A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1098

Qiu Muqi’s veins were violent, and she couldn’t help shaking her head, still unbelievable that all this would be Ye Fan’s handwriting.
In fact, this is nothing strange, after all, Ye Fan’s details are there.
Ye Fan has been in Zuoqiu’s family for three years, and his background is well known in the Qiu family.
It’s like a friend of yours who knows the roots and knows the bottom line, suddenly one day you say that you are the richest and richest man and control the power of the world. Would you believe it?
It must be unbelief.
Because you know him so well, there is no reason why he is suddenly so awesome?
This is also why, even if Ye Fan showed surprises many times, Qiu Mucheng didn’t think Ye Fan was a big man.
After all, which big man will become his son-in-law?
Besides, every big man has his own advantages.
Either he has a strong background and family background, or he is an outstanding business man, or he is in politics and the military.
But Ye Fan didn’t have any of these.
In this way, the people around Ye Fan would naturally not think that Ye Fan would do something amazing!
This is thinking inertia.
The more you understand a person, the more you will solidify your impression of him.
In the past three years, how easily the Qiu family’s prejudice against Ye Fan can be resolved?
In anger, Qiu Muqi turned to look at Qiu Mucheng who was aside.
“Qiu Mucheng, tell me, what did you do?”
“What are you relying on to force the Shuntian Group away, and how did you bring down Liu Bin?”
If these were not what Ye Fan did, then it would naturally be Qiu Mucheng.
However, how did Qiu Muqi know that, from beginning to end, Qiu Mucheng was as stunned as him.
In fact, Qiu Mucheng herself didn’t know all of these things.
When Ye Fan asked her, naturally he couldn’t get any answers.
In the end, Qiu Muqi left Mufan real estate.
When he came at noon, he was still full of spirits.
Now when he returns, he is already in despair, like a dog that loses his home.
Ye Fan did not embarrass him, but let him leave.
“Mr. Ye, this person has framed Miss Qiu and harmed Mufan’s property, so let him go like this?” Xiao En asked in a low voice.
Ye Fan smiled coldly: “The Qiu family is just a third-rate family. Without relying on it, this Qiu Muqi naturally can’t make waves.”
“What’s more, for people like Qiu Muqi, let him go back and watch how Qiu Shui Logistics was destroyed in his own hands. This impact is heavier than any punishment.”
Ye Fan said in a low voice with gloomy eyebrows.
Looking at the back who left in embarrassment, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled while drinking a cup of strong tea from the back!
Soon after Qiu Muqi left, Hongqi Group announced that it would suspend all cooperation with Qiu’s family.
Over the years, Qiushui Logistics has been going downhill.
Before, if it hadn’t been for the cooperation with Hongqi Group that Qiu Mucheng had pulled, Qiu Shui Logistics would have been struggling to make ends meet, and would have gone bankrupt.
It can be said that Qiu Shui Logistics is able to linger, relying entirely on its business with Hongqi Group. After Qiu Muqi came back, relying on the relationship with the Shuntian Group, Qiu Shui Logistics had a good time.
Today, Shuntian Group has withdrawn, Hongqi Group has completely divested, all contracts have been torn up, and cooperation has ceased.
This undoubtedly hit the Qiu Family’s seven inches of throat.
Almost broken, the life of Qiu Shui Logistics!

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