforcement wears black pavilion robe and a Law Enforcement knife at their waist, pass by in hurried, the Inner Court disciples openly discuss it.
“Law Enforcement Pavilion, who they want to arrest?” A disciple looked at them passed by in a hurried curiously said.
A small conflict between Inner Pavilion Disciple is a very ordinary matter. In normal circumstances, Law Enforcement Pavilion doesn’t care about it, but now Law Enforcement Pavilion dispatches these many people. Apparently, someone made a huge problem.
“Who else they want to arrest, it must be Xing Jue.” A thin disciple quietly said.
“Xing Jue? The person who ruined Gao Le Mansion this morning?” Another disciple said.
“Who else besides him?” That thin disciple said it as if he understands it very well said.
“It was said that Xing Jue is very powerful, but this time they sent out Law Enforcement Pavilion elders, I guess he can’t save his life either.”
“What’s going to happen, we better take a look.” A disciple could not help but feel curious, then followed this Law Enforcement Pavilion.
And under his leadership, the other Inner Court disciples also followed closely.
At this time Xing Jue, Four Eyes, and Xiao San are in the middle of a conversation in the living room, three good brothers already one year didn’t meet, a lot to talk about, and a lot of things to do.
“Young Master Xing Jue something bad happened, Inner Court Law Enforcement Pavilion coming toward our Xing mansion.” At this moment, a slave who guard the door, anxiously run over, panicky shouted.
And after heard that slave words, Four Eyes, and Xiao San surprised, then nervously stand up.
“They finally come?” But Xing Jue faintly smiled and said it without any care.
“Let’s go, let me see that Law Enforcement Pavilion again.” Between the talked Xing Jue stand up and walked toward the door.
At this moment outside Xing mansion, Law Enforcement Pavilion members already arrived, twenty Law Enforcement Pavilion members neatly standing in front of Xing mansion door, and lead by Elder Zhu.
This time Elder Zhu in a difficult situation, one side is Inner Court Second Elder, the other side is Li Xiaohan from Main Court, and he can’t offend these two.
However, under Second Elder suppression, he had no other choice except to arrested Xing Jue and took him back to Law Enforcement Pavilion, but he hasn’t thought how to catch him.
If he use violence and injure Xing Jue, then the day Li Xiaohan come out, he will die.
And at this time, besides Law Enforcement Pavilion member, there were a lot of Inner Court Disciples, they all come here because they followed a good show just now. At this moment they constantly discussing and look forward for a good show.
Regarding Xing Jue this very famous Inner Pavilion Disciple, many people only heard about him but never seen him.
“Oh, I thought who, it was you again, could it be that the Law Enforcement Pavilion has nobody else?” At this time, a calm voice suddenly came out from Xing mansion, and that is Xing Jue.
“Xing Jue, you brazenly injured a fellow disciple, and broke other person’s mansion, did you know your crime?” Saw Xing Jue came out, Elder Zhu slowly said.
“Elder Zhu that Gao Le also injured a fellow disciple forbid fellow disciple to enter practice pavilion, and this is not a crime, then what is my crime?” Xing Jue coldly glances toward that Elder Zhu and contemptly said.
“About his matter, this old man will investigate it, but today, you have to go with this old man first.” Elder Zhu slowly said.
“What if I don’t want to go?” Xing Jue coldly glanced at Elder Zhu and said with a smile.
“Xing Jue, then I will do it the hard way!” Saw Xing Jue appearance, Elder Zhu finally angry, loudly shouted.
“Ha-ha, I Xing Jue like to take the pressure.” Xing Jue suddenly laughed, his handsome face full of anticipation.
“Then don’t blame this old man’s rudeness.” Finally, Elder Zhu unable to control his anger, violently shouted, his sleeve waved, a tyrannical Martial Qi attacked Xing Jue.
Although Elder Zhu considered about Li Xiaohan, after all, he is also Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder, now in front of these many Inner Pavilion Disciples eyes, Xing Jue didn’t give him any face if he didn’t attack, after that he couldn’t get along in this Inner Court.
However, regarding that incredibly fast moved Martial Qi, Xing Jue faintly smiled, his sleeve casually waved, a similar tyrannical Martial Qi, rush out.
Two Martial Qi collide each other, after a loud explosion sound, unexpectedly it counteracted each other.
Everyone who saw this scene is surprised for a moment, and then they looked toward Xing Jue with unbelievable eyes, Elder Zhu is Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign level, a level higher than Xing Jue, how can it be their attacked was a draw.
At this moment, everyone felt stunned by the scene in front of them.
Xing Jue figure flashed, then disappeared, in the next moment he appeared in front of Elder Zhu body, a heavy blows carried a strong wind, smashed toward Elder Zhu.
Elder Zhu didn’t expect that Xing Jue speed so fast when he react, he was already unable to dodge, and helplessly use his hand to defense.
“Bang” in one strike, Elder Zhu was moved back by that powerful attack. After moved back several steps he stabilized his figure.
Xing Jue didn’t give him the opportunity to breathe, his figure turned and ruthlessly kicked Elder Zhu’s waist.
This time, it’s too late for Elder Zhu to defend successfully, he already kicked by Xing Jue leg and his body bounced like a broken kite.
However, Elder Zhu is not weak either, he adjusted his figure in the air, after several times beautiful somersaults, he steadily stood on the ground. However, he appeared somewhat pathetic.
This moment Xing Jue didn’t attack again, but stand straight in the same place calmly smiled and looked toward Elder Zhu sorry figure.
After a short fight, almost everyone on the scene stunned, Xing Jue with a strength of Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, fighting with Elder Zhu an Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, not only he didn’t leave in a disadvantageous position. Instead, he can get the upper hand, this was too incredible.
With such strength, no wonder Xing Jue fierce name spread so fast, at this time inside some Inner Court disciple felt that this Xing Jue absolutely can not be offended.
After Xing Jue learned Soul Devouring Secret Art, all of his surface body strengthen, his average speed a little bit quicker than he previously used Storm Wind Technique, his attacked power also stronger than Biting Wind Palm.
This is Xing Jue present strength, also with Storm Wind Technique, and Martial Skill attack, then Xing Jue able to fight with Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign.
“Elder Zhu, it seems like you already too old” Xing Jue faintly smiled, said toward Elder Zhu pathetic figure.
“Boy, don’t be too proud” Elder Zhu loudly shouted, then he thought to move, round and round of strong winds incredibly fast revolve around his body, and this precisely is Storm Wind Technique that Xing Jue mastered.
“Bang” With muffled sound, Elder Zhu’s body change into a white shadow, suddenly moved toward Xing Jue, at the same time his right fist tightly gripped, dazzling rays of light shine.
But when Elder Zhu about to arrive, Xing Jue faintly smiled, immediately a strong wind incredibly fast emerge on his body.
His body waved, a kicked faster than Elder Zhu whirl toward Elder Zhu waist. But Xing Jue used all of his power for this kicked.
“Bang” Regarding Xing Jue extremely fast counter-attack, Elder Zhu didn’t have any reaction, he only felt a pain in his waist, his whole body similar to a long bow string burst to shot.
With a loud sound, Elder Zhu body ruthlessly knocked against the nearby wall. The powerful strength made a big hole in that wall, smoke and dust fill the air.
“What a wild boy!” At this moment, near at Xing Jue’s ear, suddenly come through a loud shout.
When Xing Jue found out about it, the space beside his body already make a motion, then a powerful palm immediately came out from that space and severely tried to grip Xing Jue.
“Humph!” Dependent on his sharp Soul Power, Xing Jue already sensed in advance that there was something wrong with this space when that palm came out, Xing Jue already started to dodge to the side.
Depend on Soul Movement and combined with Storm Wind Technique, Xing Jue dodged that claw.
And after Xing Jue get out of the way, a figure of a black hair old man came out from that space, the old man black eyes sharp like an eagle. His square and clean face, full of aggressiveness, and this is Inner Court Second Elder an Intermediate Rank Martial God “Luo Zhen Tian”.
Saw Xing Jue unexpectedly dodge his attack, Second Elder frowned. However, he didn’t pull back, and his left palm moved forward, a tyrannical Martial Qi violently moved toward Xing Jue.
“At such distance, Xing Jue unable to escape and unable to defense, but he quickly used Soul Defense on his chest.
“Bang” After Xing Jue hit by a blow, he was hit to fly very far and stabilized his figure.
Fortunately, the Soul Defense counteract majority of that power, Xing Jue only slightly injured, he softly cleaned a bloodstain on the corner of his mouth, Xing Jue angrily said: “An Intermediate Rank Martial God, attacked me, are you not embarrassed?”
At first, when his palm attacked Xing Jue, Second Elder felt shocked that it didn’t make Xing Jue seriously injured.
And when he heard Xing Jue words, Second Elder surprised, at this moment he finally knew that Xing Jue is not simple.
However, his expression didn’t change, then said: “Boy, not only you dared to hit a fellow disciple mansion, but you also dared to attacked a law enforcement elder, such a lawless disciple, if I don’t discipline you, could it be that you can behave outrageously?”
“Second Elder” At this time, Elder Zhu already came out from the fallen bricks, then quickly arrived at Second Elder side and respectfully said.
“Unexpectedly he was Inner Court Second Elder?”
“Oh my God, even he was felt disturbed”
After heard Elder Zhu words, it caused an uproar, Inner Court Second Elder fame among Inner Court Disciple spread out very loudly.
Compared with Inner Court Great Elder who practice in seclusion for a long time, Inner Court Second Elder was the real powerful master of this Inner Court. However, because Second Elder shuts tightly in the palace, except some upper elders, only a few people had seen his face.
“Humph! It’s you!” And after Xing Jue knew the person in front of him was Inner Court Second Elder. He didn’t feel afraid. Instead, he coldly said.
“Young fellow, you are a stubborn person, today this old man will let you know, you can’t randomly act rashly inside this Inner Court.” Saw Xing Jue attitude Second Elder became even angrier.
His figure flashed, turned into a thin shadow line, incredibly fast move toward Xing Jue, his fast speed, like thunder across the sky, making people unable to sense him.
When Xing Jue about to react, Second Elder terrifying fist, already arrived.
Saw this situation, everyone only has one thought, that Xing Jue will die.
At this critical moment, an old palm moved out from space at Xing Jue side and finally knocked against Second Elder terrifying fist.
“Buzz buzz buzz”
Fist and palm face each other, powerful energy ripples incredibly fast spreads. Even Xing Jue stepped back several steps because of that powerful strength. Afterward, he stabilized his figure.
The crowd was shocked by this sudden scene.
An Old figure slowly came out from that space, then immediately said toward Second Elder: “Second Brother, it’s inappropriate to attack a junior”.

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