A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1257

“Ye Fan, are you crazy?”
“What are you talking nonsense?”
Ye Fan’s words, only if the huge boulder enters the sea, in the whole hall, there will be a monstrous wave instantly.
Many people looked sideways and trembled.
Qiu Mucheng and Su Qian were even more pale with fright.
At this moment, Susie, with a gloomy and pretty face, looked at the thin man ahead like a ghost.
Qiu Mucheng’s brows were angry, and her disappointment in Ye Fan was undoubtedly more intense.
She didn’t expect it to be so arrogant, Ye Fan was so arrogant?
Even Jiang Hai Chen’s family bowed their heads in fear. Ye Fan is still so reckless, not ashamed?
Can he not see the situation clearly?
Or is he deliberately angry with himself?
Qiu Mucheng’s face was expressionless, and her pretty face was filled with anger and resentment.
“Cici, your ex-boyfriend is probably an idiot, right?”
“Chen Nan retired. He was a poor boy in the country, but he stood up with a frowning brow.”
“He is looking for death by himself?”
Ma Mingbo looked as if it wasn’t too much to see the excitement.
The more Ye Fan was so arrogant, the more he would undoubtedly fit Ma Mingbo’s heart.
He knew his classmate’s temperament annoyed him. Whether Ye Fan could stand and leave Yunyang Mountain was a question.
“Brother Fan, what are you doing?”
“Don’t be stupid.”
“I can’t afford someone from the imperial capital.”
“The whole Jiangdong, no one can afford it!”
Shen Fei was also scared to urinate, panicking the old face to persuade Ye Fan again and again,
He was afraid that Ye Fan was arrogant, and he really started to fight with the children of Yanjing’s wealthy family.
At that time, even if Ye Fan is Mr. Jiang Dongchu, he will not be able to compete with Xu Changqing’s family background.
While Shen Fei was panicked, Chen Nan on the side was naturally also full of anxiety and worry.
She didn’t speak, but just pulled Ye Fan’s sleeves, indicating that Ye Fan could bear it, and don’t be angry.
However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to everyone’s persuasion.
His look is always calm.
An Ran sat on the seat with a cold eyebrow, glaring forward.
On the delicate face, there was a burst of anger.
“Boy, I think you really want to die.”
“It is absolutely no good for you to anger this young master.”
Xu Changqing’s face was completely cold.
In the words, a strong anger was suppressed.
“is it?”
Ye Fan smiled coldly, raised his head quietly, and then asked coldly.
“Then I ask you, how do you compare to Xu Fengliang?”
“Xu Fengliang?”
Everyone was taken aback for a moment, obviously not aware of this person.
I only think that Ye Fan is talking nonsense here.
Only Xu Changqing frowned.
He didn’t expect that in the Jiangdong land before him, someone would even know Xu Fengliang’s name.
Xu Changqing was suddenly puzzled. He didn’t know what Ye Fan meant by asking this, but he still replied: “Xu Fengliang is my second uncle, and he was also the head of the Xu family for ten years. Even in the land of Yanjing, that is. The top dignitaries.”
“Even now, in my Xu clan, I am under one person and above ten thousand people.”
“Liang Bode is highly respected and strategic. I am Xu Changqing in front of the second uncle, but I am a junior, so I am naturally inferior to him?”
“Really?” Ye Fan sneered, and the face behind was cold, and he suddenly shouted, “Since this is the case, at the banquet of the king, Xu Fengliang is afraid of being a pig and dog, respecting me as a father and respecting him. Like a god.”
“When I cut Huaying Dragon under the sword on Yanqi Lake, it was your Xu family that I had already stepped on!”
“And you, but a junior from the Xu family, even worse than Xu Fengliang, so how can you dare to offend me?”

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