Who are You, My Husband?

Chapter: 531-537 (END)

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This novel is amazing. the character of chase amazed me. Some incidents in the novel brought tears in my eyes.
the transition from a ‘simple tale of power wealth and love’ to the ‘portrayal of the struggle and superiority of mankind’ amazed me
I admire Chase. This guy knows when to lose and how to win. He is a loyal husband and a caring father
Jayne – a perfect wife
Reba – loyal and values love. she waited for chase even she knows she can’t have the chance

Good story and plot! Finally, I read a novel that has an end. While there may be some yearning for what happened to some major characters, the story did not abruptly end or was left hanging without further updates. You deserve admiration with your wonderful work!

Thank you very much!

Good story. But the destruction of earth and the SiFi part really destroy the story. It was a real drag it should have ended Polaris Island.

This is peak of fiction and imagination the best part is while reading tbia novel you feel that what is written as you are witnessing it with your own eyes

The story showcased the rise of fantasy to next level. Destruction of earth and voyage of Hope across the universe was truly remarkable. The build up of story was good. And as Chase Lu started another journey to wander the universe, it is truly said “Space is the Final Frontier”.

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