A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1361

“Brother Xiaofan, why?”
“Are they bullying too much?”
“They all return to their hometowns, and they are all blood relatives. Why do they apply double standards?”
“They just look down on people.”
“Clearly, Brother Xiao Fan is not welcome.”
“Brother Xiaofan, let’s not go back. You take Aunt Ye and follow me back to Jingzhou. Let’s go to the city to celebrate the New Year.”
Seeing Ye Yuyan being surrounded by others, but Ye Fan was left out in the cold, Lu Wen was so angry that her beautiful eyes were red.
Only feel wronged for Ye Fan.
My own brother Xiao Fan, not far away, came from Yunzhou just to go home for the New Year.
What we waited for was not a warm welcome from relatives and friends, but a neglect.
It was Lu Wenjing, an outsider who felt angry.
It is conceivable that Ye Fan felt so lost in his heart?
Ye Ximei, who was next to him, looked at her, her pretty face pale.
There is a bit of guilt and self-blame on the delicate face.
“Xiao Fan, I’m sorry.”
“Mom made you wronged.”
Lu Wenjing, a child, looked uncomfortable, let alone Ye Ximei.
Perhaps the Ye Family’s behavior today did not deliberately target Ye Fan, but for Ye Fan’s mother and son, it was undoubtedly a humiliation.
On the first day when he returned home, he let his son suffer such grievances along with him, and Ye Ximei was naturally full of guilt.
Ye Fan shook his head, but smiled calmly: “Mom, I’m fine.”
“It’s just human nature.”
“Uncle is the leader of the county, and my cousin Yu Yan is also an important officer in the army.”
“I am a door-to-door son-in-law, how can I compare with others?”
“Didn’t you say that, we are not a cadre, we don’t talk about this pomp, nor jealous.”
These words of Ye Fan are by no means mere comfort, they are the truth.
He was not jealous, nor angry, and was calm from beginning to end.
The only emotion was disappointment.
He didn’t expect that even his mother’s maiden family would not be able to get rid of this world after all.
But that’s okay.
He treats others as others treat him.
Now they are ignoring Ye Fan’s answer, and don’t blame Ye Fan for letting them stand up high in the future.
What’s more, when he came back this time, the most important thing was to visit his mother.
Therefore, it is enough to have his mother come to pick him up!
Ye Ximei was very pleased to hear what Ye Fan said.
“Xiao Fan, you really are grown up.”
“Compared with before, it is mature and stable.”
“Come on, quietly, Xiao Fan, let’s go back and cook dumplings.”
Ye Xi’s eyebrows turned red, but he said with a smile.
When they arrived at Ye’s old house, Ye Ya and others were moving things down from the car.
Ye Yuyan bought a lot of gifts when she went home for the New Year.
At this time, many people in the Ye family were helping.
“Xiao Fan, what are you still doing?”
“I haven’t seen your cousin come back, so why don’t you come over and help move things to your cousin’s house.”
Seeing Ye Fan came back, the second uncle Ye Ya didn’t say anything polite, but directly asked Ye Fan to help move things.
Lu Wenjing next to him heard it quietly and almost died of anger.
“You are sick, right.”
“My brother Xiao Fan just came back, so why let my brother Xiao Fan help move things?”
“Furthermore, my Xiao Fan brother is the elder brother, even if he wants to help, he is also a sister to help him.”
Lu Wenjing shouted at Ye Ya like a cat with blown up fur.

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