A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1145

The scolding of parents lingered in my ears.
But Qiu Mucheng didn’t care anymore.
She pulled the suitcase and walked downstairs.
“Mucheng, are you okay?”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng’s reddish eyes, Susie on the side couldn’t help asking worriedly.
Qiu Mucheng shook her head and smiled: “It’s okay. Cici, let’s go.”
“I just want to leave here as soon as possible.”
Susie didn’t ask anything more when she saw this. Instead, carrying Qiu Mucheng, she was already driving towards the Dongjiao Villa.
After arriving at the villa, Su Qian helped Qiu Mucheng organize her new home together. As for Ye Fan, he was ready to cook dinner.
“Ye Fan, stop cooking, let’s go out to eat.”
“Just as congratulations to us, moving to a new home!” The
When his wife spoke, Ye Fan naturally agreed.
Then, they went to a high-end restaurant nearby.
Since the restaurant is relatively close to the residence, Qiu Mucheng and the others also walked together.
However, as soon as they arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, they saw an Audi A6L coming and stopped there.
The door opened, and the woman wearing a white dress and a western top hat was gorgeous and walked out of the car like a canary.
“Qiu Muying?”
Seeing the beautifully dressed woman in front of him, Qiu Mucheng and others were taken aback.
Qiu Muying was naturally surprised.
“Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng?”
“Is it you?”
The encounter was really sudden, and Qiu Muying and others obviously didn’t have any mental preparations, so it was naturally very unexpected.
Since the last opening ceremony, Qiu Mucheng has never seen Qiu Muying again for so many days.
Unexpectedly, I would encounter it here.
“Yingying, what’s the matter?” Chu Wenfei walked over after stopping the car.
But I was able to enter, and after seeing Ye Fan and the others in front of him, he was undoubtedly surprised.
“Fuck, it’s you!”
“Why, you group of turtles, do you still want to go to the restaurant to eat and drink with us?”
As the so-called enemies meet, they are extremely jealous.
Because of the Ye Fan couple, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying didn’t know how much they had suffered before, so they naturally hated Ye Fan and the others.
“Ye Fan, ignore them, let’s go.”
Qiu Mucheng was obviously too lazy to say anything to them, called Ye Fan, and then walked towards the restaurant without looking back.
Sit down at a table by the window.
However, what Qiu Mucheng didn’t expect was that Qiu Muying and his wife also followed, and they sat down leaning on Qiu Mucheng.
“Sister, why are you hiding from me?”
“Our sisters haven’t seen each other for many days. Now that we are together, we must have a meal together to relive the past.”
“Don’t worry, for this meal, I will ask Wen Fei to ask you not to take any money.” Qiu Muying said with a smile.
“No, we can afford a meal.” Qiu Mucheng knew her cousin too much, and she had no good intentions, so she refused.
Qiu Muying didn’t care, and said enthusiastically: “Sister, what are you polite to me?”
“It’s not a matter of course for a younger sister to invite her sister to eat a meal.
“Where’s the waiter, the last five-person set is the most expensive set in your shop.”
“I said, no need.” Qiu Mucheng got up to leave, but Qiu Muying stopped her again.
“Sister, you really don’t have to be polite with me.”
“It’s just a meal, my husband earns it back in minutes.”
“This time we traveled abroad to take wedding photos, and we spent millions of them. Do you still care about the money?”
Qiu Muying said with a smile, how vivid the show off tone was.
“Yeah, Mucheng. Since your sister wants to invite you to dinner, why bother to refuse, just give her a chance.” Ye Fan also pacified at this time.
He wanted to see what kind of medicine Qiu Muying sold in the gourd.
“Waste is waste, and the skin is really not so thick.”
“I really put gold on my face.” Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Chu Wenfei on the side was almost furious, cursing in a low voice.

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