War God Asura

Chapter: 70

Imperial Wind Command
Saw the old man who suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, let alone the people, even Xing Jue blankly stared.
This old man had a disheveled white hair that scattered on his shoulder, a simple gray robe fluttered in the wind, and his Old face always made a small smile, give a friendly feeling.
What made Xing Jue felt inconceivable was with his present Soul Power, he unable to feel how strong this old man strength.
“Elder brother!” When Second Elder saw this old man, he was frightened, and slowly open his trembling lips and said.
“Your humble superior pay a respect to “Inner Court, Great Elder”.” At this time, after that old man showed himself, that Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Zhu, run to the front this old man, half kneeled on the ground and respectfully said.
“Inner Court Great Elder?” When the crowd heard that words they started to raise an uproar.
Inner Court Great Elder, practice in seclusion for decades, let alone Inner Court disciple, even a lot of elders never seen this Inner Court Great Elder appearance. Therefore this Great Elder, in everyone heart, can be described as extremely mysterious.
Who could have thought that today, they can see a legendary person, the Inner Court disciples were become more excited.
“Hehe Elder Zhu, quickly get up.” After saw Elder Zhu kneeled down, Great Elder quickly helped him to get up and said with a smile.
Elder Zhu respectfully stood at the side, this kind of respect somewhat different toward Second Elder, it’s more like respect from inside his heart.
“Little friend, you have a unique soul.” At this time, Great Elder suddenly turned his eyes toward Xing Jue, then said with a smile.
“Er…” When Xing Jue heard Great Elder words, his body trembled.
Thought Could it be that when he measured Great Elder strength, he also sensed my Soul Power? Xing Jue can’t help but admire Great Elder strength.
“Elder brother, I must dispose this junior, this boy actually…” In response, Second Elder quickly explained.
“All right Second Brother just set aside this matter, and not mention it again.” However when Second Elder not finished talked yet, Great Elder right hand waved, stopped Second Elder words.
Saw Great Elder said that Second Elder became more confused, but he didn’t ask anything.
“Elder Zhu, you go back first.” Great Elder said toward Elder Zhu.
Elder Zhu quickly respectfully respond, then took twenty Law Enforcement Pavilion members and went off in a hurried.
Actually, Elder Zhu didn’t want to arrest Xing Jue, especially after he found out that Xing Jue present strength already above him, he, even more, felt regret. One year ago, Xing Jue did not have the ability to fight back.
And one year later, he was continuously hit by Xing Jue and can’t hit back. This practice talent was terrifying, at this moment Elder Zhu knew, if Xing Jue given enough time, his future is limitless.
“Second Brother, you come with me, I have something to say to you.” After Elder Zhu left, Great Elder said toward Second Elder, and he gave a meaningful glance toward Xing Jue, then his figure flashed into space and disappeared.
Second Elder take a glanced toward Xing Jue and coldly snort. Then he also got into the space.
At the deep of Inner Court, there is a not very huge building, but stands tall in the clouds, the palace architectural style is very elegant, even appeared somewhat simple, and this is Inner Court Great Elder palace.
At this moment inside the main hall, Great Elder stand and crossed his hands behind his back, and Second Elder respectfully stood behind him.
After a long time, Second Elder start to talked, said: “Elder brother, did you succeed?”
“Not yet, but regarding that realm, only a half step I can reach it.” Great Elder slightly smiled and answered.
“Er… Elder brother, why not break through to that level, and choose to come out?” Second Elder somewhat confused asked.
“Haha, I am afraid it’s because you make trouble.” Great Elder coldly glanced toward Second Elder and said with a smile.
Great Elder and Second Elder are a pair of flesh and blood brothers. One hundred years ago they joined Imperial Wind Pavilion and practiced together. Then they get on the top position inside this Inner Court as Great Elder and Second Elder but at that time the Inner Court not in this kind of situation.
At first, Inner Court under Great Elder supervised, and it was in good order. No disciples dared to act outrageous, because Great Elder handled a matter in fairness, and had people support.
However thirty years ago, suddenly Great Elder practice in seclusion to break through to War King level.
Because as long as he entered that level, Great Elder can be promoted to Main Court and became Imperial Wind Pavilion dependable core forces.
For this purpose, Great Elder practice in seclusion for thirty years. Now Great Elder suddenly came out, so Second Elder believes that Great Elder already successfully promoted to “War King” level.
“I wonder why Elder Brother said this words?” After heard Great Elder words, Second Elder confused asked. Can make Great Elder came out at this critical moment, it must be not because of a small matter.
Especially after he heard that it was related to him, Second Elder felt somewhat panicked.
“You see for yourself.” Great Elder sleeve waved, a piece of golden jade medal flashed out. Finally fell into Second Elder hand. Inside the Jade medal, golden light Qi continuously moved, and on the surface hovers golden rays of light. It gave other people supreme feeling.
This “Imperial Wind Command” represent Imperial Wind Pavilion the most senior generation. Only the most upper person in Imperial Wind Pavilion has this “Imperial Wind Command”, and inside this huge Imperial Wind Pavilion only about eight people has this “Imperial Wind Command”.
This Imperial Wind Command not only a symbol of status, but it also had a special function, it can issue an order without delay. At that time Medal command was made for a major event, it can gather the strongest Martial strength in the fastest speed.
At this moment there is two text message on Great Elder “Imperial Wind Command”.
After Second Elder saw that two messages he became frightened. Because that Imperial Wind Command has two same messages, that is “Ensure Xing Jue get into the Main Court”.
After he saw the name in that two message, Second Elder almost fainted and followed by a lot of cold sweat, continuously flowed on his face.
“No wonder Xing Jue was so arrogant, who could have thought that he have such connection.” After a long time, Second Elder awaken from his fear, then wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his hand and said with fear.
“I am afraid your bad temper make some trouble, therefore when I received the first message, I wanted to come out, but at that time I was at a critical moment to stabilize my Qi, as a result, I can’t get out.”
“However, recently I received the same message again, then I quickly came out. After all, regardless who they are I unable to offend them.” Great Elder slowly said. Second Elder agreed and nodded back.
“You should change your narrow-minded character, wait until I get into the Main Court, this Inner Court will be handed over to you. However, your way handles matters that unclear right and wrong, inevitably, will cause complaints.” Great Elder said to Second Elder with a deep meaning.
“Yes, Elder brother, in the future I will change.” Apparently, this Second Elder terrified of Great Elder, then obediently said.
“A few days later, there will be a Hunting Competition that organized by four big influences. Let that Xing Jue goes, that boy really extraordinary, perhaps he can give us an unexpected surprise.” Great Elder saw Second Elder regret appearance, pleasantly laughed.
“Yes, this time my outstanding disciple also among them, have him there, it’s not difficult to keep Imperial Wind Pavilion second position.” When “Hunting Competition” mentioned, Second Elder is full of confidence.
“Yes, since I already came out, this time Hunt Competition, I will take those children to see the world.” Great Elder turned around and look the floating cloud outside the main hall, with anticipation look.
Second Elder also smiled and stand behind his body, obviously at this moment he was also in a good mood.
At this moment Xing Jue, Four Eyes, and Xiao San are sat inside Xing Mansion, talking about what just happened.
“Big brother Xing Jue, I heard that Great Elder called Second Elder “Second Brother”, it seems like they had a very unusual relationship, he will not favor Second Elder, and harm you right?” Four Eyes sat beside Xing Jue, anxiously said.
“Not likely, Outer Court Great Elder once told me, Inner Court Great Elder, do things fairly, now he came out, perhaps it’s a good thing for me and the others.” Xing Jue confidently replied
Previously, when he measured Great Elder strength, although unsuccessful, but Xing Jue felt that Great Elder aura was very friendly toward him.
“Young Master Xing Jue” A slave who guard the door suddenly ran in hurried.
“What happened?” Saw his panicked look, Xing Jue quickly asked.
“Young Master Xing Jue, just now Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Zhu came again, then leave this behind and wanted me to give it to you.” That slave held a purple letter and handed it over to Xing Jue.
After hearing Law Enforcement Pavilion Elder Zhu name, Four Eyes and Xiao San became tense up.
Xing Jue calmly received that letter, smiled and read.
After reading it for a moment, Xing Jue slowly raised his head.
And above his handsome face, emerges a rare touch of anticipation smiled, then he immediately said: “Hunting Competition? What a good chance!”
“Hunting Competition? What is that?” Saw Xing Jue expression, Four Eyes, and Xiao San quickly asked.
“See for yourself.” Xing Jue slightly smiled and threw that purple letter toward Four Eyes and Xiao San.
He walked out the main hall, looked toward the magnificent palace of the Main Court, whispered: “Xiaohan, now you already reached what level?”

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