A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1072

She saved her living expenses for several months, and finally bought it from a WeChat friend who specializes in WeChat shopping at a price of 18,000.
It is said that the domestic market price is around 25,000.
Because Haitao avoided tariffs, it was only a few thousand yuan cheaper.
Nowadays, the clothes he bought for a big price are said to be a tattered item. Of course Yuan Yuan is angry.
You know, just now she used her dress to show her superiority in front of Qiu Mucheng.
Now that the middle-aged man makes such remarks, isn’t this slap her in the face?
“I know this brand naturally.”
“But this does not prove anything?”
“It can only prove that this one you bought is a high imitation counterfeit of our Versace.” The middle-aged man looked flat and continued.
Every sentence was like a sharp knife, piercing the deepest part of Yuan Yuan’s heart.
“I’ll go to Nima!” The
“You are a fake, your whole family is a fake!”
“Mucheng, now you should know that this guy pretended to be an official Versace, right?”
“If he is really an official Versace person, how could he not even recognize the genuine and fake?”
Yuan Yuan was almost furious, and the sharp curses echoed in the living room.
However, the man didn’t explain anything, just a work permit from his arms.
“If you still don’t believe me, you can log on to Versace’s official website, find a phone call from above, and ask, is it Zhang Ping, the director of Versace’s Yunzhou branch.”
The man said so loudly, there is a posture of real gold not afraid of fire.
Seeing the work permit, Yuan Yuan’s eyes widened instantly.
Is it really the official director of Versace?
“I’ll go, Yuan Yuan, I found it, it’s really him.”
“On the official website, there are pictures of him!”
“It’s exactly the same!”
“This flat is indeed the official supervisor of Versace in Yunzhou.” Behind him, Situ Feng’s voice came again.
So far, Yuan Yuan was speechless.
The previous arrogance suddenly disappeared, her pretty face flushed, but she couldn’t say a word.
In my heart, only shame and doubt are left.
She couldn’t figure it out.
If this plain statement is true, why would an international big-name executive visit the door in person and tailor his clothes to a wimpy wife?
“Now, it’s time to leave the way, don’t hinder my work, right?” Zhang Ping said coldly, Yuan Yuan didn’t dare to say anything anymore and stepped out angrily.
But Zhang Ping led the two assistants and walked forward.
However, halfway through, Zhang Ping turned around and said, “This lady, if you don’t know that what you have is a fake, I advise you to call the police. Maybe you can recover the loss.”
“In addition, our brand is targeting high-end people. If you do not have the purchasing power, I advise you not to spend blindly. Some scammers have caught your mentality of having no money but pretending to be big money and greedy small ones before entering the market. Popular.”
Listening to Zhang Ping’s words, Yuan Yuan did not answer, nor did he have the face to answer.
The old face flushed, just ashamed. I can’t wait to dig into the ground.
Ye Fan, who had been silent for a long time, also shook his head and smiled at this time: “Miss Yuan, it seems that your clothes of tens of thousands of dollars are not as good as this one from my Mucheng.”
“Although what Mucheng wears is not a big name, at least it is genuine.”
“It’s better than someone who wears fakes and shows off everywhere.”
Ye Fan drank tea while talking.
Just now Yuan Yuan had been humiliating Qiu Mucheng intentionally or unintentionally, but Ye Fan saw it all in his eyes.
How can one’s own wife be humiliated?
Ye Fan naturally wanted to get back this face for Qiu Mucheng!

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