A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 13

However, Qiu Mucheng smiled weakly. For some reason, being held by Ye Fan at this moment, listening to Ye Fan’s roar, Qiu Mucheng felt so relieved. Only if embraced by the whole world.
“Ye Fan, I’m sorry. In the past three years, my relatives have given you so much humiliation.”
“really sorry.”
“This time, I really don’t want to. You will be humiliated again because of my Qiu family.”
Over the years, everyone has scolded Ye Fan and humiliated Ye Fan. Even his parents blamed Ye Fan for being incompetent and humiliated himself.
But Qiu Mucheng knew that it was her Qiu Mucheng who was injuring Ye Fan, and their Qiu family.
Back then, if she hadn’t recruited Ye Fan as the door-to-door son-in-law, then perhaps this boy who was only over twenty years old would have lived very happy.
Qiu Mucheng whispered, listening to the inaudible voice of the woman in her arms, Ye Fan only felt that his heart was breaking.
He knew that Qiu Mucheng was an extremely powerful woman. Only when she was most vulnerable, would she show such a weak side.
In the rainy night, Ye Fan held her woman tightly: “Mucheng, I’m sorry for what you said. You are the best gift God gave me. Marrying you is the greatest honor of my life for Ye Fan.”
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At this moment, a Mercedes-Benz galloped past, the wheels spun, and rain splashed all over the sky, all rushing to Ye Fan’s body, and the black muddy water left Ye Fan’s body.
The car stopped, and Shen Fei’s laughter came from the window: “Well, isn’t this the rubbish son-in-law? I said you are really rubbish, and I asked your wife to kneel by herself.”
“I know I’m afraid now, but if I knew today, why bother?”
“I have warned you a long time ago, I’m Shen Fei, it’s not something you can provoke with such uselessness.”
Shen Fei looked at Ye Fan with sneer and disdain.
I really don’t know what kind of shit luck is this kind of squandering, marrying the best woman like Qiu Mucheng as his wife.
“However, it’s not impossible for Ben Shao to let you go. As long as you make your wife feel comfortable with Ben Shao tonight, I promise that tomorrow Qiu’s home will be as good as ever.”
Shen Fei sneered coldly, and the gaze that looked at Qiu Mucheng was full of hot colors.
Of course, in fact, what Shen Fei said was purely to deceive Ye Fan. The Qiu family’s affairs were not his hands and feet at all. Now the power of the Shen family is still in the hands of his father, and Shen Fei himself is definitely not so capable, and can bring down a family in a word.
But this is not important, in Shen Fei’s view, as long as she can sleep Qiu Mucheng. As for the life and death of the Qiu family, what to do with him?
Hearing this, Ye Fan suddenly smiled.
“You trash son-in-law, what are you laughing at? What qualifications do you have to laugh?” Ye Fan’s laughter made Shen Fei extremely displeased, and he immediately shouted angrily.
Ye Fan shook his head: “Shen Fei, Shen Fei, I laugh at you with no eyes, I laugh at you not knowing Taishan!”
“You don’t even know what kind of existence is standing in front of you at this moment?”
“You won’t know, what kind of character you have sinned now?”
“In my eyes, what is the Qiu family, and what is the Shen family? Even if it is the second child of Li in Yunzhou, it is no more than a servant of Chu Tianfan’s servant!”
In the rainy night, Ye Fan stood proudly, and the majestic sound, only if thunder and explosion, echoed the sky.
Shen Fei, the prince of the Shen family, froze in place almost instantly. In the ear, Ye Fan’s domineering haunting unexpectedly.
At this time, Ye Fan was like the tiger that had slept for many years, revealing his majestic minions. The majestic and domineering momentum actually made Shen Fei shiver unconsciously. It is as if standing in front of him is not the incompetent son-in-law of the Qiu family, but the prince of the noble family in the world!
Not only Shen Fei, but even Qiu Mucheng, who was pale and weak, was completely stunned.
He… is he really Ye Fan?
“Sorry pen, you~”
“It’s like an idiot!”
After a long tremor, Shen Fei, who calmed down, cursed at Ye Fan.
“I have eyes but no beads, I don’t know Taishan?”
“You are such an idiot!”
“Returning to the Qiu family is nothing, not to the Shen family, and saying that Li Erye is just your slave?”
“I’m so good at your lungs!”
“You are a wasteful son-in-law, who gave you the courage to speak up here?”
Shen Fei was so angry that he laughed back, thinking that Ye Fan was a complete idiot in front of him.
“Qiu Mucheng, don’t blame Ben Shao for not giving you a chance. If you want to blame it, blame you as a trash husband!”
“Wait, you guys~”
Shen Fei didn’t bother to talk nonsense with idiots like Ye Fan, and then let the driver drive in. Only Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng were left here.
“Ye Fan, you shouldn’t irritate him, let alone offend Li Erye.”
“The Shen family is in great power, and Li Erye is a mountain tiger from Yunzhou City, a local snake, and eats black and white. Neither of these two forces can be offended by us.” Qiu Mucheng’s face was pale and worried.
She was really afraid that the Shen family would continue to retaliate against them. When the time comes, their Qiu family will suffer more humiliation.
Ye Fan said calmly, “Mucheng, it’s okay. Believe me, for the humiliation you have suffered today, I will let the Shen family repay it twice!”
Later, Ye Fan sent Qiu Mucheng to the hospital. She knelt here for a day, and was drenched in the rain for another day. But Qiu Mucheng was still worried about Qiu’s affairs. Ye Fan looked at him with firm eyes: “Mucheng, do you believe me?”
“But the Shen family is powerful, I’m afraid…” Qiu Mucheng’s brows were worried.
“Answer me, do you believe me?” Ye Fan asked again, his words low and unquestionable majesty.
Qiu Mucheng was stunned. It was the first time she saw Ye Fan being so serious about herself. After a long time, Qiu Mucheng nodded and gave an um.
“Ye Fan, I believe you.”
In fact, after arriving at the hospital, Qiu Mucheng regretted it for a while. She didn’t know what was going on at that time, she actually believed that Ye Fan, a door-to-door son-in-law, could handle the Shen family.
However, the matter was over, Ye Fan had already left, even if Qiu Mucheng wanted to stop, she couldn’t stop it.
Ye Fan didn’t go far, but at the entrance of the hospital, he dialed Li Er’s number.
Seeing that Ye Fan opened it, Lao Er Li was so excited. This was the first time Ye Fan took the initiative to call him, which was undoubtedly an excellent signal.
“It looks like Mr. Xiao Chu has already begun to accept me.”
Li Er knows what Ye Fan represents to the Chu family, and also knows what power the Chu family has in this world. Now that he can hug Ye Fan’s thigh, Li Er is naturally excited. He picked up the phone and greeted very respectfully, because of excitement, even his voice trembled slightly.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, this is your first call to me. I, Li Er, will remember this moment.”
“Mr. Xiao Chu, you are making this call. Are you satisfied with the gift I gave you and are going to see me Li Er and have dinner with me?”
Li Erxin smiled, in a great mood.
“Into your paralysis meal!”
Ye Fan’s words were like a slap on Li Er’s forehead, and Li Er was dumbfounded.
“Mr. Xiao Chu, you… who are you?” Li Er shivered.
“I ask you, Yunzhou Shen’s family, but yours?” Ye Fan’s words contained uncontrollable anger.
Li Er was stunned, thinking for a long time, and then nodded: “Mr. Xiao Chu, what’s the matter? Did the Shen family provoke you?”
“Little special nonsense! I tell you Lao Er, after tonight, I will let the Shen family cease to exist. Otherwise, you can’t bear the consequences. I, Chu Tianfan, has the ability to put you in position, and naturally I also have the ability to get you out of office. .”
Ye Fan’s angry voice kept blasting in the room, and Li Er’s face turned pale at the time.
He didn’t think that Ye Fan’s words were joking. With the Chu family’s ability, not to mention that he is the second Li second, even ten or a hundred, and it can make them disappear overnight.
“This Gou Ri’s Shen Jiuyi, I am really Ri Te.”
“A Shui, call this bastard right away. Mr. Xiao Chu and they dare to provoke them, I think I really don’t want to live!”
In the room, Li Er’s angry roar came.

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