A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1149

“Yingying, I can’t be blamed for this.”
“I haven’t touched the car in a few months, isn’t it?” Chu Wenfei smiled awkwardly and explained again and again.
It’s a shame that someone can hit a car when starting at a crossroad.
“Okay, explain to me what’s the use.”
“When the owner arrives, you can save it to explain to others.”
Qiu Muying said angrily, and then looked at Wang Lili with a smile on her face: “Miss, when will your boss arrive?”
“It’s already on the road. This is our boss’s new car, and it was touched by you. Just wait to bear the anger of our boss.” Wang Lili replied unhappy.
Originally, this Maybach was detained by Ren Han because it was on the road without a license. Wang Lili has been helping Ye Fan with various procedures these days, which has just been completed today.
Wang Lili was thinking about sending the car to Ye Fan, but she didn’t expect to be touched by an idiot couple on the way.
“Don’t drive if you can’t drive.”
“I didn’t even learn to start, what kind of car do you drive?”
“I’m afraid I will be scolded to death by the boss this time.”
Wang Lili’s pretty face was so angry that she couldn’t help complaining to Qiu Muying and his wife.
Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei, who were still showing off in front of Ye Fan just now, dare not put on any airs in front of Wang Lili, but can’t help but apologize with low eyebrows.
After all, Qiu Muying also recognized that this car is the top luxury car of the Mercedes-Benz series.
The Maybach S680, even the most common, costs three or four million.
What’s more, Wang Lili also said just now that this car in front of me is still an imported car, with top-level configuration, fingerprint unlocking, and voice activation. I really want to buy it. I’m afraid it will cost more than 5 million.
Qiu Muying has never seen such a luxury car in Yunzhou.
Qiu Muying didn’t dare to imagine what kind of a big man who could sell this car.
Therefore, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were naturally apprehensive, even if they were respectful to the little employee in front of them.
In the distance, there was a roar of engines.
I saw Susie driving her BMW car, already carrying Ye Fan and his wife.
“Did you chase to the end?”
After getting off the car and seeing Qiu Muying and his wife, Ye Fan was taken aback.
I thought, wouldn’t it be so coincidental?
“Are you really lingering?” Seeing Ye Fan again, Chu Wenfei also shouted angrily.
Qiu Muying was even more like a cat with exploded fur, and shouted at Qiu Mucheng and the others.
“Qiu Mucheng, you guys are endless, right?”
“I know, you guys come here to see me and Wen Fei joke.”
“Yes, Wen Fei is not good at car skills, but he is better than your rubbish husband.”
“He is poor and doesn’t even have a car!”
“Your family of turtles, what qualifications do you have to laugh at us?”
I have to say that Qiu Muying’s brain circuit is really strange.
Ye Fan came to deal with a traffic accident, and to Qiu Muying’s mouth, he came to see her jokes.
Sure enough, after hearing Qiu Muying’s words, Ye Fan was full of weird faces: “Who said I didn’t have a car, you hit my car.”
As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, Qiu Muying and his wife couldn’t hold back, they burst out laughing.

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