War God Asura

Chapter: 9

Tough Battle
“Xing Jue?” Looking at the black clothed youth who walk toward the stage slowly, finally some people recognized, therefore shouted greatly.
“Xing Jue, really is Xing Jue?”
“Wasn’t he demoted to became a slave by Xing Clan?”
“Merely a slave also dare to challenge Lu Zhan, it seems like want to become famous would like crazy”
After hearing that shout, not only the people of Xing Clan, even Zhao Clan and Lu Clan some people also recognized Xing Jue. For those who have heard regarding Xing Jue matter, a contemptious voice of laughter resounds unceasingly. Especially Xing Feng and the others have a look of laughter watching Xing Jue, thought that this guy must be crazy.
However Xing Jue, did not put everyone words in his eyes, but continue slowly walk toward the stage, on his handsome face always hung a self-confident and happy expression.
“Xing Jue, do you want to die?” When Xing Jue soon get on the competition stage, a sturdy figure suddenly block in front of Xing Jue, and this figure is not someone else, precisely is Xing Clan teacher.
“Teacher” looking at strong man get in the way in front of his body, Xing Jue also surprised.
“Xing Jue, quickly withdraw, this is not where you should come” teacher said.
“Teacher, I only asked this question, I Xing Jue whether still Xing Clan People” Xing Jue looking at this familiar man, asked with a smile. Xing Jue certainly know when teacher not allow him to go out is for his goodness, but teacher actually does not know, that now Xing Jue is not trash anymore.
“Of course.” teacher without hesitation replied.
“Being a Xing Clan man, want to gain honor for Xing Clan, is there anything wrong?” Xing Jue asked again.
“This saying is actually not wrong, but Xing Jue, you must know who is on the stage, he is Xing Feng and Zhao Zhen act together, but unable to defeat. I know that you are demoted to slave now, and extremely unhappy, but you must act with proper action, Lu Zhan is not you can deal with, to fight with him by your strength, it is simply suicidal, do you know?” In fact teacher toward Xing Jue severely advise, actually was very good, although Xing Jue was demoted to slave, but the teacher give Xing Jue a lucrative job, now he speaks these words, was naturally for Xing Jue goodness.
“How teacher willing to let me pass” Xing Jue asked again.
“Unless you can defeat me” Seeing Xing Jue insisted, after ponder for awhile, the teacher said.
“This…” hearing the teacher words, Xing Jue actually hesitant a bit, first did not say he is unable to defeat the teacher, even really fight against teacher, by the teacher strength an Advanced Rank Martial Master , Xing Jue will win but also certainly lose many strength, the fight with Lu Zhan certainly is affected. Suddenly Xing Jue does not know what to do.
“Master Moderator, a new blood want to challenge, yet there are a teacher trying to stop it?” At this time, Lu Zhan on stage is asking to the old man
“A new blood challenge depend on himself, no one can stop, Xing Clan teacher please withdraw.” said the old man.
“Master Moderator, it is not my intention to stop, but this Xing Jue now is not Xing Clan new blood, he is only a slave.” the teacher quickly replied.
“What? Only a slave?”
After hearing the teacher words, the audiences were suddenly realized, it turns out this youth is not Xing Clan new blood, but only a slave, even the other new blood is not Lu Zhan match, only a slave and want to win Lu Clan, this boy is too overconfident, So a voice of laughter constantly sounded from the audience.
“What a joke, a new blood can challenge, but a slave can’t challenge?” Lu Zhan said again.
“This…” The old man unexpectedly did not know what to do, the convention indeed had the rules, the new blood can challenge the champion, but indeed did not said that a slave can challenge, but did not said that cannot challenge, therefore the old man take a look toward the podium that three Patriarch at.
“This little friend, so bold, I’d like to see under my disciple move he can pass through how many moves” at that moment in the seating platform silent for a long time, the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, Feng Jizi suddenly speak.
“What? Disciples?”
“Unexpectedly he is Lu Zhan master”
After hearing the elder words, almost everybody on the scene frozen.
“Turn out this Lu Zhan is disciple of Imperial Wind Pavilion elder, no wonder his strength so tyrannical.” Xing Feng is also extremely shocking said, when shock actually his vision went to Xing Jue, he’d like to see actually how Xing Jue will make a decision.
“Many thanks for elder help” Xing Jue toward the elder on the platform, arch cup one hand in the other across the chest, said with a smile
“Xing Jue, do not try to be brave” after the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder spoke, the teacher also not block Xing Jue again, helplessly said to Xing Jue. He is still familiar with Xing Jue temperament, could not think for a long time he is still this way.
“Teacher rest assured.” Xing Jue shows a faint smile to teacher, no longer said anything, then walk straight toward the stage.
“Xing Jue, long time no see,” watching Xing jue step by step walk, on Lu Zhan face also emerged rare anticipation expression, said with a smile.
“Lu Zhan, today I’m going to be a champion.” arrived on the stage, Xing jue actually did not say nonsense, but full of confident said to Lu Zhan.
“Oh? Ok, let me try do you really have this qualification” Lu Zhan suddenly laugh, between talk his figure make a move, like a madly fierce tiger, raised his right fist, with waves of fierce winds smashed toward Xing Jue.
Facing violent force from Lu Zhan, Xing Jue not dodged, but standing straight at the same place, wait for Lu Zhan arrival. When Lu Zhan nearly arrived, Xing Jue suddenly raise the right fist, fiercely impact toward Lu Zhan fist.
“Bang” accompanied with a loud noise, two people appearing like hammer fist ferociously boom together, terrifying ripples also proliferated between two people fists, at the same time Xing Jue strength as Advanced Rank Martial Master also released.
“Advanced Rank Martial Master, how possible?” Seeing Xing Jue unexpectedly relaxed after receive Lu Zhan fist, everyone under the stage shocked, they cannot think that a trivial XingClan slave, actually has such tyrannical strength.
“Impossible, Impossible, this is absolutely impossible.” Compare with other people, Xing Feng simply can not believe, the exact say does not want to believe, he could not believe that one year ago under his attack, Xing Feng did not have the ability to counterattacked, unexpectedly in one year time, would surpass him and became Advanced Rank Martial Master
Not only Xing Feng, Xing Clan Patriarch, as well as the teacher have incredible look toward Xing Jue, a moment later, on the teacher face finally emerged happy expression, at this time, he finally understand why Xing Jue dared to come challenge Lu Zhan.
“Well done, You are really deserved to be my opponent that I Lu Zhan approve.” By Xing Jue received Lu Zhan fist suddenly laugh, in the look has excited expression. Lu Zhan, although Advanced Rank Martial Master, but the strength far exceed level martial master, but Xing Jue unexpectedly can be equally matched with him, this is called inborn natural fighter how can he not be excited.
“Lu Zhan, not need to hold back, take it out all of your strength” Xing Jue look for a while Lu Zhan, and said with a smile. Because just a moment ago fighting hand and hand, Xing Jue then already know, Lu Zhan also not holding all entire strengh, He is just trying to probing the opponent strengh.
“Today I will give you all of my strength.” Lu Zhan said, a parts tyrannical Qi Constantly raise, even then fast have surpassed martial master boundary.
“This guy really strong” facing Lu Zhan undoubtedly full strength, Xing Jue also beginning to be cautious, because he can feel that Lu Zhan strength compared to him absolutely not inferior a little bit.
“Bang” Suddenly Lu Zhan figure make a moves, raised his right fist again toward Xing Jue once more, the speed is very fast, ordinary people unable to see clearly, but at this time Xing Jue did not sit still, but is the same attack toward Lu Zhan.
“Bang..Bang Bang..” Their fists to the fist, foot to the foot, without any defense, completely are the most brutal attack, with the two of them constantly fighting, a burst wave tyrannical of frightening ripple, continue to spread unceasingly from the stage, just ripple of aftermath already take competition stage diamond surface to split open, thus it can be seen how tyrannical these two people strengths.
“Very strong” Looking the two people fighting like crazy, under the stage all the people exclaim in admiration, really worthy as the final decisive battle, it is too strong, this is the genuine powerhouse.
Not only the audience under stage, all the new blood of various clans are also admires, they self-examine depending on their strengths, with their strengths absolutely cannot fight with these two people one round.
“Bang” with a loud sound, two people fight once more, and shaken by the powerful force and the shocks are backward.
“Ha Ha, really satisfying, really satisfying” after backing up had several dozen steps, Lu Zhan stabilize his figure, suddenly laugh.
“One another’s, One another’s” Xing Jue backing up dozen steps and then stabilize his figure, saying with a smile and wish to continue to fight.
“Xing Jue, you as expected really strong, in the next move, I’d like to see how you take it” Lu Zhan figure stands firm, his right fist fiercely grasps, massive light golden-colored Qi start continuously emerges in the right fist, a layer of magnificence substantive start to form above his right fist, and terrifying aura also start from its fist to spread.
“Very strong Martial Skill” looking at Lu Zhan in the stage, Xing clan teacher was shocked said.
“This is at least Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, such Martial Skill my Xing Clan doesn’t have it, it seems there is no positive sign for Xing Jue.” Sitting on the nearby Xing Clan Patriarch Xing Tian, also somewhat regret said. Actually he already know that Lu Zhan arrived at Lu Clan with his teacher, so he already lost hope for this convention, but when Xing Jue appears, he seem once again see a last one trace hope, Lu Zhan unexpectedly has learned powerful Martial Skill, the hope that had just been seen was shattered at this moment.
After hearing Xing clan patriarch and the teacher conversation, not only Lu Clan Patriarch, that Imperial Wind Pavilion elder also have satisfied smile, this Lu Zhan is his disciple. Naturally he know how much strength Lu Zhan has, but Xing Jue unexpectedly can equally matched fight with Lu Zhan, this made him actually extremely surprised. Martial Skill that Lu Zhan displays now, was his Imperial Wind Pavilion Martial Skill, Black Rank Beginner level Martial Skill, he is confident, in a place like this, nobody use it.
“Humph!” Seeing Lu Zhan take out ultimate hidden trump, Xing Jue actually gave a cold snort, immediately rise his right hand slowly, along with the right hand lift, Not any weaker than Lu Zhang, a massive light golden colored Qi continuously emerge in his right hand.
Along with a massive of Qi, Xing Jue right hand have a radiant golden color rays of light start to condense, a formidable terrifying aura also spread.
“Black Rank Martial Skill, how could this be?” Looking at Xing Jue on the stage showing Martial Skill that not weaker than Lu Zhan, Xing Feng cannot believe that said.
“Biting Wind Palm?” Compare than other people astonish, the Imperial Wind Pavilion elder Feng Jizi , actually in incredible voice to say it. It seems that regarding Xing Jue martial arts he also extremely familiar.

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