A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 125

In the restaurant.
Ye Fan was still standing peacefully, and the whole hall seemed to be still echoing with Ye Fan’s anger just now.
But Chen Ao was struck by lightning, especially when Ye Fan threw the jade pendant containing the word “Chu” in front of Chen Ao, no one knew how tremors Chen Ao felt at the time.
As long as the boulder enters the sea, Chen Ao’s heart will instantly set off a monstrous wave.
All the arrogance and anger towards Ye Fan before disappeared almost instantly.
At this moment, Chen Ao was full of panic, he dared not speak anymore, and immediately moved forward with a pale old face.
In the next moment, I saw the old man who dominated the rivers and seas in front of him, and he knelt down to Ye Fan in the shock and violent eyes of everyone.
His extremely respectful tone immediately sounded in the restaurant: “Little lord is here, please be respected by Chen Ao.”
“I, Chen Ao, have no eyes and have offended the young master. I deserve to die. Please punish the young master!”
Deathly silence. First URL m.
Among the restaurants in Nuo Da, only Chen Ao had his five bodies cast to the ground, and bowed respectfully to Ye Fan in fear. That extremely respectful voice, like thunder, trembled everyone.
Many people were dumbfounded on the spot.
Shengtian sat on the wax on the spot, staring at him, his face full of disbelief.
As for the previous bodyguards who pointed their guns at Ye Fan, they were so scared that their backs were in cold sweat, and the guns in their hands were not stable.
There was a wailing in their hearts.
Who on earth did they provoke just now?
“Get up. When you and I met for the first time, you didn’t know each other, so I don’t blame you.”
“It’s hard for you to let you take me in charge of Jiangdong these years.”
Ye Fan didn’t blame him. After all, he had been hidden for ten years, and the only person who had direct contact with Ye Fan was Old Han. People like Li Er and Sheng Tian didn’t know Ye Fan, but it couldn’t be more normal.
“It’s an honor for Chen Ao to work for the young master, so why is it difficult to talk about?”
“Eight years ago, if the little lord hadn’t given away charcoal in the snow and saved me Chen Ao in a year of life and death and crisis, how could I, Chen Ao, be today?”
“I, Chen Ao, I always remember the grace of the young master’s re-creation, and I dare not forget it. Over the years, Chen Ao has always hoped that one day, I can do the same for the young master and repay the grace of salvation that year.”
Chen Ao knelt down again, and his words were full of respect and gratitude to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan nodded: “You are also kind and righteous. Back then, I didn’t look at it. Get up, by the way, treat these cats and dogs with 4bf1c0e6 and look bad.”
Ye Fan’s faint voice was like a death sentence.
“Don’t worry, little master, Chen Ao will give little master a satisfactory result for today’s affairs. Please also go upstairs first and wait upstairs.”
Chen Ao respectfully invited Ye Fan upstairs.
“What are you still doing?”
“Don’t get me up yet!”
“Asshole thing, you almost caused me a catastrophe~”
Chen Ao turned his head and shouted angrily at Shengtian.
At that time, Shengtian’s whole body was cold, and his body was trembling, his back was overflowing with cold sweat, and his whole body was swinging.
The bald boss Du on the side was also panicked, with a very old face.
“President Sheng, this…this…” Boss Du also shivered, looking at Shengtian aside in fear.
Sheng Tian was full of bitter eyes: “Is it so special, I’m afraid it’s a big deal~”
Shengtian never imagined that a seemingly ordinary young man could do such a monstrous task.

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