A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1153

Lei San nodded: “Well, I pushed them all together.”
“In addition, prepare three cars and send them to the 4S shop for overhaul. It must be ensured that nothing is lost on New Year’s Day!”
“This~” When she heard this, the secretary Xiao Yang Qiao’s face suddenly became pale, and then tremblingly asked Xiang Lei San, “Mr. Lei, you…you are not going to run away with money?”
“President Lei, think twice.”
“Now that Mr. Chu is covering the sky in Jiangdong, you are afraid that you can’t escape?”
Xiao Yang immediately persuaded in fear.
The secretary Xiao Yang still knew about the incident that Lei’s son had offended Mr. Chu many times.
Now that Lei Lao San suddenly turned off all entertainment and was preparing the vehicle for overhaul, Secretary Xiao Yang had to suspect that Lei Lao San was worried about Mr. Chu’s punishment and ran away with money in advance.
“What nonsense are you talking about?!”
Lei Laosan was undoubtedly laughed at that time.
He didn’t expect his little secretary to be so good at brainstorming.
“It’s Mr. Chu. On New Year’s Day, we will gather all the powerful and powerful in Jiangdong to host a Haitian feast at Haiyuan Pavilion.”
“Do you think that those chores are important, or are Mr. Chu’s invitations important?”
Hearing this, the secretary Xiao Yang just came across.
After a while apologizing, I hurried down to prepare.
Not only Jianghai and Jingzhou, but also Wang Jiexi from Haozhou, and even big bosses from major prefecture-level cities such as Nanquan and Fenghai began to prepare.
This paper invitation from Ye Fan undoubtedly made the calm Jiangdong completely restless.
“Mucheng, have you heard?”
“On New Year’s Day, in our Haiyuan Pavilion, Mr. Chu is going to entertain the great powers of Jiangdong.”
“At that time, the big guys will gather!”
“We are Li Erye from Yunzhou, Lei Sanye from Jingzhou, Wang Jiexi from Haozhou, Chen Ao from Jiang Hai and others, will be there.”
“This is the power of my male god Mr. Chu.”
“Just a piece of invitation will make Yunzhou crowned!”
“I didn’t see Mr. Chu at the last Mid-Autumn Festival night auction. This time, I, Susie, had to get in.”
“Mucheng, wait and see. When I see Mr. Chu, I will definitely use my face and charm to make Mr. Chu fall under the pomegranate skirt of this lady.”
During this period of time, the Haitian feast almost spread throughout the upper circles of Jiangdong.
Susie’s father is also a well-known business tycoon in Yunzhou, so Susie naturally learned about this from her father’s side.
So, early this morning, Susie excitedly told Qiu Mucheng about the incident.
Qiu Mucheng smiled helplessly: “Cici, good luck to you, come on.”
“I’ll go, Mucheng, what is your attitude?”
“You can’t just cheer for me, you have to cheer, then we will go to see Mr. Chu together. What if Mr. Chu is interested in you?” Susie urged Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng chuckled softly: “Mr. Chu is noble and majestic, and high above. I’m just a small man, how could he look at me.”
“What’s more, I already have Ye Fan. I don’t have the heart to think about this kind of thing.”
Qiu Mucheng was obviously not interested.
She knows herself.
There is a world of difference between her own identity and Mr. Chu, so Qiu Mucheng has never had such a luxury.
Besides, Ye Fan is also very good.
Although there are no major achievements, the friendship towards myself is true.
Qiu Mucheng was already very satisfied.
“Mucheng, how come you haven’t pursued so much.”
“I admit that Ye Fan is also good, but I still feel that he is not worthy of you.”
“At least for now, there is still a gap with you.”
“A man has to rely on his own strength to protect his wife, that’s true ability.”
“Relying on favors, relationships, and luck, there may be a glorious moment in a short time. But after all, it will not last long.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t persuade you to divorce Ye Fan. I just suggest you persuade Ye Fan to get him a proper job.”
“It’s better to be down-to-earth in life.”
Susie persuaded Qiu Mucheng.

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