A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1124

Situ Feng, as Fan Zhongxian’s top dog leg, reminded everyone at this time.
On the stage, the lights turned on in an uproar.
Then, a man in a small suit walked out.
“Mucheng, this is a famous magician in Yunzhou, Brother Xian paid a big price for it.”
“For today’s half-hour performance, the appearance fee is only 50,000 yuan.”
“This is a good brother band, which has been very popular in Yunzhou and Fenghai recently.”
“The appearance fee is almost 200,000.”
“The Red Hundred Women’s Group, dancing is very beautiful.”
“It is said that this year’s Spring Festival Gala almost broke in.”
“It’s more than 100,000 yuan for less appearance fee.”
On the stage, various dances and music performances, one after another.
Applause bursts.
Su Qian and the others also watched with interest, while Situ Feng took the initiative to explain to Qiu Mucheng.
Or how powerful this magician is, how popular the singer is, and how high the cost of appearance of this anchor is.
Qiu Mucheng frowned as she listened, and she didn’t know what Situ Feng said to her.
Are you showing off Fan Zhongxian’s financial resources?
But what does it have to do with myself.
He is not his husband.
While Qiu Mucheng and others were watching the performance, behind the stage, Fan Zhongxian changed his clothes and adjusted his hairstyle, already making final preparations.
“Well, my image is okay?”
“Have you been handsome?”
“I will be here soon, are the flowers ready?”
“Take the lines over and I will recite them.”
“Also let the pianist and lighting engineer be in place as soon as possible.”
“Last time I was messed up by that wimp, this time, no accidents can be tolerated!”
“Did you hear me?”
“My life’s happiness in the future depends on a few brothers.”
“Everyone, don’t tell me anymore?”
As time drew closer, Fan Zhongxian had obviously begun to feel a little nervous.
After all, he went to great lengths, spent countless manpower and material resources, and accumulated enough momentum for the next few minutes.
It is strange that Fan Zhongxian is not nervous.
He was not so nervous in the college entrance examination that year!
Finally, a staff member rushed over.
“Shao Fan, get ready. The next game will be you.”
“Okay!” Fan Zhongxian took a deep breath, and then waited for the staff’s signal.
Singing loudly, colorful lights circulating.
On the stage, a graceful gentleman, handsome and extraordinary, was singing loudly.
The beautiful singing sound is only refreshing if the nature is flowing.
Under the exaggeration of this atmosphere, that graceful gentleman, his whole person also faintly glowed.
“Mucheng, you said, will my future prince be as dazzling and dazzling as him.”
“It’s like a sun, with great light!”
“Marrying such a dazzling man will definitely be very happy.”
Under the accent of singing and atmosphere, Susie has lost her mind, and her beautiful eyes are full of yearning and longing for the future romantic love.
As Qiu Mucheng listened, there was an inexplicable loss and sorrow in her heart.
Which woman does not want to be a princess or marry a prince.
When she was a student in the past, Qiu Mucheng was like Susie, dreaming about beautiful love and a happy future, dreaming of the prince and young man who descended from the sky on the colorful clouds like a supreme treasure, and fantasizing that her man can also stand on stage. I sang a romantic song to her, fantasizing about the man who can give her unlimited glory.
However, her destiny is pushing her farther and farther away from her childhood dream.
Qiu Mucheng knew very well that from the moment she married Ye Fan, all the fantasies and expectations of her school days had become unattainable luxury.
Go with the wind~

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