A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1313

Father Xia knows a lot about the grudge between Xia Yue and Mr. Chu.
Now their Xia family needs to have a good relationship with Mr. Chu. People like Xia Yue naturally want to reduce her sense of existence, and it is best to drive her out of the Xia family.
Lest Mr. Chu see her and get angry.
However, if Father Xia said in his heart that there was no pity, it would be impossible.
Xia Yue is Xia’s ancestor and daughter, talented and skilled, and Father Xia once had high hopes for her.
But unfortunately, she went astray in her relationship with Mr. Chu!
For the future of the Xia family, Father Xia had to abandon her and pin his hopes on his younger sister Xia Xue.
Xia Xue’s wrist was worse than her sister Xia Yue.
But this is not important. The important thing is that Xia Xue and Ye Fan are much closer.
Sometimes, standing on the right team is far more important than your own talent.
When the Xia family was preparing to meet with Mr. Chu in the evening, the Wang family in Haozhou was hundreds of miles away.
Wang Jiexi was full of regret and kept sighing.
“Dad, what’s the matter with you?”
“The Meng family was destroyed, why are you so frowning?” Wang Yuchen, who was on the side, looked at him and asked in confusion.
“Yuchen, I regret your father!”
“Before the Wang family, we shouldn’t stand on the sidelines. We should stand firmly on Mr. Chu’s side.”
“Before, the relationship between our Wang family in Haozhou and Mr. Chu was not very close.”
“What a good opportunity to give Mr. Chu a good show now, I just let it go!”
“I’m an idiot, idiot~”
While cursing, Wang Jiexi frantically fanned her mouth.
My regretful intestines are all green.
Of course, what made him regret was not only the big opportunity that his short-sighted miss, but also the benefits that the Xia family and other families got in this incident.
As far as Wang Jiexi knows, because of the contributions made by the Xia family and other families in this action against the Meng family, Mr. Chu wants to make the Meng family a large part of the industry and hand it over to the Xia family.
That’s the Meng family, which has been dominating the eastern and western parts of the Xiongjiang River for a long time, and its assets, even if compared with their Wang family, do not give too much.
Just take out a little, and you can make Xia Family countless powers that can be ranked into the first-class family.
Now let him manage most of it, that is undoubtedly equivalent to the Xia family’s wealth and power, instantly doubling.
Wang Jiexi’s stupid behavior not only lost Mr. Chu’s favor for him, but also missed a large sum of money.
“I Haozhou and Liaocheng are close together.”
“Originally, if I unconditionally supported Mr. Chu, this time the Meng family’s property, our Wang family can at least get 50%.”
“But now~”
“I’m a fool!”
Wang Jiexi felt regret and hatred in her heart, wishing to incite her two big ears.
Yunzhou, Yunding Mountain Villa.
It was night, and the lights were bright in the villa.
The heads of the major families who had followed the Meng family had already reached the foot of Yunding Mountain.
They brought heavy gifts one after another, expressing to see Mr. Chu.
In the villa, Ye Fan was lying on the sofa, peeling oranges while watching TV leisurely.
In the room, besides Li Er, there are Xia Xue and Xia’s grandfather and grandson.
At this time, Xia Xue was sitting next to Ye Fan in a snow-white dress. Her pretty and fair face was like a Snow White walking out of a fairy tale, very lovely.

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