A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 130

Old second Li was shocked. Only a few people in Jiangdong knew about this matter. He didn’t expect Ye Fan to know it.
“Could it be that Mr. Chu came to Jianghai because of this?” Li’s second thought of this, and he was overjoyed.
“If the Chu family came forward, then Wu Herong would be cutting board fish meat, let someone kill. I Jiangdong, why should I be afraid?”
“Thanks to the Chu family, thanks to Mr. Chu, and willing to save me Jiangdong!”
Li’s second child was also very happy. After learning that Wu Herong had returned to Jiangdong, Li’s second child was undoubtedly scared to pee these days. She didn’t dare to turn off the light when she slept, or even went out, for fear that Wu Herong would kill him as soon as he turned his head.
Now that he learned that the Chu family was intervening in this matter, the gloomy mood of Li Lao Er these days was undoubtedly wiped out in an instant, and he suddenly became clear.
“You think too much, Wu Herong is a mere mere Wu Herong, and it is not the turn of the Chu family to use family power to deal with it.” Because of his mother, Ye Fan has no good impressions of the Chu family, but Ye Fan has to admit the strength of the Chu family.
Ye Fan said coldly, but he extinguished the flame of joy in Li’s heart.
“Then Mr. Chu came to Jianghai, does it mean he wants to deal with Wu Herong on his own without relying on family power?” Older Li stared, then shook his head quickly, “No, absolutely not.”
“Mr. Chu, it’s not that my second brother Li doesn’t believe you. The main reason is that Wu Herong is too powerful. He is a cold-blooded soldier. It is said that he killed thousands of people as mercenaries in the Western world. I was photographed on the ground. I think Mr. Chu should not interfere in this matter. We have hired an underground boxing champion from the Thai Chinese world, and I believe he can handle it.” Remember to read a book http://m.kanshu8. .net
Lao Er Li obviously didn’t believe Ye Fan’s ability either.
Ye Fan’s eyes twitched fiercely.
This is so special~
Look down on my master?
“Is this young master too lazy to care?”
Ye Fan snorted coldly, turned his head and left, not paying attention to Li’s second pus.
“Second Lord, is Mr. Chu angry?” Jin Bao asked in a low voice.
Older Li glanced at Ye Fan and waved his hand: “Don’t worry about it, anyway, we are also considering Mr. Chu’s life. If it is really slapped to death by Wu Herong, let alone Yunzhou, the whole Jiangdong is afraid. Must be buried with Mr. Chu.”
Li Lao Er remembers the words left by Ye Fan’s father before he left.
“The whole Jiangdong, anyone can die, only my son!”

“Ye Fan, Ye Fan, where are you?”
“Hurry up and tell me if they hit you, I have already called the police, and the police will go back to ffa14004 to rescue you immediately.” After Ye Fan separated from the second child of Li, he received a call from Qiu Mucheng.
On the phone, Qiu Mucheng spoke eagerly and worried, almost crying in her voice.
“Mu… Mucheng, I… I’m afraid it will not work…”
“Before I die, I…I just want to hear you, shout…call me, old…husband~”
On the other end of the phone, Ye Fan’s dying voice came.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng only felt that a place in her heart was broken, and tears flowed out: “No, Ye Fan, you can’t die, I’m not allowed, I’m not allowed~”
Qiu Mucheng cried loudly. In the past, Qiu Mucheng didn’t think Ye Fan was so important to her, or even a burden. However, when she really wanted to lose him, Qiu Mucheng finally realized that this man who was regarded as a useless man by everyone had such an important position in her heart unexpectedly.
“Mu…Mucheng, can…is it okay?” Ye Fan’s voice was still that weak.
Qiu Mucheng was completely panicked, her voice choked with tears, and finally she shouted on the phone: “Husband.”
“Hey.” Ye Fan agreed immediately.
“My wife, I know that although you usually ignore me, you still regard me as your husband in your heart.”
Ye Fan’s shameless laughter came over the phone.
Qiu Mucheng was stunned at the time, and then stopped crying.
After a moment of silence, Qiu Mucheng’s angry roar like a tigress came on the phone: “Ye Fan, you bastard! Dare you lie to me?”
“Smelly man!”
“go to hell!”

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