War God Asura

Chapter: 86

Soul Attraction
At this moment, suddenly a powerful energy came out of the air and ruthlessly hit that disciple’s body, a very far attack.
Afterward, space makes a creep motion, an old man wearing gray robe appears from that space, this is Elder Ji Shui.
“Li Ran, unexpectedly you ruthlessly attack the same school disciple, do you want to be expelled from Imperial Wind Pavilion?” Elder Ji Shui saw Xing Jue scar. He is strictly angry toward that male disciple.
“Disciple didn’t dare” That disciple quickly kneel down, nervously said.
“Second Elder, you come in time, Junior Sister Xiao Han injured.”
At this time, the man who carries Li Xiao Han came in front of Elder Ji Shui, nervously said toward Elder Ji Shui.
When Elder Ji Shui saw Li Xiao Han, who looks pale and fainted, his expression change, he immediately takes Li Xiao Han from that disciple’s arm and stuffed a Golden Treasure Pill into Li Xiao Han mouth.
Afterward, he quickly takes Li Xiao Han’s pulse to check her condition, and after a short time, that Elder’s face started to tremble
His sleeve wave, then takes along Xing Jue, who curl on the ground, he immediately steps into space and disappeared.
“Senior Brother Bai, it seems the relationship between Xing Jue and Second Elder are great.” After Elder Ji Shui left, that disciple who attack Xing Jue, called “Li Ran”, walk toward his side while cleaning the blood on the corner of his mouth.
“Humph! Junior Sister Xiao Han severely injured, obviously it was related to him, if there is something happen to Junior Sister Xiao Han, doesn’t need me to act, even some people will want his life.” The handsome looking man’s sleeve wave and coldly said. His face completely sinister.
Time passes quietly. It already passes one month since Li Xiao Han was injured.
At this moment in the back garden of Xing palace, Xing Jue lazily lies above the lawn, his previous face that’s full of vitality disappear, and replace with depression.
Above that somewhat tattered purple pavilion robe, full of strong liquor smell, and there are a lot of empty jars of liquor in the surrounding.
One month ago, Elder Ji Shui, asked Xing Jue what had happened, then sent Xing Jue back, and informs Xing Jue, before he becomes Main Court disciple, he’s not allowed to enter Main Court again.
However, although Xing Jue asked a question regarding Li Xiao Han injury, Elder Ji Shui didn’t even tell him a word, but from Elder Ji Shui look, Xing Jue guessed that Xiao Han injury is heavy.
In this month, Xing Jue didn’t practice and kept drinking. It’s his responsibility that Li Xiao Han injured, ultimately he vents it all to his body.
Time goes by day-by-day, Xing Jue even more depressed, he even felt that his life is meaningless, completely left behind his past ambition.
“Buzz buzz buzz”
At this moment, the space behind Xing Jue, suddenly make a creep motion, a gray robe old man immediately appears. And this is Elder Ji Shui.
“This kind of feeling between two people causes a lot of trouble.”
When saw Xing Jue so depressed, Elder Ji Shui helplessly sighed, immediately his sleeve wave, Xing Jue starts to warp into the space and disappeared.
Xing Jue, who lay on the grass and sleeping, suddenly felt dizzy, when he opened his eyes, he found out that he unexpectedly inside an extremely spacious room.
“Here is..”
Xing Jue rubbed his painful heads and started to observe the room, but after his eyes sweep the room, Xing Jue’s face instantly becomes excited.
“Xiao Han, Xiao Han”
Xing Jue struggles to raise his trembling body and run toward her place, because at this moment “Li Xiao Han” quietly lie down above the ice cube that sends out cold air.
When Xing Jue about to arrive at Li Xiao Han side, he suddenly bounced back by an invisible force, just like bump into thousand years black iron.
When Xing Jue lifts both of his eyes, he shocks to find that a square object slowly wriggles around Li Xiao Han, and after wriggle for a moment it’s suddenly disappeared.
Not until now, Xing Jue finally knows that an invisible enchantment is surrounding Li Xiao Han body.
“Xing Jue” At this time, an old voice suddenly sounded from Xing Jue behind.
“Old Shui?” Xing Jue turns his head to look, and he found out that the man who stands behind him is not an unknown man, he is Elder Ji Shui.
“Xing Jue, previously you asked about Xiao Han condition, I afraid that you will get worried, so I didn’t tell you, but now you should see it, Xiao Han’s condition is not good.” Elder Ji Shui arrives at Xing Jue side and slowly said to Xing Jue.
“Old Shui, could it be that you unable to help Xiao Han? What can you do to make her better?” After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue immediately becomes anxious.
Xiao Han injury is severe, all Treasure Pill can’t heal her, but you maybe could help her.” Elder Ji Shui looks at Xing Jue.
“How can I help? Quick, told me!” Xing Jue anxiously asked.
“Xing Jue, do you think Xiao Han the talented and temperament girl, unexpectedly, can fall in love with you an Inner Court disciple, didn’t you feel it somewhat strange?”
“Moreover, you also like that, besides Xiao Han, have you ever felt that strong love toward other girls?” Elder Ji Shui once again said to Xing Jue.
Xing Jue somewhat puzzled, look at Elder Ji Shui. He once thought about this but didn’t find the answer.
“Xing Jue, your Soul Power somewhat special right?” Elder Ji Shui suddenly casts sharp eyes toward Xing Jue. Said with a smile.
When heard Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue body tremble, after all, he is Soul Devouring Clan person. Naturally, his Soul Power is different from ordinary people.
However, because of Soul Devouring Clan special status, when Xing Jue meets with powerful people, he deliberately covers his Soul Power, but what made Xing Jue surprise, he still can’t conceal it from Elder Ji Shui.
“Don’t be nervous, I won’t investigate your past life, and I don’t want to know.”
“I want to tell you, Xiao Han and you are same, her soul also very special.” Elder Ji Shui said with a smile.
“Soul is people origin. Therefore, a person’s character and soul absolutely can’t be separated, and both of you have complement soul, they attract each other, this situation called Soul Attraction. Everybody said love at first sight.”
“Normal people soul relatively weak, so the effect of Soul Attraction not too visible. However, you and Xiao Han’s soul is extremely special. Therefore, it causes both of your feeling extremely strong.” Elder Ji Shui slowly explained.
At this moment Xing Jue finally understands the matter that he didn’t know finally become clear.
“Now, because Xiao Han condition is too serious, it causes the soul within her body start to disappear, although I use thousand year ice to suppress it, but the effect still minimal.” Elder Ji Shui helplessly said.
After hearing Elder Ji Shui words, Xing Jue quickly looks at Li Xiao Han, after carefully examine, he found out that in Li Xiao Han body, a pale green gas continuously flows out from her body.
And from there Xing Jue able to feel a powerful Soul Power.
“Old Shui, what should I do to help Xiao Han?” Xing Jue anxiously asked Elder Ji Shui.
“Very simple, use your Soul Power and pour it into Xiao Han’s body because both of your Soul Power mutually attracted so that it won’t cause a rejection, this is the only way.” During the talk Elder Ji Shui sleeve wave.
That invisible space once again appears, finally change into white smoke and drop into Elder Ji Shui’s hand, and condensed into a white crystal ball in his hand.
Saw that, Xing Jue without hesitating, quickly run toward Li Xiao Han, at this moment he finally once again saw Xiao Han, who he yearn day and night, looking at Li Xiao Han pale face and lips, Xing Jue heart extremely distressed.
After reorganizing his emotion, Xing Jue slowly put both of his hands above Xiao Han arms, at the same time a great amount of black soul extremely fast start to pour from within Xing Jue body.
“Very strong soul”
After seeing Xing Jue Soul Power, Elder Ji Shui brow deeply locks, although he is aware that Xing Jue soul is extraordinary, but he didn’t expect that Xing Jue’s Soul Power so tyrannical.
“Buzz buzz buzz”
In order to make Li Xiao Han quickly recovered, Xing Jue didn’t hold back, he pours his entire Soul Power into Xiao Han body, and with the infusion of Soul Power, Xiao Han Soul Power constantly became better.
Finally, even more black soul, firmly lock in Xiao Han body.
However, he transfers all his Soul Power at once. Xing Jue began unable to endure, his vision becomes black and fainted.
“Ah.., this silly boy”
Saw that, Elder Ji Shui quickly move to his side, hold Xing Jue, who about to fall, then helplessly shake his head.
“Unexpectedly, he transfers all his Soul Power into Xiao Han body, loss his soul, injured his body.” After examining Xing Jue condition, Elder Ji Shui squeezed a Treasure Pill into Xing Jue mouth.
After a moment, Xing Jue awake, he slowly opened his heavy eyes, Xing Jue found out Elder Ji Shui smiling and standing at his side.
“Elder Ji Shui, how about Xiao Han?” After waking up, Xing Jue first asked about Xiao Han condition.
“Under your Soul Power, Xiao Han soul stabilized, so now Xiao Han already passed the most dangerous time, and need a period of days to recover, you don’t have to worry about her.” Saw Xing Jue anxious look, Elder Ji Shui said with a smile.
“But I’d like to remind you something.” At this moment, Elder Ji Shui expression becomes dignified.
“Xing Jue, if you don’t want something like this happened again, you should get rid your depression, what you should do isn’t constantly blame yourself.”
“But think about how to prevent this kind of thing happened again, how to do it specifically, I believe that you understand, right?” Elder Ji Shui slowly said.
“Yes, Xing Jue understand.”
After Xing Jue silent for a moment, he somewhat felt remorse said. Indeed, recently he extremely depressed.
Saw Xing Jue control himself, Elder Ji Shui slightly smiled.
“Xiao Han, next time, I will protect you”
After speaking with Elder Ji Shui for a moment, Xing Jue went to Li Xiao Han side, looking at Xiao Han who sleeps peacefully, then said with a smiled. But right now his face fill with his past confident smile.
Because now in his heart Xing Jue already made a decision…

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