A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1271

“For Mucheng?”
Susie was equally surprised.
It was Ma Mingbo, watching the scene before him, and his old eyes widened immediately.
“The invitation from the second master?”
“Are you sure you are right?”
Ma Mingbo couldn’t help asking in doubt.
It wasn’t him that Ma Mingbo looked down on Qiu Mucheng, mainly because he didn’t have this treatment.
Let Erye Li personally call the invitation and send someone to the door to send the post.
This treatment, even his Ma Mingbo is not worthy of it.
It is estimated that only people at his father’s level can receive such standard treatment.
As for Qiu Mucheng, but the president of a small company, Qiu Mucheng is also excellent compared to ordinary people, but compared to the real rich and powerful, Qiu Mucheng is just a little-known little person.
Therefore, Ma Mingbo naturally did not think that Qiu Mucheng would have such qualifications, so that Li Erye would send someone to invite him.
“That’s natural!”
“The second master’s name, can we still make a mistake?”
Hearing Ma Mingbo questioning, the few people in front of him were a little unhappy. Immediately replied coldly.
After that, I asked again, who is Miss Qiu Muchengqiu?
At this time, Qiu Mucheng slowly stepped forward.
“I… I am.”
Qiu Mucheng was obviously a little surprised, even her expression in a trance.
I don’t know at all, what is the situation?
As a result, the people sending the invitations were far away, but Qiu Mucheng was still there, staring at the invitation with the gold pattern on the black background in her hand, dazed.
“Mucheng, do you know Li Erye?” Su Qian asked strangely.
Qiu Mucheng shook her head quickly.
Li Erye was in Yunzhou, and he was a big figure like the Tu emperor.
She Qiu Mucheng is nothing but a small man in the market, how could she know such a big person?
“Since I don’t know him, the invitation must be fake.”
“Let me just say, in front of the Li family, we are all small people, how can people surrender their status and send us invitations?”
Susie shook her head and said.
“No, it’s not fake.”
“This is real!”
“Moreover, this one is the most rare supreme seat!”
“In Jiangdong, there are only 18 people who have won the supreme seats.”
“My father, Chen Ao from Jiang Hai, and San Ye from Jingzhou are all in this class.”
“Miss Qiu, you can get this class of seats, are you hiding it?”
At this time, it was Ma Mingbo’s trembling voice.
Ma Mingbo’s words, like a huge rock like a sea, undoubtedly made Susie and Qiu Mucheng both tremble.
In the end, Susie looked at Qiu Mucheng with an inexplicable look: “Mucheng, you can tell me honestly, did you really go to the Li family?”
Qiu Mucheng still shook her head: “No.”
“The only contact I have with the Li family is that on the day the company opened, I had a relationship with the eldest princess of the Li family.”
“Besides, that time, the Li family probably came for the mayor, and they have no friendship with me.”
Qiu Mucheng was also at a loss, not sure why Li Erye suddenly sent her an invitation. ,
“Well, don’t think about it if you can’t figure it out.”
“Since the ticket is genuine, let’s go to Haiyuan Pavilion as soon as possible.”
“In a while, the Haitian Feast will begin.”
Susie obviously didn’t want to waste time on these insignificant things, so she stopped asking about the reason, but urged Qiu Mucheng to change her clothes quickly and go to Haiyuan Pavilion with them.

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