A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1116

In fact, by now, his goal has been achieved.
He just made Qiu Mucheng extremely disappointed with Ye Fan.
Isn’t your husband and wife feeling okay? Today is to break your emotions.
Only in this way can he take advantage of it!
However, even so, Fan Zhongxian did not mean to bypass Ye Fan.
In order to avoid future troubles, he had to let Ye Fan carry a huge debt today.
“Okay, do you want to play?”
“I will play with you.”
Ye Fan was also angry at this time.
After that, he continued to sit back on his seat, picked up the menu, and ordered again.
“Tell me all this row of dishes.”
“Do you have Moutai? Two bottles.”
“There is this page, go to it too!”
Ye Fan was obviously more violent this time than before, and he no longer clicked one after another.
Like Fan Zhongxian, the waiters serve the dishes page by page.
“I go!”
“Is this guy crazy?”
“The squad leader is so rich, he is a poor man, dare to play like this?”
“Could it be that he thought this hotel was opened by his own house, so he can play whatever he wants?”
When everyone saw Ye Fan ordering food like chicken blood, their eyes widened and trembled.
“Took it.”
Fan Zhongxian’s eyebrows smiled even more.
After that, he didn’t give too much, and once again waved his palm domineeringly.
“This page~”
“No, two pages.”
“Give it to me again.”
“There is also Moutai, ten bottles.”
“No one has to be a bottle.”
Seeing Ye Fan and Fan Zhongxian you come and go, like a fairy fighting.
In the private room, there was dead silence.
Only Ye Fan and Fan Zhongxian’s voice echoed.
“How can this soft-shelled turtle support it?”
“Still still?”
Fan Zhongxian pretended to be calm and calm, but in fact there was already cold sweat behind him.
Obviously, up to now, even with Fan Zhongxian’s financial resources, he was somewhat unable to sustain it.
The speed of ordering is much slower than before.
In the end, Fan Zhongxian couldn’t help it anymore and looked at Ye Fan: “Smelly boy, do you want more?”
“I’m OK.”
“I’m afraid of you, the house won’t be enough to pay for the meal if the house is sold.”
When Ye Fan heard this, he smiled immediately: “Well, let’s do it, since Squad Leader Fan kindly reminded me, let’s stop here.”
“You won. I, Ye Fan, are light-hearted, and I can’t compare to Fan Dasquad leader with rich wealth.”
“Huh, just know it.” Fan Zhongxian smiled disdainfully.
Then, he looked at the manager who had been waiting next to him and said, “Manager, let’s do the math, let’s settle the money first, so that someone will sneak away while others are not prepared.”
Ye Fan also smiled: “That’s right, first calculate the money.”
The hotel experience immediately agreed, and then hurriedly called his assistant to start calculating Fan Zhongxian’s meal.
“Mr., your consumption today totals 1.08 million.”
“Swipe card, or cash?”
Even Fan Zhongxian was not calm after the manager’s voice came out.
“Huh…what?More than one million?” Fan Zhongxian’s eyes twitched fiercely.
The budget he gave himself this time was 500,000 yuan, which he did not expect to double directly.
“Yes, sir. Is it over budget? I’m afraid I’m sorry, you can’t refund after ordering here.” The manager reminded.
Fan Zhongxian turned black into Xiang.

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