War God Asura

Chapter: 72

All Participants Arrived
“Isn’t this Elder Luo from Imperial Wind Pavilion, long time no see!”At this moment Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder arrived in front of Xing Jue and other people, and said with a smile toward Great Elder.
“Elder Li, long time no see!” Great Elder politely replied.
“Ah! Isn’t this Xing Jue little friend, who could have thought we could meet again, it seems that you and I predetermine by fate, Haha…” Just then Elder Li from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village saw Xing Jue who stands behind Great Elder, then smile and said.
“Xing Jue pay respect to Elder Li” Xing Jue quickly respectfully replied. Xing Jue impression toward Elder Li was quite good.
“Oh? Elder Li, did you know Xing Jue?” Saw what happened, Great Elder surprised said.
“Haha, Elder Luo, your disciple indeed extraordinary.” Elder Li said with a smile, then answered Elder Luo, he started to explain about Rookie Convention matter.
Furthermore, his attitude toward Xing Jue is full of praise. Therefore, it caused Xing Jue felt somewhat embarrassed.
However, after hearing Elder Li words, that several Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples cast a friendly looked toward Xing Jue. After all, Xing Jue can restrain their sworn enemy Netherworld Palace in that Rookie Convention.
“Boy, how did you know Hidden Medicine Mountain Village elder?” Saw Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder so friendly toward Xing Jue, Hu Bin said with envy face.
And after exchange polite greetings, everybody entered the main hall, keep on chatting.
And during this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder, never said a words with Netherworld Palace Elder, even the disciples of both sides have a hostile look.
Obviously, the grudges between these two forces are extremely deep.
The older generations talked about the old days, Younger generation chatted together, although Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples and Netherworld Palace disciples on a bad term, but they are very friendly toward Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples.
After some conversation, Xing Jue also knew, the beautiful woman from Hidden Medicine Mountain Village name is “Wang Yanran”. She is Hidden Medicine Mountain Village most outstanding disciple in a century. This time Hidden Medicine Mountain Village sent her out plan to put pressure on Netherworld Palace at this Hunting Competition.
Wang Yanran treats people very easy-going. Therefore, it caused several Imperial Wind Pavilion male disciples, chatted with delight.
However, Xing Jue thought although “Wang Yanran” on the surface is very easy-going, but the truth is it’s tough to get closer to her. After all, a woman like her very arrogance, although she tried to cover it up, but she can’t change it.
He can see that from that several other Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples, although they were from the same side, however, they were not close, that several Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples seem very interested toward his Imperial Wind Pavilion Zhao Yue.
“Hahaha, so everybody already arrived.” At this time, a hearty laugh sounded from outside the main hall.
An old man wore a green robe, slowly walked into the main hall. Doesn’t need to think, he must be Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder.
After the old man walked into the main hall, three male and two female wear green robes walked in.
Looked at the five Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples behind the old man, almost everyone on the scene were surprised.
“Three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, two Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign, and all of them were Inner Palace Disciples, is this Nangong Aristocratic Family strength?” Xing Jue looked at that five disciples, shocked said.
If Xing Jue can meet head on with one Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, then facing three Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, Xing Jue must treat them in cautious.
“It looks like, Nangong Aristocratic Family really deserved their reputation.” After carefully scan that several Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, Xing Jue said again in a soft voice.
Xing Jue found out that this several Nangong Aristocratic Family disciples, although they had arrogance face, however, they truly have enough qualification to be arrogant.
But after saw Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder appeared, Netherworld Palace Elder, and Hidden Medicine Mountain Village Elder Li, quickly welcomely smiled. Didn’t dare to neglect his status.
However, at this moment that easy going Inner Court Great Elder only sat at his place, smiled and taste the sweet fragrant tea.
“Looks at Great Elder appearance, he should have some conflict with that Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder. If not, with his easy going character, it’s impossible for him to act this way.” Xing Jue looked at the Great Elder who not greet that Elder, and secretly said.
“Isn’t this Elder Luo?” At this time, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder, suddenly saw Great Elder, then sinisterly laugh and came over.
“I heard you were practice in seclusion for thirty years, why did you came out now, and still Inner Court Elder.” After arrived in front of Great Elder, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder curled his lips and sarcastically said.
“Hehe, thirty years passed by, and you still Nangong Aristocratic Family Palace Elder.” Great Elder faintly smiled and replied with disdain.
“Humph! Sooner or later This old man will join Main Palace.”
“Your Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples became more and more weaker than the later generation.” After hearing Great Elder words, Nangong Aristocratic Family Elder coldly snorts, then immediately looked toward Xing Jue and the others and ridiculed said.
“This Hunting Competition hasn’t begun yet, how do you know that our Imperial Wind Pavilion disciples, weaker than the former disciples?” Great Elder laughed and replied.
At this time, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village and Netherworld Palace Elders, found out there is something wrong with the situation, then without hesitation stopped this two people unpleasant topics.
Later everyone inside this main hall enjoyed a great meal, and during this time Xing Jue found out that among five disciples of Nangong Aristocratic Family, a very handsome disciple status somewhat unusual.
Another two disciples who a similar Advanced Rank Martial Sovereign, not only respectful toward him, they even somewhat afraid, even that two female disciples had admired looked, obviously this disciple a lot stronger than the other four.
“It seems like this Nangong Aristocratic Family disciple, not a simple person.” Looked at that handsome man, Xing Jue secretly said. He will treat him a lot more serious.
After dinner, the people of four big forces returned to their loft and rest.
After all, tomorrow is the beginning Hunting Competition that held every three years. Everybody wanted to keep a good condition.
After Xing Jue finished his daily practice, then felt bored he was strolling in the plaza.
At this time, Xing Jue found a familiar figure.
That person was Hu Bin, at this moment Hu Bin held something in his hand and walked toward Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples place. And finally, he entered a male disciple loft.
After pondering for a moment, Xing Jue finally guessed what Hu Bin is doing, he wanted to use some treasure and exchanged it with Treasure Pill from that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciple.
After all, Hunting Competition event is not short, can have some Treasure Pill to enhance strength, still very good.
Actually, at daytime, there was disciple tried to exchange for Treasure Pill to Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciple, some people were successful, and some were failed.
After all, everybody is the participant in the competition, and Replenish Strength Treasure Pill are very useful for everyone.
So if it’s not something precious, Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciples, will not easily exchange for it.
And maybe Hu Bin concerned about his dignity. Therefore he didn’t open his mouth, but unexpectedly he chose to exchange it in the evening secretly.
As expected, a moment later, Hu Bin happily came out, from inside that Hidden Medicine Mountain Village disciple loft. The thing in his hand before change into an elegant small box. Saw this scene, he certainly succeeds.
At this time, Hu Bin also saw Xing Jue, who sat in the plaza, immediately cast a proud look toward Xing Jue.
It is like, his successfully trade for Treasure Pill, is a very great thing.
However, regarding his ignorant behavior, Xing Jue only faintly smiled, doesn’t know why, although Hu Bin is a few years older than him, however, Xing Jue always felt that his IQ seems a little bit lack.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue!” At this time, a female voice suddenly sounded in his ear. At the same time, a fragrant smell of pill slowly came.
When he looked toward where the voice came from, he saw a beautiful woman wear a white robe, her skin as white as snow, stood and smiled at him. And this was Hidden Medicine Mountain Village talent disciple “Wang Yanran”.
“Senior Sister Wang, what’s the matter?” Xing Jue quickly said with a smile.
In fact, if talked about their age, Wang Yanran indeed several years older than Xing Jue. Therefore, it reasonable for Xing Jue called Wang Yanran senior sister.
“Hehe, Junior Brother Xing Jue, previously at Rookie Convention you greatly helped my Hidden Medicine Mountain Village.”
“At that time I was in seclusion, so I didn’t have a chance to thank junior brother, I always felt very sorry.
“Unexpectedly, I able to meet Junior Brother Xing Jue here, it can be considered that you and I brought together by fate.”
“However, tomorrow Hunting Competition will begin. Therefore, I especially bring several Replenish Strength Treasure Pill for Brother Xing Jue, and hope Junior Brother Xing Jue to accept.” During the conversation, Wang Yanran gave an elegant small box to Xing Jue.
“Sister Wang too courteous, in that case, I would like to thank Senior Sister Wang.” Xing Jue bluntly received that small box with a smile.
After all, this Hunting Competition time is not short, and some Replenish Strength Treasure Pill will have a great use.
After Hu Bin saw Wang Yanran take the initiative to gave Treasure Pill to Xing Jue, Hu Bin’s face instantly changes into a purple color.
You know, he used three powerful attack spells to get three Replenish Qi Treasure Pills.
But Xing Jue who didn’t do anything, unexpectedly someone gave Treasure Pill for him, and the person who gave the pill is Wang Yanran. Wang Yanran is three stars Refining Medicine Master, and her Treasure Pill quality must be magnificent.
Saw Xing Jue accepted the Treasure Pill. Wang Yanran didn’t stay too long, after several polite sentences, she returned to her loft.
“This Senior Sister Wang really generous.” After Wang Yanran had left, Xing Jue opened that box.
Unexpectedly, this small box filled with ten Treasure Pill, and from those pill fragrances, this Treasure Pill rank certainly not low.
“Junior Brother Xing Jue, tomorrow is the Hunting Competition, you must take it seriously, don’t put aside our Imperial Wind Pavilion people.” At this time, Hu Bin who stood all the time walked toward Xing Jue with sarcastically said.
“Senior Brother Hu Bin, I don’t need you to look after my things, you better take care your own business.” Xing Jue slightly smiled and immediately replied. Didn’t see Hu Bin make what kind expression, he walked toward his loft.
“Humph! Allow you to be arrogant, tomorrow I will make you see.” Saw Xing Jue ignored him, Hu Bin became angrier, then looked at Xing Jue departed back and ruthlessly said.

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