A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1085

Ye Fan listened and immediately laughed, as if he had heard the biggest joke in the world.
“Boy, what are you laughing at?”
Ye Fan’s laughter made Wang Shengtian very unhappy.
Let him have a despised anger.
Dare to laugh at him if he is useless?
Where does his face come from?
“Why are not you talking?”
“I want to ask you something!”
Facing his question, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear. This undoubtedly made Wang Shengtian even more angry.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “What I want to say, you just said.”
“Of course I have nothing to say.”
Hearing this, Wang Shengtian’s brows frowned suddenly: “Hunboy, what do you mean?”
“It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to tell you that those you are proud of today are not worth mentioning in my eyes!”
“Just like you said, a small Suncheon group, I let it live and let it die.”
In the room, Ye Fan’s faint smile echoed.
Even when he said this, Ye Fan didn’t even look at Wang Shengtian. He just sat on the sofa and drank tea.
From beginning to end, Ye Fan was so calm.
It seems that the boss of the huge group in front of him has never been in Ye Fan’s eyes.
Even the tone of speech at this time was a bit playful and playful.
“just you?”
“A useless person, dare to speak up, saying that he can control the life and death of my Shuntian Group?”
“Why are your head flooded?!”
Wang Shengtian smiled suddenly.
The smile is full of sarcasm.
Looking at Ye Fan, it was like looking at a strange flower and an idiot.
Several of Wang Shengtian’s assistants also couldn’t help laughing.
It looks like he heard an ant threatening to trample an ant to death.
“I said brother, are you afraid that you don’t know what you are talking about?”
“In other words, you are a waste, don’t know what a listed group, a hundred billion enterprise, represents?”
“The company has grown to the point of our Shuntian Group and has already built our business empire.”
“Even the mayor does not dare to praise such Haikou.”
“You are a door-to-door son-in-law, you really dare to say!”
In the room, there was a shrill sneer.
Several assistants pointed at Ye Fan and laughed loudly.
“Mr. Wang, is he the son-in-law of Mu Fan Real Estate boss?”
“Sure enough, as an outsider said, this guy is an idiot.”
“Also normal.”
“After all, it’s from the countryside. I haven’t seen the world. I don’t know the strength of our group.”
“It is estimated that he thinks that our listed group is just like those chicken farms and pig farms in their villages, but it’s not so bad.”
The room was full of contempt and mockery of Ye Fan.
Ye Fan at this time, in the eyes of everyone, is just a joke.
But Ye Fan was not in a hurry, shook his head and smiled: “Why, don’t you believe it?”
“I go!”
“Are you still excited?”
“Okay, I will play with you.”
“Let’s not talk about anything else, as long as you make our Suncheon Group’s share price plummet by 5% within seven days, I believe you have this ability.”
Wang Shengtian sneered and said casually.
Ye Fan did not speak, but looked at the time.
After that, he picked up the tea cup, took a sip, and smiled faintly: “It doesn’t take seven days, five minutes, that’s enough!”
“Trust me, you will kneel down and beg me in five minutes.”
Ye Fan smiled with a teacup.
“five minutes?”
“Knelt down?”
“I’ll get rid of Nima!”
“You useless, dare to provoke me so, I think you are just looking for death!”
“It’s just an idiot.”
“A complete idiot.”
“Come on, throw this waste away for me.”

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