A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 11

Qiu Family House.
After Ye Fan and the two left, everyone in the Qiu family should eat and drink. And Qiu Lao San was sitting on pins and needles, and his daughter had caused such a disaster now, so Qiu Lei was naturally unable to stay here too. He found an excuse and left by himself.
“The third family is completely abolished.”
“Daughter is willful, and that Ye Fan is even more useless. This family has simply lost the face of our Qiu family.” After Qiu Lei left, the boss Qiu Guang still snorted coldly.
“Big brother, what else are they doing? Today is the day of our Qiu family’s rejoicing, so don’t be disappointed because of the family.” Wang Qiaoyu walked out, changed the subject, and then smiled and looked at his son-in-law Chu Wenfei .
“Wen Fei, don’t you still have gifts for grandpa? What kind of gifts have you prepared? Tell us about it, and make your grandpa happy.”
“Yeah, Wenfei, are we all curious? Quickly tell the uncles.” Qiu Laowu also smiled and looked at Chu Wenfei, and the others echoed and asked.
“Haha, Fifth Uncle, just wait. Now the gift is still on the way. When it arrives, the uncles will naturally know.”
“I promise, I will give Grandpa a big surprise this time.” Chu Wenfei said confidently. Qiu Muying held her man’s arm even more charmingly.
Yesterday, the betrothal gift of the Chu family gave Qiu Muying a lot of face, and Qiu Muying was extremely satisfied with her fiance.
At this time, Qiu’s family gradually became lively, and the unhappiness caused by the Ye Fan couple just now was wiped out. First URL m.
“It seems that Wen Fei is very confident in his gifts. How about, is there any confidence that is better than your fifth brother-in-law? Your fifth brother-in-law gave away a famous calligraphy and painting that made your grandfather happy for several days, and he is still in the study Hang it, I will watch the old for a long time every day.” Qiu Guang said with a smile.
Chu Wenfei shook his head again and again: “Whatever the uncle said, the gift is not expensive, it’s just a little bit of our affection to Grandpa. As long as the heart comes, no matter what we give, I believe that in Grandpa’s eyes, it is the best.”
“Haha, Wen Fei is still good at talking. I am superficial.” Qiu Guang laughed.
The others also appreciated Wen Fei’s talking and high emotional intelligence.
Although that is the case, everyone naturally has a mentality to compare.
Especially a vain person like Qiu Muying, who had greeted Chu Wenfei a long time ago, so that his gift grade could not be bad, and he could not lose face in front of his relatives.
“Wen Fei, it’s okay when your heart comes. Don’t worry about the gift. Don’t spend so much. You become the son-in-law of my Qiu family, and you are the best gift for grandpa.” Old man Qiu just disappeared, and he smiled with Chu Wen at this time. Fei said politely.
“How can it be done, the son-in-law can’t leave the gift that should be given.”
“Grandpa, you just sit here for a while, and Wen Fei will give Grandpa a big surprise.”
Chu Wenfei was very confident.
Other people also appreciated it.
“Wen Fei has a heart~”
“Born from a wealthy family, you still have such filial piety. Fourth, your family really picked up a golden turtle son-in-law.”
“Yingying found a good husband!”
“Fei Fei, have you seen it? In the future, you will find someone like your brother-in-law Wenfei. You are both talented and handsome, young and promising.”
“Come on, everyone will give Wenfei another cup~”
In the courtyard, the Qiu family is happy.
Talking and laughing, but it is very lively.
In the face of everyone’s admiration, Chu Wenfei smiled proudly, Qiu Muying felt refreshed, and his vanity was greatly satisfied. At this moment, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying, both of whom were complimented and praised by the Qiu family, only felt that the scenery was infinite, as if life had reached the peak.
Seeing that his son-in-law is so promising, Old Man Qiu also laughed from ear to ear, as if enjoying the happiness of family.
When everyone was talking and laughing, the butler said that a car was coming outside.
“Here, grandfather, the present prepared for you by son-in-law is here.”
Chu Wenfei stood up immediately, said with a smile, and then quickly ordered someone to bring the gift in.
“I’m going, it’s so big!”
“Wen Fei, what are you giving away?”
“Could it not be possible to give a big beautiful woman? Covered with red cloth?”
Soon, several big guys have moved the gifts into the hall.
Everyone in the Qiu family was surprised when they saw it. I saw that the gift was two meters long and half a meter high. It looked like a rectangular box covered with a red cloth. It was impossible to see what was underneath.
“Yeah, Wen Fei, isn’t he really a big beauty. Your grandpa is too old, he can’t enjoy it?” Qiu Qiu Guang also said jokingly, which caused a lot of laughter. Father Qiu also laughed and scolded his son for talking nonsense.
While everyone was talking and laughing, Chu Wenfei frowned as he looked at it, always feeling that this shape was a bit strange.
“It’s probably the outer box.”
Chu Wenfei secretly guessed, then smiled and replied: “Haha, uncle, don’t guess. Wait, my niece and son-in-law will reveal the answer to you right away.”
Then, in the curious gaze of the Qiu family, Chu Wenfei was holding Qiu Muying. The couple stepped forward and bowed respectfully to the sitting father Qiu: “Thank you, grandpa, for training Yingying. Such an excellent girl. Please be respected by your grandson-in-law!”
“At the same time, to express our gratitude, today, Yingying and I gave my grandfather a pine tree in Nanshan Mountain. I wish my grandfather a blessing like the long flowing water in the East China Sea and a longevity than the pine tree in Nanshan Mountain!”
Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying both bowed together.
Mr. Qiu’s old face almost bloomed with a smile, and he repeatedly said: “Good~ good~ good~”
“Wen Fei, I’m interested~”
Everyone in the Qiu family even agreed, and the praises of Chu Wenfei and his wife were endless.
Qiu Muying raised her chin proudly and looked at Chu Wenfei with joy.
Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Luo’s husband and wife feel that they are beautiful, and their son-in-law is good, they naturally have face.
“Get up!”
Amidst the voices of everyone’s appreciation, among the smiles of Old Man Qiu, I saw Master Chu Wenfei waved and drank proudly.
However, who could have thought, but the red cloth was uncovered and covered underneath, where is Nanshan not old pine but a huge coffin.
The coffin was dark and heavy, lying on the ground so quietly.
Suddenly, the door of the hall burst open, and the cold wind was like a low roar of the devil, and it passed by in an instant. The long red steps were blown by the wind, but between the halls, there was a violent sound.
Dark coffin, coquettish red cloth.
At this moment, everyone in the Qiu family hall was shocked.
Wang Qiaoyu’s eyes suddenly widened, Qiu Muhong and others screamed in fright, and the young children cried directly.
And Chu Wenfei stayed there for an instant, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief. He couldn’t believe it. Why did the old pine become a coffin?
As for the old man Qiu, when he uncovered the red cloth and saw this coffin, he was almost frightened at that moment. Shaking violently, an old face was so pale, he opened his mouth and growled like a dog: “You…you…”
“You are cursing me to die~”
Old man Qiu was frightened and screamed in fright.
On the day of great rejoicing, Chu Wenfei gave him a coffin. This drastic change made even a young man like Qiu Muhong unbearable. What’s more, how about a person like Old Man Qiu who has already fallen into the ground?
In the end, Father Qiu was so scared that he turned over from the chair, fell to the ground with his mouth open, as if he couldn’t get up at all, he just belched.
“Hurry up, hit 120!” The Qiu family was also completely panicked, and they ran over to help the old man.
Qiu’s boss, Qiu Guang, even kicked Chu Wenfei to the ground in anger: “Asshole thing, what my father wants to have, I make you want to die!”
“Go away, look at your good son-in-law~” After scolding Chu Wenfei, Qiu Guang pushed Wang Qiaoyu away and scolded angrily.
“Grandpa, I…I…I really don’t help knowing.” Chu Wenfei was already dumbfounded. He was caught on the ground by Qiu Guang, but he was lying on the ground and trembling, making his nose and tears streaming out of fright. Up.
He didn’t know what was going on. He obviously gave away the old pine, why it became a coffin?
However, as the saying goes, good fortune never comes, and misfortune never comes singly.
When everyone in the Qiu family was in a mess, outside the hall, the old housekeeper of the Qiu family hurried in.
“Master, it’s not good, the big thing is not good.”
“Our Qiushui Logistics was investigated.”
“All of its ten logistics warehouses have been sealed off!”
“The entire Qiu family’s assets are frozen~”
“The company executives were taken away by the police~”
“It’s over, we Qiushui Logistics, it’s over!”
Just like the thunderbolt, the entire Qiu family stayed in place for a moment.
Everyone’s eyes widened, and the fear and astonishment in their pupils became more intense.
Their Qiu family, what’s wrong?
Could it be condemned by God?
However, when everyone was panicked, several police cars had stopped outside Qiu’s house. The car door opened, and several policemen pushed the door of Qiu’s house.
After these police officers entered, they immediately showed their credentials.
“Hello, we are from the Yunzhou Public Security Bureau.”
“Qiu Shui Logistics is suspected of economic crime and illegal business operations. Please ask the company’s general manager Qiu Luo and chairman Qiu Guang to come with us to cooperate in the investigation.”
Hearing this, Qiu Guang’s face immediately turned pale, and Qiu Muying’s father, Qiu Luo, softened the soles of his feet and lay directly on the ground.
“Husband, you can’t arrest my husband~”
Wang Qiaoyu cried and pulled Qiu Luo to stop him from leaving.
However, no matter how hard it was, it was futile. Eventually, the two of Qiu and Qiu were taken away.
In just one night, the backbone of the Qiu family almost collapsed.
Father Qiu was admitted to the hospital. The two most promising sons of the Qiu family were taken away for investigation. The warehouse was sealed and Qiu Shui logistics was completely paralyzed.
The entire Qiu family seemed to have fallen overnight.
Who could have imagined that the original wedding banquet turned out to be the death knell for the Qiu family in the end.
Qiu Muying, Wang Qiaoyu and others who were arrogant and arrogant before, are just like a tiger with his claws pulled out at this moment, no longer the scenery before.
“Our Qiu family, who did you provoke?”
“Why, God treats us like this?” In the Qiu family, a wailing was everywhere. Everyone in the Qiu family shed tears even more sadly.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t know about all this.
After she was driven out of the Qiu’s courtyard that night, she went back to her home and slept.
But soon after the accident in the Qiu family, Ye Fan’s cell phone rang again: “Master Xiao Chu, the Qiu family has fallen. Anyone who offends you has learned a lesson.”
“Are you satisfied with this meeting ceremony?”
Before the French window, Li Lao Er said with a smile, but the red wine glass in his hand was so delicate.
Outside the window, the sky was gloomy and the wind was surging.
It seems that a storm is about to arrive.

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